Roof of Africa Expedition 2010/11
           1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop, Zimbabwe
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6th December 2010 - 7th January 2011
Expedition members

1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop Expedition Members

Scout Leader:- Norman Scott
Assistant Expedition Leader/Driver:- John FitzPatrick
Scouts: Chris MacKenzie
             Dale Van Aarde
             Brendan Judge
             Michael Dodds
             Declan Fitzpatrick
             Kevin Fitzpatrick

Our two expedition vehicles, Nguluvane and Ngulungundu

Our Thanks also to:-
Jon - our resident mechanic
Mrs. Netti Maidwell - Who embroidered the Expedition badges
Bill and Barbra Bourne in Kariba for their hospitality
Mario for emailing the Blog 5 and pictures in from Chinhoyi Caves.

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