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Notes of a meeting of Scouters held at 8.00pm on Monday 23rd August 1971.

Mr D. Fyfe
Mr G. Caw
Mr J. Carlisle
Mr H. Felgate
Mrs E. Fulton
Mr D. Anderson
Mr N. Scott

Mr M. George
Mr E. Fulton
Mr D. Cunningham


a) Hike routes and wide games are being considered by Messrs. Fyfe, Carlisle and Caw. Mr Carlisle is preparing a Wide Game Theme.

b) B.S.A.P. have signified their willingness to assist with instruction. No reply received from Mr Allen Savory. Mr Stakesby-Lewis to be contacted next term.

c) No consideration has yet been given to emmergency supplies being available at the GP Shop.

d) Mr Gibson has been invited to join the team.

e) Cedric Tipping-Wood has agreed to assist with instructing.


a) Cedric Tipping-wood will lend Landrover.

b) Russell Construction see no problem in assisting with transport.

c) Coley Hall will assist with Transport.

d) D. Anderson will mention transport to Fox & Bookless.


Norman Scott reported on discussions with Advertising Manager of Chronicle who is enthusiastic with the idea of a Scouting Supplement in the Chronicle during EXPAT. The Advertising Manager is to discuss the matter with the Editor and Manager and report back.

a) There will be on financial gain for the Movement.
b) The Chronicle will edit such material which we must supply.
c) It is unlikely that sufficient editorial will be available for a daily supplement.
d) Opportunity must be taken to gain maximum publicity for Scouting in general.
e) Norman Scott to follow up with possible advertising firms.


a) The following firms have agreed to assist with supplies at reduced costs:-

J.Wightman & Co.
Lever Bros.
Plate Harris
Rhodesian Food Corporation
Rhodesian Oxygen

After considerable discussion it was agreed to reduce the cost per head from $20 to $16. It was also agreed that D.Andersons approach to service clubs should be for blanket assistance for both 1972 and 1973 events, but with the greater portion of assistance being required for 1973.


a) Committee members to consider suitable persons to be approached to take on the job of Quartermaster.


The following list of requirements prepared by Mr Cunningham was distributed.
"EXPAT '72"
The following is a list of requirements to cater for 100 Scouts and excludes Transport, fuel and food provisions:

Personel (Basic equipment for each scout)

1. Sleeping bag or blankets
2. Groundsheet
3. Eating utensils
4. Hike cooking utensils
5. Torch
6. Water bottle with carrying strap
7. Rucksack
8. Complete uniform - to be marked for laundry identification
9. 3 sets of working clothes
10. Jersey
11. 4 handkerchiefs
12. large plastic bad.
13. 1 pair hiking boots
14. Toilet requirements (including packet of soap powder)
15. Pencil and note book.

Communal (to be provide by course)
1. Trestle tables (100 feet) *
2. Benches (200 foot) *
3. 10 sets of condiment containers *
4. Cooking utensils *
5. Fuel for heating *
6. Washing powder and dish cloths
7. Maps of hike area *
8. Three casual labourers
9. 112 sq. feet HEAVY DUTY plastic - map cases
10. 28 rolls aluminium foil
11. 14 bottles water purification tables
12. 14 tin openers
13. 14 sets hike first aid equipment
14. 2 sets of abseiling equipment *
15. 6 x 4 gallon fuel containers
16. Spare fuel (quantity)
17. 1 gallon Elsonel for toilets
18. Toilet Paper (30)

* can be supplied from G.P. Stores.

Per Group of 4 entrants
1. Compass
2. Lamp
3. Tent
4. Hand Axe

These requirements have been discussed with Mike George.

a) Committee members to consider the list and report on possible ammendments.
b) D.Anderson to follow up map supply.


D.Anderson advised he was maintaining contact with service clubs etc.
During Discussions on the 1973 event it was agreed that S.W.A. presented several problems, but that the territory did offer the most exciting and adverturous possibilities. It was therefore agreed to maintain S.W.A. as the prime target. Transport will provide the major problem andit is agreed that minimum requirements will be:-
5 ton truck (4 wheel drive)
4 landrover
1 bowser
Radio equipment will be required

a) D.Fyfe to write to Administrator of S.W.A.
b) D.Fyfe to follow up transport assistance received by Falcon College.

c) The expedition will need a mechanic to accompany it. Eric Fulton has indicated a wish to participate.


a) D.Fyfe to publicise availibility of ruc sacs at Scout Shop.
b) Availability of Ruc sacs to be mentioned on next circular.
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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.