Cub Woodbadge Course - Campfire item 3/6/1967
(With apologies to Stanley Holloway)

Now youíve heard about a place called Blackpool
Whats noted for fresh air and fun
Where lion ate youngen called Albert
Before ought could be done.

Here we've a place called Matopos
With granite and rivers and all
Tis perfect for Scouting and Cubbing
Provided youíre trained not to fall.

Naomi and team got together
To teach some Cubbers the drill
They didnít think much of Bulawayo
So they took them over the hill.

The Cubbers they paid their expenses
And took bus out to Gordon Park
Where thereís leopards and sable and Monkeys
And old Scouters just lazing about.

Theres one old Scouter called Knapman
Whoís in charge of the Park
His knees are all covered with wrinkles
And his bite is far less than his bark.

Skipper took Cubbers on tour of inspection
He went throí the Park at great pace
Some Cubbers were right proper winded
And others were pale in the face.

He gave his instructions in detail
And warned "donít loiter around"
Young Stewart did not heed instructions
And parked Bus on training ground.

Old Skipper who saw the occurance
And got right proper vexed
Thought quite belligerently
What will these Cubbers do next.

He bellowed across from verandah
At which young Stewart took fright
He jumped into bus and reversed it
From there to clear out of sight.

Now Cubbers had tunred a bit awkward
When they saw where their bus had gone
And said "whoíll carry the baggage"
So that was decided upon.

Young Stewart he carried all baggage
He puffed and thought what a lark
Itís just as well Old Skipper
Don't know what goes on after dark.

At Campfire team sat all attentive
The Cubbers were sitting around
The thoughts in their minds canít be printed
Most evil and bitter Iíll be bound.

Now Black Six turned up with their camera
A picture of team to record
With a flash and a bang it exploded
And scattered the team all abroad.

Old Skipper gave his opinion
That Cubbers be failed en block
Then hastily retired
And sat atop Gordon Park Rock.

Acknowledgements: Kindly sent in by Dave Anderson.
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