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Expat 72
Supplement to the Sunday News Sept, 10, 1972

At Gordon Park, the Scouts' camping ground in the Matopos, EXPAT '72 opened with a parade (Left) in the shade of the celebrated Gordon Park Rock.

Message from the Mayor of Bulawayo, Clr. Ralph S. Harris
I am very pleased indeed to be able to send this message from the people of Bulawayo to the Boy Scout Association of Rhodesia for the holding of Expat '72.

The Boy Scout Movement has very close ties with Rhodesia, particularly Matabeleland. It was here that the Movements founder conceived the idea of an Association to teach self-reliance and leadership to boys.

The Movement, I am pleased to say, has spread throughout the world and does most praiseworthy work among our youth. I understand that EXPAT '72 is a training period in the Matopos for people from centers all over Rhodesia. I hope that you all enjoy your stay here and that the benefits that you derive from your course will hold you in good stead in the future. My very best wishes to all of you.

Ack: Supplement to the Bulawayo Sunday News 10th Sept 1972