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180222-BP Camp interview base
It is with great joy to report on a successful Baden Powell camp which despite threats from the forces of nature in form of heavy continuous precipitation that had engulfed the whole of Matabeleland region a week prior to the event .However the euphoria that borders around the camp saw a significant number braving the weather and gracing the event against all odds, the event roared into life on Saturday after the opening parade at 8:00am.
A number of activities were enacted by the industrious service team that consisted of 20 rovers that tirelessly kept the camp running through traditional scouting activities which were this year spiced up with creative and innovative activities designed by the service team such as the cub achery base which was put together by a member of the service team.The activities where inclusive of

Fufu slide
Water slide
Mud wrestling
Jumbo wamba wamba
Commando bridge
Drug awareness lecture
Camp fire
Movie (the jungle book story)
Throughout the fun packed BP camp activities, safety to both the boy and facilitators was a priority to the point of a clean record of serious injuries.
All these wrapped up a highly productive, fun and educative Saturday.

On Sunday at 6am the entire camp set out to the traditional physical expedition of Mount Shumba Shava (The red lion) hike which was extremely challenging yet exciting to many, 90% of the contigent managed to scale the apex of the tallest mountain within the Thendele range and absorbed the splendid and heart warming views the nature provides on top of the Mount Shumba Shava.After countless selfies amongst Scouts and our visiting St John's Ambulance delagation of 17 people we descended from the mountains to the campsite with the journey being put on visual motion by a well equipped media team that the provincial office approached to cover the entire camp and ensure that the participants can through out the year jog their memories of an exciting camp they had.

Mount Shumba Shava exhausted most of the camp participants to a point that the bases had to be closed earlier than planned as people prepared for the Scouts own which was conducted by a member of the Later dei saints for a change and embracing divergent religious views as stipulated by the founding principles of Scouting which favour religious tolerance.
During the service an awards ceremony was conducted with the following people receiving accolades of accomplishment and service respectively

Wood Badge recipients
John Dube
Christopher Mckainze
Irwin James

Long Service Award

JOHN DUBE (10years)
Gilbert Dube
(15 years)

Chief Scout
Isheanesu Kachingamire

After the service a closing parade was conducted and the Provincial Scout commissioner Mr Gilbert Dube thanked everyone for coming and encouraged people to attend upcoming event.A gesture of gratitude was extended to Norman Scott for a splendid job at Gordon park,
St John's Ambulance was also thanked for their invaluable services through out the camp as they provided first aid to those injured during camp activities.
A new troop from Beitbridge's Dulibadzimu also graced the occasion and vowed to bring the largest contigent next year, It was also encouraging to see an influx in numbers compared to last year with a total of 280 people in camp
At 2pm the camp was folded up as troops returned to their respective homes
The rains finally got the better of us as an extra ordinary horse riding organised for the camp through the Lois stables failed to materialise due to rains which as a result saw people returning their 50c camp fees which were meant for the camp.
We would also like to recognise the presence of the Former PC & his assistants in Camp.

Indeed scouting in Matabeleland is fantastic

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