8th Bulawayo (Hillside) Scout Troop Zimbabwe

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King's Scouts
J E Rose 29.4.51
N Smith 21.10.51
N Ingram 8.10.53

Queen Scout
F S Butler 07.10.55
N C Scott 18.02.67
A Murphy 18.09.67
G R Smythe 12.3.68
S Smythe 12.03.68
C Murphy 15.08.68
G W Shaw 20.09.68

Sable Award
Wade Begemann 10.2.75
Anthony Klein 29.3.75
Mike Brown 3.7.78
Ian Stone 3.7.78
Mark Fulton 22.5.79
Ross Johnston 22.5.79
Niel Wratten 5.8.80
Colin Smith 25.11.80
Alan Savin 27.9.81
Graham Ross
Graham Williams
Luke Moloney
Mark Ralphs

Group Scout Leaders:-

Bill Russell 1933-
Tommy Miller 1947-56
Roger Matthews 1957-59
'Dobbie' Dobson 1959-64
Dave Fyfe 1965-66
Jack Carlisle 1967-73
Norman Scott 1974-93

Scout Master/Leaders:-

George Zacharias 1948-52
Jock Carrick 1956
Roger Matthews 1957-59
Dave Fyfe 1965-66
Jack Carlisle 1967-73
Norman Scott 1970-73
Andy Barker 1974-82
Ed Hall 1992-99
Rob McKenzie 2004-08
James Irwin 2008-

Assist. Scout Leaders:-

Erith Harris 1963-64
Norman Scott 1967-69
Dennis Cunningham 1969
Des Classen 1970
Andy Barker 1971-73
Wade Begemann 1976-8
Rocky (Ian Stone) 1979
Mike Brown 1980
Neil Wratten 1981
Clyde Hannan 1982
Colin Laurent 1984-87
Dafydd Jones 1993/6
Steven Fox 2004/8

Troop Leaders:-

John Rose 1950
Neville Smith 1951
Frank Butler 1954-55
Andrew Gerrard 1956
Brian Schorr 1958
Michael Hopkins 1959
Gwyn Bowen 1960
Dudley Smythe 1963?
Norman Scott 1966
Anthony Murphy 1967
Graham Smythe 1968
Chris Murphy 1969
Nigel Theron 1970
Steven Allen 1971
Andy Barker 1973
John Coley 1975
Neville Barrett 1976
Ross Johnson 1977/8
Colin Smith 1979/80
Brett Fulton 1981
Alan Savin 1982/3
Peter Hartley 1983/4
Graham Williams 1986/7
Graham Ross 1988/9
Dafydd Jones 1990/1/2
Evan Pedlar 1998
Andrew Glenshaw 99/00
Chief Scout's
Norman Scott
Wade Begemann 1973
Andy Barker 1973
Lance Cox 1975
Neville Barrett 1975
Anthony Klein 1976
Ross Johnson 1976
Mike Brown 1978
Ian Stone 1978
Colin Smith 1978
Wayne Johnston 1978
Alan Savin 1978
Mark Fulton 1979
Brett Fulton 1979
John Jones 1980
Andy Blundell 1983
Craig Yeatman 1983
Clinton Jones 1983
Peter Hartley 1983
Donald Heath 1984
Barry Knight 1986
Graham Williams 1986
Luke Moloney 1988
Graham Ross 1988
Mark Ralphs 1989
Dafydd Jones 1990
J. Chitumbura 24.2.08

Scouts' Gilt Cross
For Gallantry
M.Brown 1.7.79
B.Fulton 1.7.79
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For 2004 : Meetings on Friday: 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
          At : 8th Hillside Scout Hall, Stratford Ave, Hillside, Bulawayo.
(2009 update - check out the 8th Hillside on FaceBook )

8thscarf http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/library/clipart/progs/index.htm 8th bulawayo Hillside scout troop

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Panther Patrol
Anthony Klein
Gavin Classen
Grant Dickinson
Gwynn Erasmus
Springbok Patrol
Barry Knight
Don Hutchinson
Wayne Jolly
Richard Stott
Impala Patrol
Chris Murphy
Peter Tipler
Craig Yeatman
Nicholas Marillier
Buffalo Patrol
Hugh Bolton
Clinton Jones
Leslie Crokett
Alun Carter
Rhino Patrol
Kyle Hannan
Wayne Johnston
Luke Moloney
Dafydd Jones
Don Heath
Mark Gilbert
Cheetah Patrol
Alan Mead
Glenn Crisp
Peter Hartley
Vaughan Davies
Ross Bentley
Simon Shoosmith



Andy Barker
australian flag Not sure where I should be - Rhino Patrol, TL, ASL, SL - did all of them and all with very fond memories - They were great days! As for the history in 4 lines - life's too short and you go and shorten it even more! I was with the 8th Hillside - 1965 - 1982, Rhino APL, PL, Chief Scout, ' Tramp' Editor, SS, TL, ASL, SL, Wood Badge. Now living in Mondeor, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. BSc Town & Regional Planning (Wits). Andy Barker 2004 Married to Delia a physiotherapist. Two sprogs now young adults both at Wits - Bryden doing Actuarial Sciences and Taryn doing Biomedical Sciences. Worked in Bulawayo and Johannesburg Councils, then RMP Properties doing town planning work. At RMP became involved in strategic and organisational development. Established my own consultancy firm in 1997 - now have a great time helping people and organisations through development processes. I have sent your email on to John Carlisle and Steve Baum too. Good hearing form you, All the best, Andrew.
Firm: Andrew Barker Development Consultant. Web: www.andrewbarker.co.za
Cell: +27 (0)83 274 4424
Phone & Fax : +27 (0)11 680 9791
Postal: PO Box 1073, Mondeor, 2110, South Africa
"Unlock Your Brains For Profitable Gains"

Wade Begemann
Zim flag 2007-09-07 Hi, Check this out, its a shortcut to a map of GP from space:
This will be an excellent link to add to the website! I've spent significant time tracing hike routes, reminising, ete etc etc. Cheers
Wade Begemann
Estimating Manager
Redpath Mining (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd
Phone: + 27 11 570 4300
pre 7-9-07
I joined cubs in 1965. Was a member of the 'A' Pack based at the hall. Our Akala was Mrs Hewitt (Garth Hewitt's, another 8th member's mother) who was later killed in one of the Viscount Air Disasters. The 'B' pack was based at the Methodist Church just up the hill in Hillside. Was a sixer & attained my Leaping Wolf as well as numerous proficiency badges which are all sown onto my campfire blanket (I still have it & wear it when I go to campfires with my son's, Ross's, troop, the 1st Benoni Sea Scouts - unfortunately he really enjoys the puddle pirate's activities, but I'll elaborate a litte later!!).
'Went up' to scouts in 1968 (I think) & was in Panther Patrol. My PL was Nigel Theron (KIA in the war). Jack Carlisle was GSL at this time. Dennis Cunninham joined us a while later as SL (I think). Des Claasens also joined us an ASL at about the same time. Other Seniors of note at this time were Ant Murphy, Gordon Shaw, Ian Ritchie, Steve Allen, Dennis Sinclair, Dave Radue, John Carlisle & of course Norman. The likes of Andrew Barker, Neil McIlroy, Pete & Steve Baum, Roy White & Robin Murphy were APL's or became APL's just after I joined the Troop. I was APL of Buffalo Patrol (???) & was promoted to PL of Cheetah Patrol in August 1972. I attained the Chief Scouts Award in February 1973 & the Sable Award in February 1975. I was the second scout in the country to be awarded the new Sable Award. The 1st scout, from Harare, pipped me by 1 week, so I've been lead to believe!! I assisted the cub pack as a cub instructor for many years. I was issued with a warrant as an ASL in August 1976. Miss Connelly signed it! I must confess that I still have the warrant (you are supposed to return them if you leave the Movement).
Probably my most memorable camp (1st one also) was 'MonEx' (short for Monuments Exploration) in September 1969. The duration of this camp was 11 days & was organised by Jack'o, amongst others. The object of the camp was to chart cave paintings & other sites of historical importance in the Matopos that were at that stage known of but un-charted. Peter Bonnet, a geodetic surveyor, assisted us with surveying the precise positions of the sites that we visited. Mike George & that trusty steed 'Emma' assisted us with transport & shelter. It rained for the last 2 or 3 days of the camp & many of us sought shelter from the rain under Emma!! Ian Ritchie, Steve Allen & John Carlisle probably built the most elaborate thatched bivvy that the 8th have ever seen.
8th representatives at the 14th World Scout Jamboree As Ant 'Klink' Klein has already stated, I went to the 14th World Scout Jamboree in Lillehammer, Norway. I was elected a PL of one of the Contingent's patrols. My logbook of the Jamboree won the logbook award sponsored by PC Dave Fyfe (It was the only one entered into the competition!!!!). I still have it & my children marvel at it!! I really want to try to convert it into an electronic file, but need to find out from the IT boff's what the best way to do it is (scanning will just be too cumbersum).
I also did a lot of work out at GP, not only with Norman but also with Mike George while he was Warden of GP. This was before the days of the 'The GP Crew' (or maybe the crew had just fallen into dis-use during that period, Norman may know more of the history). On the personnal side: I am married to Leigh (married for 20 years) & have 2 children, Robyn (F,16 years) & Ross (M, 14 years). Leigh is a teacher at a private school (St Dunstan's) in Benoni, where we live. I work for the 4th or 5th largest (depends on whether you look at annual turnover or no. of employees!!) Construction Company (Concor Holdings (Pty) Ltd) in SA & am involved with the tunnelling / hard rock mining division of the company. I tendered & then worked on Phase 2 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project whose value was R1.1 bn (but that project is a whole e-mail by itself). Robyn was a Guide, but now concentrates more on school activities (she plays for the 1st waterpolo - girls - & netball teams & is only U16). Ross is a Scout with the 1st Benoni Sea Scouts. He thoroughly enjoys the canoeing, sailing & other boating activities (such as the Gig Adventure, a gig is 7 man rowing boat - much like those used by surf lifesavers) as well as the hiking & camping that they do (nothing like GP & the Matopos tho'). I am on the parents / governing committee of the Troop & am the Troop QM. I have still not taken out a warrant, tho' I am being nagged seriously!
Cheers for now!
Wade Begemann

Mike Brown
english flag (19.1.2010) I was a Mine Surveyor, worked in Zim then Botswana on various mines. I left there in 1994 and came to the U.K. where I changed careers - now in Civil Engineering (not a lot of mines in the U.K.). I would love to catch up with the motley crew that used to hang out together.
Mike Brown

Ross Bentley
english flag (2.2.2005) Blundering about on the internet, I came across the troop website this afternoon. I'm sure I'm supposed to be working right now, but instead, got swept up in the happy memories (and the bad ones!). It's nearly twenty years now since I was in Bulawayo, how time flies! We left Zim rather abruptly for the UK in September '86 and somehow coped here, although I was horribly disappointed by the local scouts. I was a weed when I was a kid but thought the scouts here were weedier than me! In the end I managed to get to Oxford University which made the coming back worthwhile.

These days I'm a software developer, and am clinging to the hope that Zimbabwe will somehow settle down to something sane and safe (or at least relatively sane and safe!) so that a holiday there would be plausible. Does Gordon Park still look the same? Thanks for a great website

Ross Bentley-Davies (was Ross Bentley)
PL Cheetah Patrol + Cub Instructor

Alun Carter
ack:- www.virtuallandmedia.com24.2.05 I was with the 8th from 1983 - 1988, in Buffalo & Impala (APL) patrols and now live in Saundersfoot, Wales U.K. After a return trip to Gordon Park (December 2004), and catching up with the infamous Norman Scott (with trusty Landie in tow) and good old Adam (who seems to be immortal), I felt it only fitting to find the web site and put my two pence in. The reason for my return to GP was with a 2 year old son (Brayden) now in hand, many fond memories of my child hood suddenly streamed back and I decided to find out if they were true or just wonderful dreams. Needless to say they were all true and the details had not blurred with age (GP seems to be stuck in a time warp). The result was to set out on an epic 4 month voyage round the world to find a place comparable (with stable politics) to settle my nomadic lifestyle (5 countries lived in so far) to give my son what I had had. Sadly no land or country could meet up to our remarkable homeland and its people of times past! The bright light then dawned that I had forgotten the fundamental law of Scouting and our motto (chanted so many times over the years) which is “Be Prepared”. Finally I understood what old man Powell was trying to say (yeah, I admit I am a slow learner) the world changes, sometimes dramatically, so we should always 'Be Prepared' to accept this and use all the tools learnt previously (not just that bit of rope on our belt) to find our way. A campfire song then came to mind “make new friends keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold”, for although we have scattered around the world, on this ever shrinking planet, remarkably today I am in contact from time to time with at least 10 ex 8th Hillside from those glory days of tramping in the Matopos and expeditions to fantastic places such as Okavango delta. Hence I am pleased that we were given the privilege to experience what we did. I thank all those that worked to make that possible and exist in my memories, may we all strive to give others similar opportunities, and not forget the many skills learnt in our scouting years.

So what have I done with my life one may ask? Well after leaving school and studying for a degree in Zoology and Entomology in South Africa, I went into the safari industry working in lodges in Zimbabwe and ending up as operations manager for a company in Botswana running two safari camps, restaurant, cinema and live entertainment complex. During these years many fantastic memories of wild experiences and parties have been burnt into my memory the best of which is my marriage to Debbie, my soul mate from school days. We then immigrated to ‘mud Island’ to settle in West Wales. Here after the birth of our fantastic son (yeah I know I am biased) I opened a restaurant for a Hotel and then went on to catering manager for a large leisure park in the area. I then reached that point in life some of us reach where one sits back and questions if you are doing the right thing so took some time out to get life’s priorities in line. Hence my trip back to Africa and subsequent travels from which I returned yesterday. So with mind back in relative order we now start that next big journey in life i.e. the rest of it. May it be as glorious as my memories of Scouting.
Alun, Debbie & Brayden

John Coley
english flag Was APL, then PL of Springbok Patrol and Troop Leader. After leaving BSAP married with 2 kids, lived in Natal for 12yrs & am now ops. manager at a removals company (AP) in London.

Glenn Crisp Appears in a Tramp article
australian flag 27/6/10 Been in Australia since 2001 and we are loving it but do miss our lifestyle and friends. My folks have followed us to Aus and my wife is Australian so we have family and friends here and lots to be thankful for.

There are no kids, just the two of us and a dog. I am still in the construction industry (water projects) so we move frequently which has been a great way to see the country. This project is in Geelong and involves all the capital works for the water authority in the region. It's a fantastic place, about an hours drive from Melbourne but even closer to the Great Ocean Road, beautiful beaches and magnificent forest (The Otway's). We spent the previous 4 years in Queensland so it is interesting adapting to winter again.

I met my wife in Zim and we lived in Harare before immigrating to Aus so fortunately she shares the attachment and we plan a trip back every two to three years.

1/1/05 I am very well thank you for asking. No wife, no kids, no homeland - just ticking by waiting to find my reason for being. If it sounds like I've lost a bit of motivation and ambition it may be because I am not sure where I want my motivation and ambition to take me. After 2 years in Australia, I do know this much - not impressed yet! After running my own operation in Zimbabwe, with no interference, good staff and challenging times, Australia is a bit of a downer. However, the bright side is that in 4 months I will be a permanent resident and hopefully by January next year I will be a citizen so I will have no excuse for not getting out and travelling a bit more. Life as a project engineer on a coal mine is about as much fun as you imagine it to be (err.. Glen is a Civil Works Project Engineer - at MRD, Morwell, Victoria, Australia). Harsh conditions, management with the personalities of Robert Mugabe and surroundings about as beautiful as Johannesburg inner city on a Saturday morning (everything is black). But the pay is going off against a 6 acre property with my small herd of cows and some lazy bloody chickens and we are close to the mountains, snow fields, sea, Melbourne(~180km) so it is not all doom and gloom. The highlight of my year will be my 5 week vacation back to SA and Zim in October. Have a great girlfriend, an Aussie of course, and a small group of really good friends out here but I still miss my mates in SA. Re the short write up. Well now how do you expect me to cram 20 years of bulls*@& into a few lines. It's a tough call but I'll give it a go. Remember Fr. Odilo - no website would be complete without something from him. (If anyone sees Fr.Odilo - please do ask him - Thanks).

Leslie Crockett
monaco flag As far as news of the Crockett world - I think you are right that my brother Colin was press ganged labour on the Scott Dam road, I came along a little later to that scene and worked on the wall itself - I recall lugging cement bags around and pouring concrete into the coffer moulds. Colin lives in New Malden, UK. He is an IT engineer with IBM, his wife is an ex Zimbabwean and they have a nine month old son who was christened by Noel Scott at the St Georges Chapel (thats where these photos were taken in April 2003 - the place was looking magnificent - great rainy season plus a lot of effort from Norman, Adam and Snort. Should bring back some memories...). They have been in the UK nearly ten years now. My dad did finally fully retire from the politics of Scouting a couple of years ago having put many years into his Chairmanship... They regularly visit GP - at least once a month for the service - petrol permitting.
Leslie Crockett & Fiona For my part, after school, I signed articles with Deloitte & Touche and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1997, departing Zim to live in Cape Town the same year. After three years with Deloitte & Touche in Cape Town I moved to New York on a short term secondment at the beginning of 2000, travelled extensively in the US and then made my way across to London to join the antipodean exodus. Along the way I met Fiona, and we were married in December 2001 in Harare. Two and a half years in London was more than enough for us and we were fortunate to get an opportunity to move to Monaco where I am the Financial Controller of an international packaging concern. We have been here eight months now and are loving the area and slowly improving our French !
Other news - I still see a lot of Paul Musgrave who was in the 8th. He now lives in London, does a lot of rowing and works for Alpha Telecom. Nicholas Jones was also a Scout in the 8th - we recently attended his wedding in Antwerp. He and his wife work for BOC and they also live in London. Nick is a Chartered Accountant and still does a lot of sailing which is pretty admirable given the dismal weather in the UK ! I have also recently heard from Colin Campbell who lives in Sophia Antipolis (South of France) - and will be meeting up with him and family (married with a son I think) soon.

Vaughan Davies Appears in a Tramp article
nigeria flag Vaughan Davies is in Johannesburg / Lagos building shopping centers - married with three kids....
The shopping centre I'm working on in Lagos has still not started yet and a decision will be made in the next few weeks whether it proceeds or not! There is a slim chance I'll project manage a shopping centre development in Accra - wouldn't that be interesting! If all fails my next target is Dubai.
I'll be in Aus from 1-10 November to catch a little world cup rugby. We're (Frank Wimberley and I) are going to Brisbane with our bicycles. We'll watch the SA Samoa game, spend a few days cycling around and then stay in Brisbane if SA are top of their log and stay to play Wales in a quarter final. I have tickets for the quarter final in Melbourne in case SA come second in their log and have to play NZ.

Grant Dickinson
USA flag 2.2.2005 I was born in Umtali in 1972 – one of my earliest memories is hiding under the staircase while the ‘terrs’ sent mortars from the mountain behind us, over our house, to the region of the golf course. My dad was the chief engineer for the Rhodesian Railways so we moved around the country quite a bit during my youth until we settled in Bulawayo in 1981.

I first joined the cubs next to Milton school (can't remember the troop name) and later on moved to the 8th under the excellent tutelage of Mrs Ralphs. I became very involved in the scouts and spent a lot of time in GP with the likes of Luke Moloney, Colin Campbell and Dafydd Jones. I too did my fair share of work on Lake Scott, though I must say most of memories are of Norman battling it out by himself on that dam wall :-) I just missed getting my Chief Scout award, though I enjoyed many years as a member of the GP Crew - weekly Wednesday and Saturday dinners at the park are a fond memory. Tunnelling through Everest, climbing up Shumba, abseiling down Leask and scrambling through Piglets were the Sunday norm. Cokes from Norman’s fridge and bundu-bashing in his landy were a real treat, though I must say I do not miss the mupani flies!

After completing A levels at CBC I attended Wits University in South Africa and took the scenic route in getting my BSc. After 5 joyous (though slightly blurred) years I moved between several jobs before finally settling in at Microsoft where I look after an area of our business called Business Intelligence. I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa though in 3 weeks we are due to move to Microsoft head office in Seattle.

I have a beautiful wife and daughter; Heidi and I have been married 2 years and Jessica at 16 months is just learning to talk. The funny thing is that I only really started appreciating what we had in Zim once Jessica was born and I looked to provide for her the same sense of wonderment, freedom and opportunity that we had experienced as kids. The scouting tradition and outdoor life was a major contributor to those tenets.

It saddens me to hear that the 8th may be closing, though I must say I have a terrific bunch of friends around the world from those times.

Grant Dickinson

Dobbie Dobson
zim flag (22.2.2015) REMINISCENCES BY FORMER G.S.L. “DOBBIE” DOBSON (from Facebook)

Wow! It is 19 years since I said goodbye to the 8th Bulawayo(Hillside) Scout Group, and I find I have forgotten the names of many people connected with Scouting in Bulawayo. I have also forgotten many events which occurred in those busy years, from 1959 to 1964!

I assumed the Group Scout Leader’s rank on finding the troop without an experienced Scout Leader.

For most of the 5 years I had to go it alone, except for a few months assistance from Mr. Crisp (also an ox-Pretoria Scout Leader of former years), who emigrated to New Zealand. Mr. Erith Harris, a student at the Teachers College, gave assistance before graduating, and is now Headmaster of Whitestones School.

Troop meetings were held on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons for instruction and passing of tests for those boys not engaged in school or other sporting activities.

During those 5 years the troop consistently numbered between 40 and 60 keen, cheerful and friendly Scouts.

Smartness of bearing and Scout uniform were insisted upon and the Troop was often congratulated on its smart appearance. On one occasion we were requested, at short notice, to form a Guard of Honour for Sir Humphrey Gibbs, then Chief Scout of Rhodesia, at a ceremony and Scout gathering in Princess Margaret Park. The Chief Scout was impressed by the smart appearance, bearing and steadiness on parade of the Troop.

Scouting being an outdoor activity, good use was made of Gordon Park and camping there was a favourite pastime. The consistent camping and training in Gordon Park and the hiking in the far reaches of the Matopos together with the cycling from the City to the Park and return after camping, kept the Scouts fit and strong.

As a result, during a school holiday period, Troop Leader Dudley Smythe and Senior Scout Ian Dobson did a round the country cycle tour, totalling 2 400 kms.

Assistance was given each year by the Scouts and parents at the Trade Fair.

The break-up of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in December, 1963, saw the commencement of emigration from the country and a number of Scouts had to leave the Troop when their families departed for distant lands.

The Hillside Troop has always been fortunate in having a splendid Group Committee, which raised funds and ensured the stability of the Troop. Among the many who assisted were Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Bundock and Mrs. Simon who made the attractive blue and red scarves which have been so proudly worn by scores of Scouts over the years.

Circumstances beyond my control obliged me to give up active Scouting in 1964, — how the years have sped away!
Good luck and happy days.
Yours sincerely

Gwynn Erasmus
australian flag 18.10.2010 Site looks great! I'm in Perth and was with the Hillside Scout Troop from Cubs to Scouts and enjoyed my trips out to Gordon Park. I hope it can keep going! Thanks for your work.

Mark Gilbert Appears in a Tramp article
australian flag I stumbled across you website searching for Inungu. I've had many nastalgic memories flooding back through your site, and hope that Norman is still leader of 1st. I remember approximately in 1993 he was Matabeleland Commissioner (I think), and was always very involved with scouts since I joined in 1986. I know that after the Railways he went into guiding (not the girl guides), but haven't been in touch with him for a very long time. I was featured on the front cover of Tramp would you believe. Having had a look at your site, you actually have a picture of me being invested, the date was March 1986.
Google Earth have updated their satellite datasets, and you can see the entire Matopos now, so check it out.
Best regards,

Kyle Hannan
UK flag 2nd July 2008 InANutshell: I went to Hillside Junior and joined the 8th Hillside (1977 - 1982) until most of the way through high School at Gifford. My Dad Clyde Hannan was an /newspaper-cuttings/78-08-13-clinton-jones-kyle-hannan_t.jpg

assistant scoutmaster too, I recall. Can't be sure that they were ALL there at the same time but seem to remember people like David Yapp, Paul Furber, Clinton Jones - all of whom I'm still in touch with.
Got Troop Signalling badge, cook badge (despite almost burning most of the stuff in the sheds/rooms to the left of the scout hall). Spent lots of time at GP, did the abseiling thing with vim and vigour, and distinctly remember the long clamber up to Shumba for a swim, Uzi in hand and visions of bush firefights from 'The Wild Geese' in my head.
Kyle Hannan 2008 Left Zim in '84 for SA (where I'm from) brought my wife back on a tour of Skies, the Matopos and GP in 1995 where we were lucky enough to bump into Norman at the site! Became a radio DJ and worked for the SABC. Left SA in 1997 and work in the radio broadcast industry, living in Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK.
Bore my wife silly with scout pics when I find them on the 'net. Like the ones you legendary people have been good enough to post. Thank you, thank you. And can I just say 'thank you'!

Peter Hartley
SA flag 9.7.08 (part of a quick update) We are all well on this side, Rae and the kids have settled in Howick and I commute between there and my office in St Lucia. My present job is going well, but I yearn for working in the field again. Sitting in meetings and behind a computer is not what I went into conservation for ..... Rhino poaching is on the increase again in SA. This year Kruger NP has lost 40 rhino, Umfolozi 3 rhino and we have lost 4 rhino...
Keep well. Pekkie
12.10.05 This is just a short note to tell you that I am leaving Ghana on the 22nd of October. My contract is up and I have decided not to renew. On Monday I was offered a senior position with the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Authority, I have accepted the position and will start in the next month or two. I am really looking forward to moving back to Zululand.
years ago! In short I have a wife named Rae, a son named Brett and a daughter named Caitlin. I have been in the Natal Parks Board for the last 15 years and have been the OIC (Officer In Charge) of Umfolozi Game Reserve for the last 5 years. I am presently thinking of taking up a position with the IUCN to develop a new National Park in Ghana.

Don Heath
Zim flag 14-7-05 Am married to Sheila Stakesby Lewis with a 10 week old daughter Johanna who is keeping me out of mischief! Still have a short wheel base land rover - I was senior ecologist (terrestrial) when Zim Parks squeezed me out 6 years ago. Ventured into journalism - have a book on buffalo's that is selling well, and am doing well with hunting!
(I wonder if this is Don's Hunting Magazine or this Fishing one?)

Michael Hopkins
english flag 20/2/2015 The sudden departure of our Scout Leader in 1959 left me, as Troop Leader, in charge for a while until the welcome arrival of 'Dobbie' Dobson. Many memories!

pre 20/2/2015 Although I left Zimbabwe in 1983, contact with friends who stayed behind was maintained as was contact with friends who moved elsewhere in the world including the UK where I settled with my family (south coast of West Sussex). Quite a few of my friends were of course Scouts and we all have fond memories of the 8th Hillside Scout Troup and the Matopos and Gordon Park during the 1950’s and early 60’s.

When I joined in February 1955, the Scout Hall was a timber framed, corrugated iron construction on short stubby pillars on a plot of land to the west of the current building. We moved to our new hall in 1956/57 (I can’t guarantee my memory recall on the date) but I do remember the fantastic affect and impression we all experienced when we took possession of what was then the best Scout Hall in Bulawayo. We could even play badminton - and all those rooms, including a kitchen! I worked my way up the ‘ranks’ and made Patrol Leader by 1958 and Troop Leader by 1959 and would have stayed on as ASL if my new working career with the Ministry of Roads, which commenced in February 1960, hadn’t sent me to the four corners of the country for the next eight years. A highlight of my time at Hillside was being included in the Bulawayo contingent to attend the World Jamboree at Ruwa, near Harare from 4th-11th May 1959. Roger Matthews was our excellent Scout Leader 1957 - 1959 and Frank Butler (now in Durban) was our Queens Scout in 1955.

Some members of the group during the 1950/60’s - Vernon Butler (Jo’burg), Kenneth Smith and Nigel Smith (both Durban), Grahame Smith (UK), David Mason (Pietermaritzberg), Trevor Jenkins (Lusaka), Gwyn Bowen (Brisbane), Bryan Simon (Australia), John Walter (UK), Reg Brink (SA), Brian Schorr.
We all hope that the Group is still alive and kicking.
Michael Hopkins (UK)

Don Hutchinson
SA flag Goodness gracious - Hi there. I am most certainly the one and the same "Smiley" - fortunately that has not changed even though I became an accountant. Mind you I am definitely not a ' little grey accountant ' - Firstly, I never was, nor am I now, "little". Secondly I may be greying slightly around the edges but I consider myself an entreprenural accountant - yea you got it - I take risk - and that is far from grey in financial terms.
Anyway I live in Pinetown and work in Durban South Africa. I am married with a son and a daughter. My wife and son work with me in my accountancy practice (myself and three other partners plus 17 staff) and my daughter is in matric this year. I met my wife Sandy in the Rhodesian Army at the School of Infantry Gwelo. We were married in 1980 and have lived in SA since 1985. My son was born in Gwelo and my daughter in Westville in 1983 and 1986 respectively.
Kind regards and thanks for the contact.
Don Hutchinson

Wayne Johnson australian  
12 June 08 I was with the 8th from 1974-1980, APL Cheetah, Pl Rhino, Chief Scout Award 1978. We had a fantastic childhood growing up when we did and Scouting was a big part of the fun we had. It gave many of us a good foundation to life and we learnt skills that even help us today.
The fun was filling the seniors boots with dung in the matopo's hills when they made us carry their rug sacks, hey Colin Smith!?! Quite amazingly even though we didn't attend the same schools we were all mates.
After immigrating twice, first to South Africa and now to Australia Tasmania, 30 years later I am still in contact with scouts all over the world. Bumped into Peter Pekkie Hartley in SA, stayed with Duncan Smith in Eastern TVL, went to Shaun Fultons wedding down the South coast, in contact occasionally with Colin Smith, Alan Savin and I have a well travelled bottle of whiskey that I am going to drink with Rocky Stone.
I also spent a lot of time with Gavin Claasen in Pietermaritzburg and we had a good few braai's together. I knew Gavin as an older Scout before his accident. When I met up with him after his accident I realised how big a role scouting played in our lives and although he has faced enormous challenges he has faced them bravely and I have the upmost respect for him.
Click to enlarge:

Have an older brother Ross who was probably more conscientious than I was, his details are as follows APL, Pl and TL Chief Scout 1976 Sable Award 1979. I have still got a few photo's from my Dads (Johnny Johnston) era building out at Gordon Park. He was in 1st Bulawayo Troop. Anyway don't want use up all my 40 words or bring up too much dirt on the members in the 8th. Especially those coffee meetings after scouts or the "shatter boulder" fights at GP - hey Mark and Brett Fulton who are scared to this day by miss directed flak! Studied Forestry after National Service, worked mainly around Natal. Married Tracy 1990, 3 children - Amy, David and Chloe. Presently live in Launceston Tasmania - The mainland just south of Australia.

Clinton Jones
USA flag Updated 20 May 2012 In 1974 I went from cubs with Mrs Hewitt as Akela and then to Scouts where I started in Rhino patrol under Mark "Hoss" Fulton where I became APL and then onto PL of Buffalo. Was awarded the Chief Scout's Award in 1983, ran TRAMP for a few seasons (Till 1985), did some great Eastern Transvaal Hikes with Scott and Bubbles and was reknowned for being an easy and large target in takkie! Lived for, and never had enough wide-games ! Did such a good job on one cook-out with David Yapp at Hillside Dams where the baked potatos were so baked that they were like ping pong balls inside! Went to Rhodes, have two children, a daughter who starts University next year (ugh!) and a son of 11 who is very yankified. Lived in Port Elizabeth for a number of years after Rhodes, did a 3 year stint in Saudi Arabia and then won the US Green Card Lottery twice - which led me to live in the US' Pacific Northwest. After close to ten years in the US I now find myself in London, England, a little closer to Africa than before.

Dafydd Jones
english flagWhat have I been upto. Well I finished off A levels at CBC and went all the way through the troop to TL. Great times were had and good friends made so I carried on being Asst. Scout Master for a few years too. Was involved with the crew helping out with various projects at the Park and gained invaluable experience in all sorts of activities, as we all did.
Unfortunately as is the nature with a lot of things in Zimbabwe the number of people out at the Park grew less and less and I found almost lonely at times, but we still enjoyed loads of camping, hiking and all the other fun activities in the sun.
I finished off an electrical apprenticeship at O'Connelly & Co and went onto do a 2 year stint as a sales rep for an electrical board manufacturer.Eventually the economic climate pushed me over to the UK where I trained up in IT and eventually got into a graduate program for Shell. I am now working in IT supporting a major trading company based in London.
I married a local lady from Bullies (Marion de Lange) who was coincidentally at the Guide group across the fence from us and we have a lovely daughter named Claramae.The plan is to try and get to SA in a few years and try and bring up a brood there.

Anthony Klein
uk flag I was with the 8th from 1971 till 1976 in Buffalo and Panther patrols, did the Norwegian Jamboree (1975) with Norman Scott, Wade Begemann, John Coley, Hugh Bolton, Mike Brown, Lance Cox + ?? (the memory is going) {dont worry - John says it was Neville}. Departing for the Jamboree - Anthony, Norm, John I live in : Gospel Green, Haslemere, West Sussex, England; mobile +44 (0) 7785 24 25 26. Even though I have lived in the UK since 1977 my heart is still in Gordon Park and the Matopas. What has happened since Scouts, school and NS. Spent 7 years doing aero-engineering in Bristol, met Sally and together we now have 2 children - David and Helen who keep us on our toes. Set up a systems engineering consulting company with 4 colleagues and grew this for 11 years till we sold the business to Thomson-CSF (now Thales) in 2000. I remained as MD until recently, but have now been seconded to lead a joint UK MoD / Industry initiative called NITEworks bringing together all the major defence prime contractors in the UK to experiment and propose solutions in Network Centric Warfare. Of more immediate relevance (and interest) is a desire to find 2 zebras to help populate the 85 acres of SE England that we have just bought. If I can't live in the Matopas then I will try and create my own reserve at home !! Impala and kudu will jump the fences, warthogs will dig under the wire and not enough tress for browsers ! Any offers, and please no hippo nor elephant they are not viable with the neighbours. David is handling the birdlife in the 'reserve' (i/c ponds and woodland) and Sally and Helen the viewing from horse-back aspects.

Nicholas Marillier
I was a member of 8th Hillside cubs as a youngster and joined the scouts briefly before I went off to boarding school at Plumtree. I came back to Bulawayo after 2 years at Plumtree and went to CBC but unfortunately Scouts wasn’t cool anymore…
I have really great memories of my time at GP and really wish I had pursued scouting in my later teens. Thank you for preserving the memories!

Rob McKenzie
Zim flag I started scouts in Kwe Kwe then move to Harare were I was with the 6th Avondale were I then became a ASL for a while and have now joined the 8th Bulawayo Hillside to give Steve Fox a hand with running the troop.
Cell 011 602016
Bussiness 69510
Home 244578

Alan Mead
NewZealand flag Alan Mead Feb 2013Feb 2013 I joined in 1974 and was APL of Cheetah Patrol till I emigrated to New Zealand in 1980 with my parents where I still live and am very happy in this glorious country. I am a senior manager in a major bank in New Zealand and have worked for this bank since leaving school 30 years ago.

Luke Moloney Appears in a Tramp article
uk flag Has spent forever at University to become an archietect. I can't find his email - but I think his claim to fame is that he recently designed a "Royal Throne" for the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace!

Evan Pedlar
uk flag I was PL of Rhino Patrol then Troop Leader. Left Zim back in 1999 to study electrical engineering at the University of Cape Town. Round about 2000, the family moved to Ficksburg in the Free State, SA, but we wont hold that against them! Am working for an engineering consulting firm called WSP Consulting Engineers as an electrical engineer in Cape Town. Loving life and having a blast.

Graham Ross Appears in a Tramp article
zim flag Graham and I (Angie) are living a life that would be considered by most as crazy and not worth it - for us, we wouldn't live anywhere else in the world despite the pressures. We are farming in Manicaland - tobacco and maize - in the midst of ...! We have three children who are a lively bunch and keep us on our toes, but, importantly, keep our priorities in life where they should be! I am sure Graham will have much more to tell you when he gets a chance, but as he is quite pushed for time most of the time, hopefully, the few blanks I have filled in for now will suffice.

SA flag I found this in the fortnightly Bulawayo newspaper (No.30) (that you can have emailed directly to you) & wonder who wrote it?
Dear Dad,
I really enjoyed talking to you the other night at the Harare Club and appreciated your visit and the time you spent with me - it was like those old times again. As I mentioned that night, the hardest thing about you folks being in Bulawayo and us being so far away in Headlands is not being able to ask your advice or not being able to ask your opinion or how you coped with a very similar situation in 1980. Our main concerns now, as yours were, are for our kid's futures - How will we keep our schools open? How do we maintain a decent standard of health care? Are we to be the only ones left at the end of this ? How will we afford to feed the kids, let alone dress them? These are a few of the nagging questions that torment us each day, more so than the likely hood of us losing our farm and our home!! And yet with all these negatives, we have no desire or wish to leave. This is our home and country and we need to make our future here work for ourselves and our kids. Maybe I'm lazy, but I still believe that it is easier here than over seas to bring up functional children who won't be exposed to "1st world life" here in our little backwoods country. Perhaps I'm more fortunate than some, thanks to you parents, in that I've been to Aussie with the Boy Scouts to attend the Scout Jamboree, farmed in Canada, visited America, worked in England played rugby for CBC in Ireland, stopped over in Portugal while on Martin Sanderson and Erith Harris's School tours and toured extensively in Southern Africa - Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana with yourself and the Boy Scouts and recently spent some time in South Africa. I have fished in Mozambique, the Zambesi and local waters and have hunted in the Valley so I've got a pretty good idea as to what our and those countries have to offer me and my family. There is no doubt in my mind that we could settle overseas, and make a go of it, but I also know that I would never truly be happy, and my kids would never lead the carefree life that I can offer them here. I still believe things will come right, not right as we knew it but right as it is meant to be, and so I want to stick it out to the end or the new beginning. I'm pretty sure that the misgivings we have were much the same as yours in 1980 and beyond, but I thank you for "sticking it out" and letting me have the life and education I've had thus far. I have no regrets for having lived in Zim all my life and I only hope that one day my kids can say the same. I have just received my Section 7 which is Governments answer to my appeal against acquisition. We withdrew the appeal when agreed to subdivided so it just goes to show how the system works!!!!!! I will let you all know how things go from here. Love from all of us.
Your son
Cc - a special thanks for having the forethought to let us kids learn the African languages - it must have cost you a fortune at todays exchange rate for every poem, story or song you paid our domestic staff to teach us. Speaking both languages fluently has stood me in good stead both on the farm, in business and socially. I wish that all Makiwas would take the opportunity to learn to speak at least one of our languages while they are young. How can we understand and be respected by our fellow people if we can't even communicate with them ?

Alan Savin
SA flag Had some fun looking at the website my details are:- 8th Hillside (approx 1974 - 1980), Chief Scout Award, Sable Scout Award, Troop leader, Was PL of Cheetah, Tramp editor for a while. Living in Benoni, Johannesburg till the end of this year, then off to sunny Brisbane with Leeanne (Knapman – ex Montrose) and our 2 girls - 4 and 5. Completed Mechanical Engineering, then converted to Electrical Engineering and post grad management diploma Wits Business School. Self employed past 10 years, currently MD of Caddman and Director of Worldsview Technologies - Craig Yeatman and I are business partners in this venture - its the Autodesk software distributor in Africa & was named after Worldsview, due to the ability to see the whole of Africa from Rhodes Grave! Much calmer and more responsible than the “good ole days” – I guess that translates into a need for a new adventure….. We need to plan a get together for an expedition or hike (OK, maybe in luxury land cruises for the oldies !!) Any thoughts ? Just as long as we can get Pekkie Pete to behave himself!
Update 26/2/04 Been busy settling in OZ , houses, cars, schools - and then I had to shoot over to Philly last week - so things a bit of a blur right now. Didn’t get a chance to give Craig a chestie before I left - I will see if I can outsource that job !! Must dash
Alan Savin

Simon Shoosmith
SA flag 2014-01-24 Joined cubs about 1972 – left Scouts 1980 for Cape Town SA.
I see some of my fellow school and scout/cubs names appearing Craig Yateman, Alan Savin, Clinton Jones, Kyle Hannan to name but a few. Also some of the patrol leaders Ian Cox, Michael Brown - wow memories - great memories!
Currently work for FNB in Cape Town and have rejoined the movement as AST 1st Fish Hoek Sea Scouts/Cubs to "relive" afew adventures and spend time with my son who is currently a cub.
Simon Shoosmith

Colin Smith
english flag 2007-07-07Hi, We've moved to Essex. We have lots of room for visitors and people to help with the ironing, housework and gardening.
Tel 01799 525610
Wipro Consulting Europe

pre 7-7-07
Here are some details about me (the clean bits!)... 8th Hillside (approx 1974 - 1980), Chief Scout Award, Sable Scout Award, Troop leader, Was PL of Buffalo patrol, APL of Cheetah.
Colin Smith 2003 Did a degree at Wits in Industrial psych + a postgrad in management. Currently run my own Consultancy in Cape Town. My Mom (Val) was Akela at the 8th. My brother Duncan was also there although he just bee'd around I think.

Rocky & Mike 1977
Rocky (Ian Stone)
australian flag Left school, joined the RAF (choppers?), then onto Australia flying jumbo's - has acquired a... 'unique' email vocabulary & last I heard he was on his way back from China???

Richard Stott
english flag 2007-09-07 Hi Norm, Hi Everyone
My Wife just found this site with pics of me and everyone at GP, wow what a rush of memories! It is great to see you guys, even if it is a pic online. I see you are still keeping our home from home in order, good man. The time in the 8th and at GP where absolutely the best, long may it continue for generations to come.

I left Bulawayo over 20 years ago and have not spoken to any friends since. Thanks for the interference, I've been flabbergasted all day. I am only sorry I did not know about what was going on sooner, so I could have helped with the Jamboree in Essex. No matter, next time I'm here, there, what ever you want. My god I can not tell you how good this makes me feel, just to know that some, if not all of my childhood friends are out there getting on - Graham Williams, Stretch, Andy Blundell who taught me how to ride a motor bike (his own), and pretty much everything I needed to know to get on at the 8th. We also kicked arse at the Mashonaland patrol leaders course at Ruwa - even if we did get lost during our hike, keeping them up all night, and how many broken eggs from the Assult course, can a guy bury? Pete Hartley: I always knew would end up game ranging/big white hunting/saving the world, I have a tomato patch and some salad cream with his name on it, he even may get some lemons and salt, if he teaches me to fight - with no shoes on. Other than that, I caused more trouble than I remember and my name is sparking off campfire stories - it was all Mr Hartley, nothing to do with me, he used to use my name a lot!

Kind Regards
Richard Stott
Business & Partner Management
UK: +44 (0)207 193 4966
USA (Philadelphia): +1 610 616 3880

Neil Wratten
Zim flag 3-3-06 Started as a cub scout with the 3rd Lilongwe (Malawi), then joined 8th Mount Pleasant in 1970 and went up through the ranks to Sixer. Continued on to Scouts where I was P/L of Lions, awarded Chief Scout Award in 1978 and selected to go on the Jamboree that was suppose to be held in Iran... but it ended up at Kanderstag in Switzerland.
My Father was transferred to Bulawayo in 1978 and I joined the 8th Hillside. Went on the Jamboree with guys like, Norman Scott, Hugh De Roebuck, Rocky Stone and the Fulton brothers. Sort of went representing both 8th Hillside and 8th Mount Pleasant. I still have the shirt in my cupboard!
Awarded the Sable Scout Award in 1980 and became ASL of the 8th Hillside until the University of Zimbabwe offered me a job in 1981. Qualified as a Medical Laboratory Technologist MSc specialising in Haematology, then the commercial world beckoned (well the money really!).
I am not involved in the Scout Movement anymore, but am currently President of the Matabeleland Bowling Association and see Graham Ralphs often; also occasionally see Don Heath at Zimbabwe Practical Pistol events.
I'm still in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo again after 20 years in Harare, running Radiator & Tinning. I have three kids Shanna 16, Brett 10, Ethan 1 and my last one due in October this year. My three brothers are in the UK - I'm the only one that thinks Africa can still come right!
Home Address: 3 Sedley Ave, Malindela, Bulawayo
Telephone:- Home +263 9 244411
Office +263 9 74161
Mobile + 263 11 401 358

Craig Yeatman
SA flag9/5/05 For my part, I have continued to start up and run companies (I have been doing that since 1989). Recently, there was enough money and good management around for me to step back for a few years, in which time I have been Craig Yeatman 2005 studying (management) and overseeing the businesses from a non-executive point of view. I am likely to open a Health Spa and Wellness centre in Pretoria over the next year (under the WorldsView Holdings umbrella, with Alan Savin as a partner). We were lucky to be able to register the company name - keeps the matopos and GP firmly in my mind.
I have a son Joshua (10), a daughter Danielle (3) and a new son about to be born (Alexander - due on 13 May). My wife is an Architect, and we live in Pretoria. My offices are in Midrand (www.worldsview.co.za // www.skilledoutcomes.co.za // www.cadacademy.org.za (a non-profit school I helped to start).
I can be reached at:
+27-11-805-1555 (work)
+27-82-449-6712 (mobile)

Dobson Shield
(for the Best dressed Scout)

Clinton Jones 1983
Hewett Trophy
(Best Cub Instructor)

Havelock McNeilage 1983
Nigel Theron B.C.R. Trophy
(For Senior Endeavour)

Craig Yeatman 1983
Neville Trophy
(for Junior Endeavour)

Graeme Williams 1983
Justine Ralphs Trophy
(Cubs - most progress)

Barry Wren 1986
Log Book trophy
(Best Logbook of the year)

Andrew Blundell 1983
Patrol Shield
(for the patrol With the most points)

Buffalo Patrol 1983

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