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Notes of a meeting of Scouters held at 8.00pm on Monday 14th February 1972.

Mr M. George
Mr D. Anderson
Mrs F. Fulton
Mr E. Fulton
Mr N. Scott
Mr J. Carlisle
Mr H. Felgate

Mr D. Fyfe

By Invitation:- Mr C. Wilcox


a) Noted that Mr George Gibson will plan the initial hike

b) Noted that Mr J.Felgate will join the pannel of tutor/instructors.


Mr N.Scott advised that the Chronicle was prepared to carry a tabloid size sheet on Expat on or about Wednesday of the event. If photographs and other information were forthcoming the Chronicle might be prepared to offer and additional publication.
The Chronicle has requested that we seek names of firms who would be prepared to take advertising space in the supplement. The article will include items on the Matopos and a message from the Provincial Commissioner and the Mayor. Mr Scott to approach the P.C. and the Mayors secretary in this regard in due course.


a) Mr A. Murphy has agreed to assist with Quartermaster matteres.

b) Beryl Millar, Sidney Abrams and Mrs D. Bird have volunteered to assist with catering.

c) Noted that a donation of $250 has been received from the Anglo American Corporation. Mr Anderson reported that the J.C.'s are unable to povide financial assistance but are prepared to assist in other ways. Mr Anderson also advised that he is now in contact with Round Table with a view to obtaining financial assistance.

d) Following reports of poor publicity given to Expat by other Provinces in Rhodesia, it is agreed that to stage a National Event we should aim for 60 participants in the hope of obtaining 50 definites. If the numbe rof applicants should fall below 45, Expat will be cancelled as a National event. Matabeleland however, will continue to stage the event as a provincial one and othe rprovinces will be invited to send representatives if they desire. Further more, if neccessary, the age limit will be reduced to 13 years.

e) Following discussions on the price of EXPAT and considering donations received it is agreed to reduce the price from $15 per head to $13.50 per head. Any surplus finances will be refunded to participants after the event. Staff members will pay for food costs only.


a) Noted that Fox & Bookless are prepared to lend approximately 10 bucksails for up to 10 days.

b) Noted that Mr J.Winch has been transfered by R.A.R. to the Sixth Batallion (Quarter Master Stores)

c) If neccessary additional trestles and benches will be purchased if these cannot be borrowed.

d) Mrs Fulton volunteered to make Expat scarves and Mr Scott is to liase with Mr Anderson on an EXPAT badge.


Mr Carlisle advised that he now doubted the feasibility of staging a wide game over a long period and suggested that it be replaced with two shorter games and further instruction on subjects allied to expeditions ie care and maintenance of vehicles. After discussion it is agreed that Mr Carlisle will re-draft the Expat program taking into account his suggestions as above with the final activity being in the form of an adventure hike.

Each member of the committee is asked to consider the program and be able to indicate at the next meeting his performances of the subjects in which he would like to instruct. In addition, consideration is to be given to design, errection and use of an assault course.


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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.