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Scouting In Rhodesia

Rhodesia scouts mike zacharias and sir william gladstone

For more than half a century Rhodesia has sent a contingent to attend various World Jamborees, and throughout this time has enjoyed a reputation for high standards of Scouting.
At the 1975 World Jamboree in Norway, at which nearly a hundred countries were represented, Rhodesia received a third prize for camping standards. This success was followed almost immediately by the announcement at the World Scout Conference in Denmark that Rhodesia had been awarded first prize in the World Scout Film contest, an achievement which placed this country clearly in the forefront of world Scouting.

rhodesian chief scout john landau

Above: Badge-swopping is a feature of all Jamborees and Rhodesian badges are highly-prized. Here, the Contingent Leader, Mr. John Landau, swops some with leaders from other countries.
Left: Britain's Chief Scout, Sir William Gladstone, Bt., presents an award to a Rhodesian Scout Mike Zacharias at the World Jamboree, Norway.
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