Gordon Park Crew - Matopos - Zimbabwe

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1951 Building the Conc tank GP Crew infront of telephone line Installing well pump Bob Talbot Well pump Tea-time
Wood Badge course 1954 Owl Patrol 1954 Wood badge course 1954 Opening of District Scout HQ Bulawayo Opening of District Scout HQ Memorial
Nursery Plaque Plateau Sun-Dial foundations for Conc Tank Richard
Skipper and Ronnie Camp site foundations the Conc tank GP dam Monkey bridge at Scout Hall Conc water tank
Concrete water tank dam view from the north side dam view from the south side Sunday evening founding Crew members 1952 Golati Valley
Memorial Plaque Plateau Golati Gordon Park dam morning tea Waterfall 40th Anniversary of Cubbing
Royal visit 1953 bridge into Gordon Park bridge building the bridge 1952 bridge
1952 Flooded Mtjellelie swamp BPs tree Fort Usher No3 BPs tree Fort Usher No3    
Stone Laying Ceremony - Conolly Lodge A GP Crew investiture Roof Wetting Ceremony Crew dinner Crew Dinner Crew Dinner at GP
Usual Crew breakfast 1984 Bundu bashing Matopos Building the Lodge Tree surgeon Scott Reading the Lesson Hanging curtains in the Cub den
Building a Loft Afternoon hike in Darkest Africa Bundu bashing in virgin Africa Building the Connolly Lodge The Choir - St Georges Chapel 1984 Adam making bricks
Bob Talbot digging the wells Raylton Rover Den Bob Talbot digging the wells Constructing the road Jota 1983 Glenn Crisp - Christmas Service
Connoly Lodge Foundation Stone Abseiling Tortoise! Opening the Ralphs Cottage Fundraising Merry Xmas(121k) Opening of Gordon Park 1936  
21 yrs on... London 2006  
Information and volunteer members of the Gordon Park Crew can be found here.

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