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Scouting In Rhodesia


The governing body of The Boy Scouts Association of Rhodesia is the Scout Council, under the guidance of the Chief Scout Comm. issioner. It comprises senior commissioners and lay members drawn from various walks of life, some of whom are leaders of their professions. Its main functions are the promotion of Scouting and control of finance at the national level.
For administrative purposes, there are five provinces, each under a Provincial Scout Commissioner and a Provincial Scout Council, which follows the same pattern as the governing body. Provinces are divided into 55 districts and within each district there are a number of Groups, each led by a Group Leader. A group normally consists of a Cub Scout Pack and a Scout Troop, which provides continuity throughout a boy's Scout life.
To enable Leaders to concentrate their time on the training of boys, the business and financial affairs of the Group are administered by a Group Council, consisting of lay members and the Group Leaders.

Rhodesia scouts philemon gezi - stan o'donnell
Photo: "Rhodesia Herald"

Mr. S. D. O'Donnell, Chief Scout Commissioner, presents the Medal of Merit to Mr. Philemon Gezi, District Scout Commissioner for Mrewa
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