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Scouting In Rhodesia

A Cub Scout is congratulated by Rhodesia's Chief Scout Commissioner, Mr. S. D. O,Donnell, lCD, who has been a Scout for fifty years.

In a world-wide survey, Beresford Webb, editor of leading Scouting publications in Britain, said in his book Scouting Achievements:-
Rhodesia can claim the most historic Scout Camp site in the world — Gordon Park — which consists of 75 acres of ground in the Matopos Hills, near Bulawayo, known as "The Cradle of Scouting". This land was presented in 1936 to the Scouts of Rhodesia by the Southern Rhodesia Government. Gordon Park consists of wild and rugged country which is ideal for Scouting. It was near this spot while scouting during the Matabele War that the Chief Scout, Lord Baden-Powell, developed the idea which resulted in Scouting for Boys.

It was not surprising therefore that only two years after Baden-Powell started Scouting in Britain in 1907 a scout troop was formed in Bulawayo and is still flourishing today.
What began as a purposeful game for boys has now developed throughout the world as a way of life. So if you think that today's Scouting is limited to camping, tying knots and signalling, you are quite wrong. But if you think Scouting is a good, character-building outdoor activity you are quite right.
For some years now, Scouting has been a programme of complementary education throughout which young people can contribute directly towards solving some of the major problems facing youth and humanity.
This is because Scouting is unique as a constructive channel for the idealism, concerns and energy of youth.

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