Camping at Gordon Park, Matopos (Zimbabwe)




Gordon Park is Matabeleland Provincial Scout Camping and Leader Training camp site. It is 100 acres situated on the Matopos National Park (Map 1:50 000 series: Worlds View 2028b3: PH 594364) and is subject to the rules and regulations of the National Parks as well as Scout camping and activity rules as set out in the Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe, Policy Organisation and Rules.

To facilitate the smooth administration of the Park, the following guidelines for its use are to be observed:-


  1. Your group must be in good standing with Province i. e. your annual levy for the current year must have been paid.
  2. Cub scout Packs and Scout troops wishing to use the Park are to notify the Camp Commissioner at least two weeks prior to their intended camp.

Email Address : Norman Scott

Postal Address :
Camp Commissioner
P. O. Box 929

Mixed camping is not allowed. Girl Guides are invited to certain Provincial events. On these occassions sufficient cooking equipment and tents must be brought as the Guides camp in different area to the Scouts.

Any Troop arriving at the Park with Girl Guides who do not have the written permission of the Guide Camping Adviser to camp at Gordon Park will be sent home together with the Guides. (Rowallan Park is 4 miles up the road and is the Matabeleland Girl Guide camping ground.)

  1. Cub Scouts camping must be accompanied by one adult to every six Cubs.
  2. You are to bring all your food with you as there is no food available at the Park. The nearest store is 14 kilometres away. A tuck shop selling cool drinks and souvenirs can be opened at arranged times.
  3. The nearest telephone is at the National Parks Hazelside Office, 10 kilometres from camp.
  4. For camp injuries which cannot be dealt with in camp there is a Rural Hospital 12 kilometres from camp. (Adjacent to the Matopos Police station).
  5. You are to provide your own transport to and from camp. Transport must also be available for emergencies.
  6. Packs and Troops are to provide their own camping equipment i.e. Tents, cooking utensils.
  7. Pioneering and abseiling equipment may be loaned from the Park stores on the understanding that lost or damaged equipment is to be paid for.
  8. If you plan on hiking from the Park you should obtain maps :-1:50 000 series 2028a4, 2028b3, 2028c2 and 2028d1 form the Surveyor General`s Office.



  1. Remember, Gordon Park is in a National Park treat the birds, animals and flora with respect.
  2. Do not "scuffle" grass from your camp sites this causes soil erosion. Rather cut it as this does not destroy the roots.
  3. Be most careful with your cooking and camp fires and do not leave them unattended.
  4. Washing of bodies and cooking utensils under stand pipes (taps) is not allowed. Showers are provided for personal hygiene and use a basin for your cooking utensils. Conserve water.
  5. A rubbish bin must be used for all waste food and litter. Do not bury any waste food and litter as animals will dig it up.
  6. No living trees or shrubs are to be cut or chopped. There is plenty of dead wood lying on the ground for cooking and camp fires.
  7. Vehicles are not to be parked in camp sites or on the parade grounds. Parking areas are located adjacent to the Naomi Conolly Lodge and Duty Hut.
  8. Buses are not to proceed beyond the headquarters parking area.
  9. Liquor is not permitted in any scout camps.
  10. Activities and games are played in restricted areas, e. g. football and volleyball, are not allowed to be played on fields, as considerable damage is done to the grass cover resulting in bare patches and erosion of the soil.



  1. The Naomi connolly Lodge is a general purpose hall. Furnishings include trestle tables, benches, chairs, a gas fridge (for which a charge is levied for the supply of gas) and a bedroom with two beds. There is an outdoor kitchen with a wood stove and washing up facilities.
  2. The Lodge is available for:-
  • The radio shack for Jamboree - On - The - Air camps.
  • Leader Training Courses.
  • Cub Pack Holidays.
  • Packs wishing to use the Lodge must indicate this on their camp permit application form. Failing to do so, it will be assumed that the pack will be camping in the Bowl camp site.
  • Special events.



  1. The Justin Ralphs Cottage provides additional sleeping accommodation for the Naomi Connolly lodge. It comprises a lounge, three bedrooms, toilet and bathroom.
  2. Any cooking is to be undertaken at the outdoor kitchen serving the lodge.4.2. The primary use of the Cottage is to provide accommodation for adults who are involved in :
  • The jamboree - On - The - Air weekend
  • Leader Training Courses
  • Cub Pack holidays (including small children of families assisting Pack Leaders).
  • For special events
  • In certain instances a charge for the cottage may be levied.



  1. Report to the Camp Commissioner on arrival.
  2. Enquire as to whether there are any special regulations to be observed whilst you are in camp.
  3. Do not roll rocks from kopjes - you may cause seious injury to people, or damage equipment and installations.
  4. Report any injury, no matter how slight. Troops and Packs are requested to bring their own first aid requirements.
  5. Scout Troops are to camp in the Bowl. Cub Packs not using the Lodge are to camp in the Bowl.
  6. Camp raiding is strictly prohibited as are camp initiations.
  7. The playing of radios or tapes is not allowed. (If you cannot do without these, then stay at home).
  8. The St. George`s Chapel is available for quiet meditation or for your Troop`s Scouts Own.
  9. When you vacate the Park, leave your camp site clean and tidy. Your rubbish will be incinerated by the camp staff.
  10. Items that are found in camp are to be handed to the Camp Commissioner. If you have lost any item, check with the Camp Commossioner - it may have been found.
  11. Report any leaking taps or burst water pipes to the camp staff.
  12. All work at Gordon Park is done voluntarily. Respect other people`s efforts, it is they who have made it what it is today.
  13. It is customary for Packs and Troops to give 30 to 60 minutes voluntary service during their camp programme, perfoming some task at the Park. The Camp Commissioner will be only to pleased to give you some small but valuable task.
  14. Have respect for others who are in camp.
  15. Good camping and enjoy yourselves.

Norman Scott
Camp Commissioner
January 1998





"The ambiton to do right is the only thing that counts" Lord Baden Powell.

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