Gordon Park 1954-1973
Skipper was Camp Warden for most of the period until 1970, however, he relinquished the post to Richard Monley towards the end of 1957, until about August 1958 when he (Skipper) was re-appointed. I believe Skipper was, infact, the first Camp Warden in 1936. He handed the post to CMK Robertson about 1938. Skipper was again re-appointed at the outbreak of the World War - these facts do not agree with Normans summary at the end of his article. He also omits Richard Morley's year of Wardenship.
The Leask was completed in 1956, built of second-hand bricks obtained from one of the first "brick" houses constructed in Rhodesia, that of "Leask" the Pioneer.
The Bedford Truck was used to transport the bricks.
The "Bowl" was opened in the late 50's. Assistant Warden "Bob" Talbot, with the help of the Rover Crew pushed the road through, sunk the well and constructed the water supply. Rock was cut from the "Quarry" in the Bowl for the errection of the Knapman Hut. The "Wardens hut" in the Bowl was constructed of cement-bricks made in the Park at about this time. A telephone line was constructed to link the hut in the Bowl to the Leask. A decade later the line was dismantelled.
The late 50's and early 60's was a time of much development, Skipper, having returned from the Railways was living in the Park and was able to devote much time to building. The Stables were built in the early 60's of second hand bricks obtained from Bulawayo Municipality and transported to the Park in the Bedford Truck. Mike George, Assistant Warden
2008 With thanks to the Gibson family for donating the photos