Zimbabwe Scout Stamp and Badges Collections

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Matabeleland Mashonaland Manicaland Victoria    
Harare City Central District Scout Badge Harare City South District Scout Badge Chatsvi Zimbabwe district Harare North scout badge Zvishavane Zimbabwe provincial scout badge Chitungwiza Zimbabwe District scout badge Mabvuku Zimbabwe District scout badge
4 Manicaland provincial Rhodesian badge Masvingo Zimbabwe provincial scout badge Murewa Zimbabwe District scout badge      
Boy Scout Badge Bulawayo old Boy Scout Badge Bulawayo old Scout Be Prepared Badge Rhodesian Scout Membership Badg Rhodesian Air Scout Membership Badge Zimbabwe Scout Membership Badge
Zimbabwe Boy Scout membership badges 1990 Scouts Association of Zimbabwe 2008 Scout Association of Zimbabwe      
Southern Rhodesia Scout Badge Rhodesian Scout Badge rhodesia-flag zimbabwe-international-badge Rhodesia shoulder-flash badge Zimbabwe shoulder-flash badge
Matabeleland Rhodesia Scout Name Tags Gordon Park shoulder-flash badge        
Rhodesian Link Badge Rhodesian Air Scout Link Badge Rhodesian Scout Standard Badge Rhodesian Advanced Scout Standard Badge Rhodesian Chief scout badge Sable Scout Award Badge
Bulawayo Air Scout glider pilot Badge Bulawayo Air Scout Bomber Badge Bulawayo Air Scout Jumbo pilot Badge Bulawayo Air Scout fixed wing pilot Badge   Original Rhodesian Sable Award Badge
Rhodesian Assistant Patrol Leader Badge Rhodesian Patrol Leader Badge Rhodesian Troop Leader Badge rhodesian-cub-instructors-badge rhodesian-Scout pioneer-instructor  
1st Bulawayo Pioneer Scout Troop badge 3rd Air Scouts Bulawayo Zimbabwe Rhodesia Air Scout Badge 8th Bulawayo (Hillside) flame-lily badge 11th Bulawayo (Riverside) Troop Badge Matabeleland Rover Crew
1st-bulawayo-pioneer-scout-troop 1st12th-bulawayo-pioneer-scout-troop 3rd-bulawayo-air-scout-troop 5th-bulawayo-bellevue-scout-troop 7th20th-bulawayo-famona-scout-troop 8th-bulawayo-hillside-scout-troop
10th Bulawayo (Waterford) shoulder-flash badg 11th Riverside shoulder-flash badge 14th Bulawayo North End Scout shoulder name Badge 14th Bulawayo North End Scout Troop 23rd Bulawayo Famona Scout shoulder name Badge  
friendship cloth badge fire cloth badge canoe cloth badge hobbies cloth badge gardeners rake cloth badge fishing first aid cloth badge
wagon wheel cloth badge music cloth badge Swimming Badge Scout hut and fire Badge 4 Rhodesian red wolf cub cloth badge Zimbabwean Cub Scout 75th Badge 1991
Rhodesian Artist Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Camp Instructor Scout Badge Rhodesian Camp Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Cooks Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Communications Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Cyclist Scout Proficiency Badge
Rhodesian Explorer Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Fireman Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian First-aid Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Jobman Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Lifesaving Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Librarian Scout Proficiency Badge
Rhodesian Mechanic Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Pioneering Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Photographer Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Scribe Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Skindivers Scout Proficiency Badge Rhodesian Tourguide Scout Proficiency Badge
Scout and Cub And Air Scout Badges Scout Badges 3rd Air Scouts White City Expedition Harare Districts Scout Badges Scout Badges Bulawayo Africa south of the sahara scout badge  
Kudu Patrol Uniform Badge Impala Patrol Uniform Badge Sable Patrol Uniform Badge Eland Patrol Uniform Badge    

Acknowledgements:- Kevin McGeoch and Rob Lavers.