50 Years of Scouting In Bulawayo, Rhodesia 1909-59

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Pioneer Trail Magazine Lord Rowallan Message from Lord Rowallan The big hats, short knickers Rev T.O. Beattie 1910 Bulawayo's First three Scouts
"Bishops Palace" Scouts in Camp The Troop goes to Camp - 1910 The Scout hall Scout Hall built 1931 Rhodesian at S.A. Jamboree 1936
"Monty" Scout truck Central African Scout Jamboree - Ruwa Skipper Jack Knapman 1959 Mayor S.H.Millar Bob-a-Job Looking for water 1936-1937 Aerial Runway Gordon Park
Opening of Gordon Park 16.2.1936 1st photo of B.P. wearing Scout Hat   Read the Book!    

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Acknowledgements:-Anthony Klein for sending the 1959 Magazine in
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