Visitors who have been to Gordon Park (Matopos,Zimbabwe)

Baden-Powells kopies
Baden-Powells visit to GP

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse Jamboree

from 30th November to 9th December 2002
at Gordon Park.
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Churchlands Scout Group visit from Australia

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Gordon Park Crew on a typical weekend visit from South Africa

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A Catena Family outing at GP

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16th February 1936 - Colonel Grenville Walton - Imperial Headquarters' Commissioner for Overseas Scouts.

Lord Baden-Powell, after his visit to the South African Jamboree at East London. (see link above)

In 1950 Lord Rowallan, Chief Scout of the Commonwealth. He was with John Rapley, Imperial Headquarters' Commissioner.

April 1959. Lord Rowallan, after his attendance at the Central African Jamborally at Ruwa Park on the occassion of Rhodesian Scoutings' 50th Anniversary.

On 20th May 1962 - Sir Charles Mclean, Chief Scout of the Commonwealth.

4th March 1963 - Lady Baden-Powell and her daughter, Betty Clay.

April 1964 - Training of the Team Course. John Thurman - Director of Leader Training, Gilwell.

August 1984 - The Hon. Betty Clay, younger daughter of B-P and also William (Green Bar Bill) Hillcourt, co-author with Lady Baden-Powell of "Two Lives of a Hero" and author of the official U. S. A. Scout handbooks. They were guests of honour at Zimfari - when Scouting celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Important guests were accompanied by Norman Shillingford (Colony Commissioner) and Arnold Carnegie (Provincial Scout Council Chairman) during their periods of office.

All visitors were soundly impressed and expressed great pleasure at having the opportunity of visiting the Park. Lady Baden-Powell recorded that Gordon Park radiated the Spirit of Scouting.

And some comments from visitors:-

Oct 2001:- Taken from
I have just come back from spending the weekend at Gordon Park, Matopos, which is the campsite for the Matabeleland Province Boy Scouts of Zimbabwe. I had three guides from the 1st Girls College Guide Company, with me and they had a wonderful time, they had never been to JOTA before, and they could not believe us old JOTA goers when we said that we always had a natural disaster over this weekend (it nearly always rains). The Rover Scouts had several fun bases planned, such as abseiling, obstacle course, hikes, popcorn races, face painting etc. The radio hams only managed to get through to a few Jamboree Stations, mainly from South Africa, and of course our Scout Headquarters in Harare. We could hear two American stations, an English station, a Dutch station and a Japanese station, but when our radio operators tried to get through to them once they had finished, they had changed frequencies already. I have been attending JOTA on and off for the past 23 years and I would like to congratulate you and all the Scouts concerned with the excellent work that you do in planning and organising of JOTA. Many thanks
Beverly Viljoen, Guide Guider, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe:

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