11th Riverside Scout Troop - Annual Easter Training Camp

Ferny Creek Selukwe Camp 1973

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By Ian Gardner

Friday 20-4-1973 (Easter)
The main bulk of people and equipment arrived today at approximately 11:30am. We are camping at Ferny Creek, Selekwe for the Easter weekend. There are five patrols altogether - three from the 11th Riverside Bulawayo and two from the 8th MountPleasant Salisbury.

As usual, the first task was to put up our tents and fix up the kitchen, store tent and flag pole. Leopard Patrol pitched the store tent, Lion Patrol fixed-up the kitchen, and the rest just helped everyone else.

We then ate our lunches and began to make camp gadgets (there is talk of an Izzi-dwa-dwa being in the area and many new chaps look twice before they venture out at night!). The notice-board was set up and all studied it to find out what was assignments had to be completed.

On Friday night after supper, all the patrols were given and activity to do. The instructions were all in code (trust some people!) so we had to figure it out. Anyhow - we eventually (Tiger Patrol) managed to do this and set out at a quick pace to receive further instructions. These were given by Mr Felgate and thereafter a confused Patrol began to wander through the mountains in search of the next depot
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- which turned out to be many falls and disasters later. When we eventually arrived at our patient - who was Grant Richie - a most portly lad indeed, we found that the poor fool was told to have a crushed skull and broken left ankle. Treating him rather hurridly we lowered him down the cliff (the lad was very obliging and co-operative about th whole matter) and we managed to place him in a pre-fab stretcher without much difficulty.

However, our initial confidence wore off as soon as we tried to lift it! Poor Grant! For the rest of the painful journey through the swamps and bush, he held onto the stretcher as if his life depended on it. We arrived back at the camp about one hour later - missing a stave and the compass base. After a quick shower and a short chat; everyone was asleep in Tiger Patrols tent and it remained quiet until 5:30am on Saturday morning.

This morning we all woke up after a night of cold weather (this was partly due to the fact that our tent flaps wouldnt close). We all had a hearty cold breakfast and then the sun shone through the clouds.

We were given 5 assignments to complete within two and a half hours, but this only came after flag-break and inspection. The patrols were docked heavily on points because of general untidyness and dirtyness of the camp grounds.
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One of the first assignments that I have mentioned earlier was to try to burn a sisal chord in the center of the Ferny Creek pool! We were to use the model rafts that each patrol had been instructed to assemble beforehand. What a job Tiger Patrol had! The raft was fine - it floated well, the fire ontop was allright - but, the whole raft was too LOW to burn through the sisal which was miles above it.

After that utter wash-out, Tiger Patrol were sent to Jimmy who told us to climb a 10ft high tree and cook 1 sausage in it using 1 candle! We did not doo too badly at this assignment - the sausage was 3/4 cooked but tasted OK (according to us - maybe not Jim!).

Then we went to Andy who as usual had arranged an aweful task for us. We had to get all six members of the patrol over a six foot high electric fence (really a rope!) using six staves and about five ropes. We managed to put P.Watson, myself and Grant Richie (what a task!) over. The rest were unfortunately electrocuted.

They soon recovered and we were off to Rob Felgate for our last task. For this we were told to make a plaster cast (Ha-Ha) of any object we had on us - or any object around us. This task unfortunately failed because the plaster-of-paris would not set.
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Then we all trooped off to Mr Felgates assignment. This was rather complicated. Our aim was to get the patrol across a raging river using ropes. We did this by fixing up a rope from a tree on one side of the river to the other side. The boys had to do a "Dead Mans Crawl" along the taught rope. All except Grant Richie managed it. The latter tried valiently to succeed, but plunged into the shark infested waters only a few feet from shore.

This thank goodness was the last assignment. We all ran back to camp to prepare for lunch. After lunch, each partol was given time to tidy up, fix gadgets and relax until 3 o'clock. After this time we were informed that a sightseeing trip had been arranged for us. This was soon under way, and all piled into the lorry, and we were taken to the peaks in Selukwe.

We came back only to find that it was our turn to cook graze! We did our level best - but somehow the boerewors was not cooked properly. After dinner we were given night activities. We were the Rhodesians and were supposed to help fellow soldiers bring a package to our H.Q. on the mountain top. We were successful in avoiding the Zambians in the valley thicket and we retrieved the package. On the way back an Issi-dwo-dwa (the normally docile tree that russell's round at night, sometimes you hear him, or see his green-eyed-light beam looking round the bush; but if during the day you chop, cut or burn any wood (his limbs or his family's limbs) he gets angry, his eye turns red, he can run thru the bush faster than any human, and when he catches you, he wraps his branches round you and your mouth so you cant scream & he slowly sucks your blood out...) and his mates followed the little company. This terrified some of the younger ones. Screams - flashing lights - groans and wails followed us along the forest road, and eventually (with our assistance) they caught up to us - Everyone RAN! (I was killed but made a marvelous recovery in time to shower and get to bed).
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About 1am we had to wake David Stone (who was having a night mare) to tell him we were not mad at him for leaving David Davies and I to die! He did not want to look at my "injured face", and was very repentant. He has resolved not to go out again tonight or any other night.

This mornin we all over-slept and it was our turn to cook breakfast! We hurridly made the beds up, rolled up the tents braiding and tidied the tent and tent area. Then we cooked breakfast which was on time! After this we held inspection, prayers and psalms were read because it was Easter Sunday.

Then the A.S.L.'s came round to inspect our sites. It was tough! Most of the kitchen utensils were greasy and had to be re-washed, but on the whole we did OK! We presented Otto and Mr Felgate with easter eggs and we were told to get ready to visit Camperdown Falls.
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When we arrived at Camperdown Falls, we first of all went to see the mine dump! We slid down inbetween columns of rocks and continued to the water-falls where everyone was promptly baptised. We arrived back late only to find that the cooking patrol had left to make lunch. We practised our "Ferney Creek" song and it began to rain. Once all of us had arrived at the van, we made it back to camp to eat graze.

I then started cooking our "Spare time activity" bread and just as it was done - or half done(?) we were summoned for a Mini-Olympics. Tiger Patrol came first in the Cross-country, and also the Tug-of-war. We managed to get all but one member of the patrol up a rope (10ft off he ground!). We did not do so well in the soccer, but enjoyed watching Grasshopper Patrol trying to do "Their bit" successfully.

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After these actiities, Tiger Patrols bread, Time-machine and gadgets were inspected and judged. A really super meal was prepared by Leopard (Pot Roast). Then we held out Campfire. All the Caravaners in the campsite were invited along and at a quarter past eight, the campfire began. This was a very jovial affair - seven skits being done. A few of the songs sung were:- Daisy, Ferny-Creek, Kumbya my Lord, I-ZiK-a-Zomba, Dry-Bones, She will be coming round the mountain, and many others likewise.

The whole audience was invited for tea or coffee after the campfire. This was virtually the end of Ferny Creek Camp. We will be packing up tomorrow. I am sure that on behalf of our Patrol, I can say that we enjoyed every second of this tough, happy and enjoyable camp. I hope it is just as pleasing and enjoyable next year.

Log Book Written and pictures drawn by P.L. Ian Gardner.
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P.S. Thanks to all our A.S.L.'s who I'm sure have had to keep going even more than us!

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11th Riverside Scout easter Selukwe camp 11th Riverside Scout easter Selukwe camp 11th Riverside Scout easter Selukwe camp 11th Riverside Scout easter Selukwe camp 11th Riverside Scout easter Selukwe camp
Morning Inspection Easter Selukwe camp 1973 Chrome mines Graze Morning Inspection

1.Write a log of the camp - to be handed in at 22:30 hrs Sunday.
2.Make a loaf of bread.
3.Construct a small craft with the purpose of making a fire on it.
4.Make a gadget by which each member of the patrol can tell 1 minute of time.
5.Make a map of the campsite.

Grant Richtie
I have enjoyed the camp so far. After last nights supper (Saturday 21st) we went on a night hike, on our way back to the camp we ran into a pack of Ezzidwadwas'. We fought them for about an hour. Then they went away and we got back into our tent and soon fell asleep.

David Stone
I enjoyed the camp very much. I was simply terrified on the 21/4/73 when we had been playing an exciting game in the dark and when we came back to camp we were suddenly surrounded by essi-dwadwas. We were simply terrified. Then suddenly Ian tripped and fell. I started running as fast as I could. I ran into Leopard Patrol's tent. The next day Ians eye was okay. Tonight (22/4/73) we are having our campfire.

Hylton Garriock
The camp has been brilliant so far. The best part was teasing Dave and Grant about Izzie-daw-daw. The part I hated was getting up to cook breakfast!

Nigel Robas
I think the camp is "Moosh", and I like the Wide-games and night hikes. The cookin was very good (ours was best) and... (censored!)

Peter Watson
I have had a very nice time. After the Izzy scare we went to bed. After breakfast we had a mini-olympics, we came first in two events. After that we had a game of football and lost every match we played. Then I joined in the game with grasshopper patrol which was a draw. I think the food was very good, and ours was the best ofcourse, and we are hoping that we come first tomorrow.

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Selukwe Camp 1969
Lion - J.Felgate, E.Marshall, R.Leiman, R.Hadfield, C.Miles - Erect Flag Pole
Tiger - B.Nicholson, A.Lawson, M.Franklin, R.Pridgeon, G.Meaker - Kitchen
Leopard - M.Halgreen, R.Felgate, J.Pridgeon, I.Courtney, N.Coom - Stores Tent

R.H.F. - Franklin, Marshall, Leiman, Miles
A.J.H. - Meaker, Hadfield, Halgreen, Lawson, Pridgeons 2, Courtney, Cook
Winning Patrol:- Lion Patrol, 2nd Leopard, 3rd Tiger

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Troop Camp - Selukwe 1970
Lion - PL R.Felgate, APL P.Corbet-Owen, R.Hadfield, P.Watson, G.Rae, VSA M.Franklin Erect Flag Pole
Tiger - PL C.Lawson, APL N.Coom, C.Anderson, J.Scales, B.Wilkinson, VSA E.Marshall Stores Tent
Leopard -PL I.Courtney, APL C.Miles, A.Millar, D.Davies, P.Balmer, VSA B.Nicholson Prepare Kitchen

PL C.Lawson - Camp Quarter Master
VS J.Felgate - ASL General Duties, First Aider
VS M.Halgreen General Duties
VS A.Lawson General Duties

Winning Patrol at camp: Tiger Patrol, 2nd Lion Patrol, 3rd Leopard Patrol

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Selukwe Easter Camp 1970
Camp Programme
6:30am Rise and Shine
7.45am Breakfast
8.45am Flag Break and Inspection
9.15am Scouting Activities
1.00pm Lunch
1.45pm Free Time, Swim, etc
3.00pm Scouting Activities
6.45pm Dinner
8.00pm Scouting Activities
9.00pm Bath or Shower
10.00pm Lights out

a) Keep the campsite clean and tidy
b) Beware of grass fires
c) Be punctual, keep to the above times

Lion Patrol 27/28 Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch
Tiger Patrol 28/29 Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch
Leopard Patrol 29/30 Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch

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Troop Camp - Selukwe 1971
Transport Arrangement

Opel Station Wagon - R.H.F. - N.Coom, C.Anderson, R.Hadfield, N.Mitchell, J.Swindells, J.Swindells
Borgward Station Wagon - Mr Cox - L.Cox, D.James, A.James, I.Gardner, A.Millar
Mini - P.M.F. - G.Rae, P.Watson, D.Davies
1900cc Daihatsu Vanette - E.Marshall - R.Felgate, J.Pridgeon
1000cc Daihatsu Vanette - M.S.F. - A.Lawson

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1972 Participants Selukwe Troop Camp
Mr Courtney - A.Millar; R.Millar
Mrs Robas - Gary, Nigel, Terry Robas
Mr Robas - Jeff Swindells; D.Davies
A.Lawson - C.Anderson; C.Miles; R.Hadfield
R.H.F. - N.Bowden; G.Rae; A.Dempster; P.Watson; A.James; Jerr.Swindells
Sisk Truck - R.Felgate; J.Pridgeon; N.Coom
P.M.F. - Jul Swindells; G.Gardner
Mr Pardoe - R.Wood; K.Wood; V.Pardoe

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Selukwe Camp 1973 (20th to 23rd April)
Lion - PL D.Davies, APL G.Rae, G.Robas, D.Garriock, G.Read, C.Hooper - Kitchen
Leopard - PL N.Bowden, APL G. Gardner, T.Robas, A.James, R.Freeman, K.Jones - st. tent
Tiger - PL I.Gardner, APL P.Watson, N.Robas, H.Garriock, D.Stone, G.Richie - General
Buffalo & Kudu Patrol - 8th Salisbury Mt. Pleasant - Flag Pole

SL H.DeRoebeck - Programmer
ASL J.Felgate - FirstAider
ASL A.Lawson - General Duties
ASL R.Felgate - General Duties
Sen Scouts J.Prigeon - Quarter Master

Tentage: 4 Ridge, 2 Bells, 1 Stores, 1 Scouters tent

R.H.F. - G.Robas, H.Garriock, D.Stone, C.Hooper, K.Jones
A.Lawson - A.James, G.Richie, G.Read
Mrs Felgate - T.Robas, R.Freeman
Landrover - J.Pridgeon, D.Davies, N.Bowden
Sisk Pickup - R.Felgate, G.Gardner, N.Robas
Mr Rhodes - I.Gardner, G.Rae (own)

Winners: Tiger Patrol, 2nd Lion Patrol, 3rd Kudu Patrol

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Before you is a shark infested river. You have to cross the river, before the Sioux Indians who are pursuing you, catch you up. You have 30 minutes to get the whole patrol across, and to ensure that the Indians cannot follow you. Should any member of your patrol fall into the river, he is disqualified.

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11th Riverside Selukwe Theme Song

Drive drive drive on the road we go
To Selukwe’s camping grounds
Singing as we drive along
Shouting ferny Creek

CHORUS: Ferriey Creek (clap twice)
Ferriy Creek (clap twice)
From every hearty cheer and we will march along
Together to another Easter Camp

We’re the boys of the left hand shake
Boy Scouts all and wide awake
Hiking over hill and dale
Singing as we go

Every hour let the valley ring
With all the scouting songs we sing
Underneath the stars at night
In the campfire light

Whistle the verse

Drive drive drive on the road we go
To Selukwe’s camping grounds
Singing as we drive along
Shouting Ferny Creek

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activities-scout-camp ferny-creek-camp-receipt selukwe-map

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Brentwood Road,
P.O. Hillside,
12th March 1971

Dear Parents,
This year's troop camp is to be_held at .Ferny Creek Campsite Selukwe at Easter, from the 9th April to the 12th April. The cost is $6.00 per Scout, which will include transport to and from Selukwe. Scouts must bring their own lunch on the first day. A reasonable amount of pocket money may be taken if desired, for minerals, etc. The folloviing kit will be required aria must be marked with the Scout’s name :-
1. Sleeping bag, ground sheet and 1 blanket OR 3 blankets and ground sheet
2. Bunny jacket and 1 heavy jersey OR 2 jerseys
3. Full Scout uniform includ.ing note book and pencil
4. 2 Pairs extra socks and suitable underwear
5. 1 Plate, 1 soup bowl, 1 mug (unbreakable) 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 dessertspoon, 1 teaspoon TO BE IN COTTON DRAWSTRING BAG
6. Torch in good working order
7. 1 Pair long trousers
8. 2 Pairs spare old shorts
9. 2 Spare old shirts
10 Swimming trunks
11 1 Pair WARM pyjamas
12 Toilet necessities including a towel
13 Some string and a tea towel
The camp site is in an excellent position with a nearby ablution block equipped with showers, baths, etc., and swiming will be availibie at a pool fed by a natural spring.
I consent to ................................... attending the Scout Camp at Ferny Creek Selukwe From the 9th April to the 12th April 1971
and do not hold the Boy Scouts Association responsible for any injury or illness that may occur.
Date............... Parent/Guardian ...............................

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Acknowledgements:- Ian Gardner - Author
GSL Hudson Felgate & his family for organising the entire camp