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Scouting In Rhodesia


In accepting any Leadership in the Scout Movement, a Leader must undertake to undergo appropriate training.
It is recognised that effective leadership to boys in their formative years can only be given by men and women who not only have the desire to render sendce but who also accept the principle of the need for being trained to give such service.
The gift of GiIweII Park, near London, to the Association in 1919 made it possible to establish a National Training Centre which today is accepted internationally as one of the main links unifying World Scouting.
In Rhodesia the Training Team is specially qualified and trained to Gilwell standards and is responsible for training leaders at Ruwa Park near Salisbury and at Gordon Park in the Matopos.
This type of training was commenced under Baden-Powell's personal direction and although the years have seen changes in detail, the basic pattern is the same. Leaders are brought together, mainly in a camping situation, to learn scouting skills from the Training Team by working together and by sharing experiences and ideas.

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Rhodesia Cubs and scouts
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