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Scouting In Rhodesia

Rhodesia scouts campfire

The next highest award is the Venturer Award for which the Scout attends a course of leadership, qualifies to a recognised standard in first aid, undertakes regular community service over a period of time, attains a good standard of physical fitness, must be proficient in an indoor and an outdoor pursuit and take part in a three-day expedition, having carried out considerable training.
The final stage in this planned programme of character-builidng is the Sable Award, which calls for an even higher standard of attainment. Some tests are similar to those for the Venturer Award but greater stress is laid on self-reliance and personal initiative and on leadership. This is followed by a searching interview with a Scout Commissioner which will require the Scout's assurance that he will place his training at the disposal of the community for public service whenever called upon and that he is trying to carry out the implications of his Promise into his daily life.

rhodesian scout diving/swimming
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