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If however you are Deleting your details:
Darn - I knew I shouldn't have made this web-page! I guess the only thing I can say, to try and urge you to keep your details on the internet is this:-
One day, whether you like it or not, your great-great-grand-children/relations will try to find out about your life in Darkest Africa... and you know - I have just tried to find out about my Great-Great-Grand-Father, & all I could find was that he was born in Scotland - I dont even know what ship he came out to Africa on (presuming the meandertol didnt walk!), let alone his thoughts, interests or what he did after blowing up Bulawayo in Oct 1896.
So... I know Interpol, CIA, the Mafia and all those past girlfriends are out to find you - so by all means, get a dummy email-address, dont tell us your current address - but golly - do leave your experience of growing up as a Matabele in the 20th Century, here, for posterity!
Over to you.

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