Riverside Rumbles Scout Magazine 1979

Vol. 2 No 1. April 1979
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The Troop Camp
From the Cubs...

Scout and Cub Swimming Gala
We had our swimming gala at CBC in February. There were over 90 Cubs and 50 Scouts. The 11th Riverside won the Cub Gala, and received a trophy. Our Scouts managed to come third, which gave the 11th Riverside an overall position of 2nd. Everybody enjoyed themselves and the weather was alright; it only rained for a short while.
Mark Davies

The Rowellan Pennant
The Rowellan Pennant is a series of tests to see which Cub Pack is the best. This year we all went to Hillside Dams. First of all we were given a list of things to find in a given time. Then we had to cross a stream by walking on one rope and holding on the other, or we could cross the same stream further down by swing-rope. At the end of the day after we had done all our various tasks we came and sat in a circle for prize giving, but sorry to say we did not win but had a lot of fun.
Brian Hendricks

1978 Cookout
The Cookout was held at Hillside dams. We had four groups of three from the 11th Bulawayo (Riverside). We had to cook spaghetti bolognaise and banana custard. It was a hot day. When we had finished cooking we took spaghetti and custard to the judges and they had some. When the cooking was over we all stood in a big circle and the Trophies were presented to us. 11th Riverside came first. When we had all packed up we went home.
Jason Luff

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The Great Witzenberg Adventure
The Great Witzenberg Adventure was held from the 28th December to the 8th January 1979, in the Witzenberg Mountains 180km North East of Cape Town. Over 400 Scouts attended this Adventure from South Africa, Botswana, Rhodesia and South West Africa. As camping areas are restricted in Rhodesia, it gave the thirty-two Rhodesian Scouts, including myself, Richard Millar and Niel Dempsey an opportunity to get out into the mountains, to meet other Scouts and try out our camping and hiking skills. We were all given the opportunity to try out new activities which we could never hope to do here in Rhodesia.
We were divided into large mixed patrols of 12 in each patrol and over the next 12 days hiked to activity bases such as:- Orienteering - where we were able to guide our partners through the bush using walkie-talkies; Pioneering - we made an aerial runway and played on a raft that we built in a Bilharzia free dam; Water activities - we sailed in boats, canoed and all had a chance to water ski; Motor engineering - in groups of two we stripped a car engine and fixed it back to working order as well as riding on go-carts; Astronomy - was saw the latest American space film and viewed stars through 8 different telescopes. We also attended Archery, Dutch-Oven Cooking, Comando courses, Fishing, Kloofing (boulder hopping and swimming in a canyon), rock climbing, survival and mountaineering bases. After the Adventure we had a three day stay in Cape Town before returning to Bulawayo. We all thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Adventure and can hardly wait to attend the next adventure in 2 years time.
Hylton Garriock

Impala Imprints
Guy Cunard, my A.P.L. does not seem to be doing much at the moment, but as we have finally settled down into the New Year I expect that he will be visiting the test passer's (or failer's) more often. Gavin Whyte found that his socks could go up a bit higher since the last Riverside Rumbles and has made tremendous progress. David Finch is a mischievous but valuable member of the patrol whose progress is good. My congratulations to Wayn Cleminson, who shared the "Most improved Scout of the Year" Award. Brian Hendricks is the newest member of the patrol and naturally seems a bit shy.
On the whole the patrol is doing quite well. Thanks to Gavin and Guy who help me out when I, like others, have problems.
Niel Dempsie

Winnin' Elan' Report
The year started with Daren Smith, my A.P.L, Andy McEwan, Shelton Rowley and Stuart MacDermid, and we are pleased to welcome Simon Miller-Cranko back from England. I would like to congradulate Stuart on passing his Basic Scout Standard - keep the good work up. I think Shelton thinks he needs a rest and has simply chucked out his anchor.
Due to the great team spirit we won the F.L. Hatfield Trophy for the best patrol last year. This is the first time that Eland has won it. (Thanks must also go to Hylton Garriock, who was Elands P.L. for the first half of 1978). Before I close, how about a joke:- Did you hear about the Irish Sea Scouts? Their Tents sank!
Grant Wallace

Sables Progress Report (Ha! Ha!)
Hello out there!
I hope you will enjoy reading our um report on the best patrol in the 11th Riverside Scout Troop. I think our patrol could get to the great position of 'Top of the Best Patrols' if we put a bit more effort into our games and activities which we played on Friday nights. Most of the younger Scouts in my patrol think that it is just a game, which it is, but not in that sense; It is a game which requires a lot of patrol spirit, will to push on to the end, and win. The working crew of my patrol are Russell Smith, my A.P.L. and myself. The rest of the patrol are S. Tiernay, M. Rowley, S. Bisset and a newcomer, A. Murphy. I would say that M.Rowley and S.Tiernay are fighting for the person who has passed the most tests in the patrol. Well, I suppose thats all for the (Progress) report on Sable Patrol. The whole patrol says cheers. Away with this report and read the next.
Yours faithfully,
P.L. B.Craven

Inter-Troop Scout Swimming Gala
This years Scout swimming gala was held on Saturday, 24th February 1979 at C.B.C. The day was cloudy and cool, with four Scout troops entering - us the 11th, the 8th, 1/12th and three scouts from a black troop. Due to school activities, most of our good swimmers were absent. For this reason we did not do too well. There were three age groups - under 13, under 15 and open.
There were the normal races as well as relays and novelty races. There were quite a few supporters watching the gala and the Tuck shop was open. Although we didnt win, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable afternoon. Hylton was our only open swimmer, so when it came to relays, younger boys were shoved in. Grant Wallace turned up towards the end of the afternoon, but the 8th Hillside still managed to beat us by a few points.
Roy Edmands

May I take this opportunity of welcoming Impi (Mr Thompson), our new A.S.L. to the Troop.

Overheard the other Friday evening:-
"Rocky, are my car indicator's working?" and Rocky replied "Yes, no, yes, no...".

The Scout A.G.M.
On the 23rd March we had our A.G.M., which started at 7:30pm. The Cubs were also present. During the afternoon Niel, Grant and Hylton built a magnificent rope bridge outside and spar bridge leading into the hall. The evening started with us marching into the hall, flag break with a few Scout and Cub badges being awarded, and then Chuck Wilcox presented Mrs Watson with a rare Scouting "Thank You" Badge for all the help and assistance she has given to the troop in the past and he hoped she would continue with her services for many years to come. We then went outside to play a game similar to "Church Door" and really enjoyed it, whilst the meeting took place in the hall. When the meeting was over we were asked to come back into the hall and listened to a very interesting and amusing talk given by Niel Dempsie and Hylton Garriock on their trip to the Witzenberg Mountains.
There was then a tea break with plenty of snacks to be had. Mr Tobell then gave a talk on "bottling Ships" as well as showing us part of his collection. The evening ended with anybody and everybody trying their skills out in crossing the rope bridge.

Jamboree Year 1979
For more than half a century Rhodesia has sent a contingent to attend various World Jamborees which are held every four years. Any Scout may attend a Jamboree so long as he is over 14 1/2 years and under 19 years and has a minimum qualification of Advanced Scout Standard. this years Jamboree was to have been held in Iran but due to the political uncertainty it was cancelled and then two months ago it was decided to hold a Jamboree in Kandersteg, Switzerland. Scouts from all over the world will attend this Jamboree which will last for 9 days. Over sixty boys will be going from Rhodesia and at the moment three Scouts are being sent from the 11th Riverside. This year the Scouts representing Rhodesia will fly from Salisbury on July 10th to Athens, go on a 5 day tour of Greece and the Greek Islands, and then fly to Tel Aviv in Israel for a weeks tour of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, etc, before flying to Switzerland, where they will attend the Jamboree followed with a week of Swiss hospitality before returning to Rhodesia on the 5th August.
As not every one of the 8000+ Rhodesian Scouts can attend this Jamboree for one reason or another, a Join-In-Jamboree Camp is going to be held in Salisbury (with a possibility of one being held here in Bulawayo). Details can be obtained from the Scout Hall.

This is my first report of many, I hope. The Troop is making slow but steady progress since my taking over the Troop in November. At the beginning of the term, one of my Assistant Scout Leaders, Richard Millar (Mol) had to unfortunately leave the troop to complete his National Service. The Troop is slowly expanding in numbers and I would like to welcome especially 'Impi', who has offered to come along and help us out as an Assistant Scout Leader.
The 11th Riverside has taken part in a District Swimming Gala at the beginning of the year, where we came third. We also took part in a Cub Leaders course at C.B.C., with the 11th providing the kitchen staff. Everyone on the course was full of praise for the high standard of cooking displayed during the weekend. The big competitions take place next term so more details of those in the next edition.
Ron Richardson
Scout Leader

Cub Leaders Report
The last year has seen an increase in Cubs. We now have 25 uniformed Cubs and have just opened a fourth Six. As soon as the boys who are nearly ready to go into uniform have been invested, we will have a full pack. We entered all the Cub events last year, which include a Cub Soccer day, Cookout, the Rowellan Pennant and swimming gala. We also camped a night with the Scouts during JOTA weekend. The Cubs enjoyed all the events especially when they came away with a first prize at Cookout and the Gala. I now have one assistant who is at times away on call-up and would appreciate any parent coming forward to help with Cubs - it does not even have to be on a permanent basis.
M. Richardson
Cub Scout Leader

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