2nd Bulawayo (Raylton) Scout Troop (Zimbabwe)

Group Scout Leaders:-         

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Scout Leaders:-
Bob Talbot 19??-
Bob Palmer 19??-

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2nd Raylton Bulawayo scout group

2nd Bulawayo (Raylton) Scout Group (Photo kindly sent in by Vernon Roberts)

The insert - (left) Peter Reuterick, George Zacharias. (Right) (?1), Bill Powel
(Back row) Bill or Bob Speller, Steve Enslin, Ian Morrison, (?2), Alex Cracknell, Eric Widdop, Ken Young, Hendy Riekert, Roger Davis, (?3) though I remember the face from Rover crew.
(2nd from back row) (?4), (?5), (?6), (?7), (?8), Vincent Boshoff, Wally Driver, Robert Jenkins, (?9), Jimmy Murphy, Pat Forbes, (?a)
(Middle Seated row) Bennie Joubert, (?b), (?c), Scout Leaders: Bob Palmer, Zacharias George's brother, Cub Mistress, Jerry Stevens, (?d), Frikkie le Roux, The Pastor , (?e), Alfie Riekert, Bennie Riekert, not sure which is which Twins.
(Front Seated) (?f), (?g), Bobby Orr, (?h), (?i), (?j), (?k), (?l), (?m), (?n), (?o), (?p), (?q), (?r), (?s), Cuthy Sewell
(Sitting on the ground) Rose, not sure, Harry Molensky, Charles Molensky, Sandy Morrison.
(If you recognise any of the unnamed Scouts - please let me know - thanks)

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2nd Raylton Bulawayo scout group 1940

Ralton Rover Group 1940
(Photo from James Irwin's post on Facebook in "8th Hillside Scout Group, Bulawayo"

2nd Raylton Byo Rover Crew-Eddy Reids photo

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2nd (Bulawayo) Raylton Cub Group

2nd Bulawayo (Raylton) Cub Group
(Photo Kindly provided by Gordon Proud and sent in by Vernon G Roberts)

1. ?, 2. Bobby Orr. 3. ?. 4. Mrs. Palm - Arkela. 5. Pat Forbes. 6. Crawford Nish.
7. Henry Fourie. 8. David Boschoff. 9. Willy Haggart. 10. Colin Scott. 11. Freddie Butterfield.
12. ? 13. Norman Dawes. 14. Colin Smith. 15. Hayden Johnson. 16. Gordon Proud.
17. Billy Fairlamb. 18. Colin MacFarlane. 19. David Fairlamb. 20. ?
(If you recognise any of the unnamed Scouts - please let me know - thanks)

Patrol 1

Vernon Roberts

Patrol 2

S P Reuterink



       Gone home
Gone Home
  It is with great sadness that I have heard of the passing away of Bob Palmer who died of lung cancer in 2004. Amongst other positions, Bob Palmer was a Scout Master at the 2nd Bulawayo (Raylton) Scout Troop and a Commissioner on the National Scout Leader Training Team. He attended the 1979 Jamboree replacement in Kandersteg, Switzerland as a Scout Leader.

Ten Commandments: - Trusty, Loyal. Helpful, Brotherly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Smile, Thrifty, Clean in body and mind.

Vernon Roberts (Email)
usa flag

Hi, I have been looking at the internet site on Gordon Park and in particular Skipper Knappman. My scouting days were from 1943 to 1945, then I had about a year as a squire in the Rover Crew. Although I was not an advanced scout I did love the camping at Gordon Park, and I remember once going to Judson's farm, turning right at Cement and camping near a river.
One important skill that Skipper had, and I may have missed it, is that he spun the rope and gave a few of us young scouts lessons at the 1st Bulawayo Scout hall.
Just wondering if you would like to get some information about the mid 40's? I am 76 and living in Tyler, Texas, quite a way from our old stamping grounds, but I have sent out the word to Australia, many ex-Scouts there. They are due to have a M'dalas meeting tomorrow and I have asked them to scratch their heads and recall the best days of our life. So maybe we will get a response? The problem us older guys have is that we are not computer literate - and for most of us its a steep learning curve.
The above photo of the Cubs, Scouts and Rovers goes back to yester-year (Gudala), and I have tried to name the ones I remember - there are stories for most of them that I can recall.
Regards,Vernon G Roberts.

6/12/2006 To continue... Skipper had such an impression on me that I always had a rope for spinning, there is one in my shed now. The metal eye I thought was to protect the end, but as you say it could have been a weight to ease the spinning.
The rope I have now, does not have a metal eye; I have tapered the rope, some ply-a-bond and used some thin twine to bind it (forgotten the correct term).
I will try and give some of the memories of what we had in those days, and I do not want to offend anyone and hope that some will come forward and correct and add to.
May be it is best that I start with the Leaders: -
Gerry Stevens was our first scout Master then he was promoted up the ladder, but he would always make a point of calling in the see our group.
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Gerry Stevens sons letter

Some years ago his son sent out a letter and was trying to trace & collect info on the older Scouts, (if you would want a copy let me know and I will scan a copy and send it to you) Peter Rueterink had receive a letter from him and was very frail and in a wheel chair in a care home in Boksburg, South Africa, so I have not been able to check on the names in the photo.
I have not met Jerry’s son but heard he had married Joan Sanderson and I had been friendly with her older brother Sandy. Now that you mention that Joan represented Rhodesia in hockey, I remember, they were good athletes and I remember her parents were sincere Catholics. I am not a Catholic, but many my friends at the time were Catholics and I think it was on a Wednesday that we would go to their youth evening.
Then for a short while Frikkie le Roux took over for a short spell and then the main stay in my time was Bobby (Bess) Palmer. He was a conscientious and kind person and from a respectable family, his dad did a lot for the war fund and I think he was high up in the Moths.
There were two sisters, Snooky married John Hartley and the last I heard of them was that they were in Durban. I think the older sister was Gladys not sure nor have I had any news of her since my early 20’s.
The 3rd Bulawayo had Mr Follwell and a Mr Sheasby, Mr Follwell had sons and so did Mr Sheasby, but no knowledge of them, though Mr Sheasby did teach the Ambulance Brigade to some of us young guys and the classes were held near the Railway Time office and at the sports matches he or one of his colleagues would be there give aid to the injured.
Their Hall was next to Queen’s sports field and as I remember they were those who had the most badges, all I ever achieved was my Tenderfoot. Though I had attempted a few others, but lost interest after being let down by the senior who was suppose to test me. Also most were unruly guys so I joined the wild bunch.
The 1st Bulawayo I only remember Skipper and that the Hall behind the High Court, next to the Y.W.C.A. and I would say they were in between us and the 3rd.
During WW II all of the scouts were called upon to help at fund raising functions, so we did some worth while work.
An older scout, would now be about 82 or 3 is Dave Candler, he was a friend of my eldest brother, and the last I heard about Dave was that he was in England and had retired as Rector of the Barningham Winks, Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Hampstead (Norwick, U.K. Diocese. Please check spelling the note I have is old, 1994.
Do you have access to Google Earth? It is free and the satellite pictures of Bulawayo and most of the other cities are clear, I am able to zoom on to the places where we stayed the Scout Halls, etc and it has rejuvenated the old brain cells.
Oh! I have a copy of 'The Hackney Scout Song Book' 1943. There are still many stories to tell, and will keep you informed. However, one that is important is Cuthey Sewell, the one in the wheel chair, George Zackarias, Rodger Davis and Peter Rueterick, would push him to Rovers every week from 14th Avenue Main Street, they were great guys.
Keep the Home Fires Burning?
The Tenderfoot Ridgeback Texan.

12th July 2008 George Zacharias son came back and told me that his dad had passed way some years back, but he thought that his mom knew where Rodger Daviis was; However, Eric Widdop's grand son contacted me, he is in England and another relative is still in Bulawayo and they were trying to get some history on their Grand father. Unfortunately Eric was a few years older than me and there was little I could give him and when I tried to contact him again he had left the company so did not have his new mailing address.
Wade Begemann's father Xavier (Zavy) and I have known each other since apprentices, then as families and stayed next door to each other when Wade and our son Alan grew up together.
May be the next two stories will ring a bell with some of the Mdala scouts. At Raylton we had an old lorry that use to transport us to Gordon Park, can't recall the type or model, but it had no doors and the hooter was operated by crancking? At the bottom of the Matopos dam wall I think the hill was referred to as Layman's hill, going down was fine, but when heading back often we would have to disembark and push.
Then at the scouts we had a trek cart, not sure how many of us handled the cart, trying to think now, there were two on the main draw bar (deselboom- not sure of spelling), one on each rope from the axle and about four pushing? I know there was a record in dismantling the cart and then assembling it and to put it together for a number of uses i.e. look out; to hide it by all the parts laying flat on the ground; and even a bath?
I hope that there is still someone around who could correct me but I think it was in about 15 seconds to strip the cart. The problem that I find is that most of my age group are not handy with the computer or in SA it is expensive to link onto the internet.
The mention of the Jamboree rings a bell for me. In 1943 or 4, a group from Bulawayo went to one in the Vic Falls and the only two I distinctly recall who were there were two brothers from the Hillside group, Hughie and Bobby Moore. When we were journeymen we worked together on the Rhodesia Railways.
Should I be able to sratch up any other news I will pass it on to you.
Humba Gashli Shamwari.

Bob Talbot
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- A bit of other Gordon Park history for you is that Dad blasted the rocky outcrop from the camping area going to the Bowl and also did all the plumbing for the old showers etc. Both Mom and Dad's ashes are scattered at the Chapel. - from Rob Talbot

S P Reuterink (14/7/08)
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Gerry Stevens sons letter

P. 0. B0X 26

York House
Eighth Avenue
17 January 1985

Mr S P Reuterink
15 Rolls Royce St
Impala Park
Boxburg 1460
Tvl. R.S.A.

Dear Vernon Roberts

It has become increasingly apparent over the past six months or so that many of dads friends and relations are unaware of his state of health.

Rather than attempt to write individually to all concerned, I'm having this letter photo copied and hope you will forgive its seemingly impersonal nature.

Dad's physical condition gives no cause for concern although, of course, at his age - 82 in July - it must be expected that the odd ache and pain will manifest itself. However, Dad's mental condition, brought about by hardening of the arteries, has affected his memory and in recent months this senility has required that steps be taken to have him placed under proper medical supervision.

For the past three months we have had Mrs C Stratford boarding with Dad and keeping an eye on him. We had hoped that this arrargement would have enabled him to remain at 10 Leicester Avenue for some while longer, but regrettably it became clear that he was quite unable to look after himself and we had to seek his admission to the Edith Duly Nursing Home where we were fortunate to find there was a vacancy. He has been there since Monday the 7th January.

Many of you recently sent Christmas cards to Dad and must have wondered he had not reciprocated. Similarly, I have found letters from family members unanswered and I am sure you will all now appreciate the reason for this.

Dad enjoys reminiscing and I know he would continue to welcome snippets of news from any old friend who may wish to drop him a line. I suggust such correspondence should be addressed to myself at P 0 Box 26 Bulawayo, as this will ensure it reaches him and that Joan and I can assist him in identifying the writer.

I am quite satisfied that Dad will be very well cared for at the Edith Duly which is a private nursing home, ideal for a person in his condition, :and he will continue to visit us on Sundays so that the family link will not be weakened.

As I am certain to have inadvertently overlooked several of Dad's friends in the posting of this letter, I would much appreciate it if you passed on the contents to any mutual acquaintances.

Kind regards

R. Stephens

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