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Expat '72 - Matopos, Zimbabwe

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Chronicle Supplement Pg 2 Pg 3 Pg 4 EXPAT '72 Jack Carlisle Lecturing
Ian Durandt, Steven Lonie Campfire Jimmy Felgate - First Aid John Pridgeon, Robin Murphy Log-and-picket Cross Country Hike - Maleme
Peter Edwards chimneying Rhodesian Airforce Helicopter Dave S. Fyfe Stan O'donnell Gordon Caw EXPAT '72 Badge
1971.06.07 Expat minutes 1971.07.19 Expat minutes 1971.08.23 Expat minutes 1971.11.22 Expat minutes 1972.02.14 Expat minutes 1972.03.20 Expat minutes
1972.04.10 Expat minutes Committee Transport permission      
EXPAT '72 Program Participants Wind Up T.H.Q. Newsletter
Staff Duties Program for Staff Lectures Activities Organisers Fabled White City Expedition Name Alternative Expeditions

Dulys Cars Beverly Building Society Supersonic Justin Smith pharmacy Sanders Seablue pools
Rainbow Holidays
Rhodesian Brewers
Coley Hall
Wards Transport
Fox & Bookless
Anglo American-
Banet Harris Kingswood furniture       Thankyou!

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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully filed this magazine away for safe keeping.

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