fleur-tiny      1st Pioneer (Bulawayo) Scout Troop (Zimbabwe)



Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the international Boy Scouts movement was first involved in scouting during the Second Anglo-Matabele War, in the Matobo Hills of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. It was here that the germ of the movement was formulated, while he developed many of the principles by which the Scouts still operate.

Today, the Boy Scouts Movement in Zimbabwe is celebrating its centenary and the First Bulawayo Troop is still up and running.

The Troop is appealing to donors to help fund the purchase and construction of a permanent Scout den. To date, a site has been secured at the Hillsrde Dams Conservancy in Bulawayo and we are appealing for assistance to erect a suitable building where the Scouts can meet regularly, practice skills and generally operate as a Troop.

The Hillside Dams Conservancy Trust will supervise the erection of the building before handing it over to the First Bulawayo Troop. We believe that by creating this Scout den, we will be able to ensure the continued operations of this historical Troop, thus benefitting current and future generations of Zimbabwe's youth.

Reciprocal arrangements will be made with any donor and Scout Troops with which they may be associated or designate. A commemorative naming of the den would also be considered.

Should you be able to assist please contact either of the following:

Mr Neil Rix on projects@ hillsidedams.com
Rob Burrett on estate@ hillsidedams.com

Acknowledgements:- 22/2/2010
Hi all
Any luck with looking at a simple scout hut for this troop?
It would be greatly appreciated as you know, and a big help for them in keeping
the numbers up. I did send you an outline which we had done to try help. I stand
by my offer to exchange some Teak furniture if needs be, but would really like to
help as they are doing an amazing job given the challenges and deserve support!
I believe a hut can be sourced in SA new but a second hand one would be a great start.
Thanks again