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The general theme is an extended incident hike performed by patrols. The exercise is to include:

1. Prepare a route sheet for the first leg and file it with the examiner, these sheets to be individual or by pairs, giving start and end map references with one intervening map reference.

2. Individual exercise. "You are stranded in the bush on a motor run with a burned out vehicle. You have one companion, you know you are off course, you did file a route sheet before leaving. You are at least 100 miles from rendezvous. Apart from your clothing you have one sheath knife and one box of matches. This is the place where you are stranded, Describe your intended actions on the paper provided.

3. "At this point you are 20 miles on foot from medical and first aid. A member of the patrol has been bitten by a snake. (Use victim independant of patrol who can act panic.) Take action.

4, Victim on ledge of rock about 20 ft. above ground. Patrol above rock ledge about 20 ft. Abseil equipment and additional rope available. Perform rescue.

5. At this point (a relatively narrow river valley) working as a patrol, prepare a cross section plan at scale 1 inch = 30 ft. horizontal and vertical.

6. Individually present on the paper provided a statement of the "goings" between here and the last test.

7. At this (dry river course) point find water.

8. Make camp for the night and prepare evening meal. After dark one member of the patrol is badly burned. Take action and by radio signal for rescue plane. Select landing ground demarcate it and indicate to plane. Also make bread.

9. Report to point 10 miles away by first light. Prepare breakfast, camp and within one hour of arrival present sketch plan showing flood and soil types for area 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile with your camp in the centre.

10. Victim of fall discovered not breathing. Render assistance (mouth to mouth matmikin to be available). Other incidents may be added by the organiser.

The whole hike to be on a timed arrival basis and navigation instructions to include :

a) Map reference to map reference.

b) Distance and direction by true north bearing.

c) Distance and direction by grid bearing.

d) Distance and direction by magnetic bearing. Some bearing instructions to use special variation and declination frequency, some of which will cause calculation moving across north point.

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Acknowledgements:- With thanks to "Rocky" Hudson Felgate (G.S.L. of 11th Riverside Scout Troop) - who all those years ago, thoughtfully and carefully filed these unique notes away for safe keeping.