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c/o P.O. Box 2291, Bulawayo.
16th August, 1972.

The Commissioner,
Roads & Road Traffic,
P.O. Box 8109,

Dear Sir,

We wish to request permission to carry a party of Boy Scouts on a Commercial Vehicle owned by Wards Transport (Pvt) Ltd, 12 Bristol Road, Bulawayo. The maximum number of boys on the vehicle will be 40, and they are being transported to a Scout Camp at Gordon Park, Matopos, the outward trip being on the 1st September, 1972 and returning on 11th September, 1972.

The Vehicle being used is a FORD 5.TON "D" Series, Registration No. RBD 1005.

No charge is being made by Wards Transport to the Scouts Association.

Yours Faithfully

For Boys Scouts Association.

(Mr Ross Tel Sby 700991)

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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.