Lake Scott Photos (2) - Gordon Park Scout Camp - Matopos - Zimbabwe

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Lake Scott overflowing Lake Scott ShumbaShaba 12ft high overflow Lake Scott after the rains Lake Scott overflowing Bradley Craven and Family
Mrs Scott watching the Lake fill 2 Grahams canoeing Mrs Scott watching Lake Scott fill Mrs Moloney standing in the rain Mrs Moloney standing on the wall Lake Scott just about to overflow
Lake Scott Overflowing - Matopos Father Odelo - service on Lake Scott Norman Scott canoeng on Lake Scott Was it all worth it? End of the rainy season Adam canoeing on Lake Scott
Lake Scott Filling - from Leask Lake Scott - Shumba-shaba filling back to Leask Road to the dam Prime Real Easte! ...and returning
The BIG wash-away Well its a swimming pool! 10ft hole under the wall Boating on the puddle Filling the hole Donald & Graham
30/7/04 Twenty years on and you've guessed it - its popped for the second time! So what's needed? There are 4 types of Dam wall in this world, and unless we can dig the foundations into solid rock... we will have to change it from being a Concrete-Dam-Wall to a Gravity-Dam-Wall. ie the entire hole needs to be plugged/filled with concrete/rocks up to ground level (about 20 tons of concrete & a few tip-loads of rock) extending the washaway base by 25meters; then 250 tons of rocks/clay to infill the back... wide enough to drive across the top of the wall. So if anyone's feeling generous or has a spare bulldozer lying round, pockets of cement they don't need....
Rob & Graham Monster hole filled