QSL Cards/Badges/1st Day covers etc from Matabeleland J.O.T.A. Camps

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Skipper's QSL card 15th Jota ZE1JAM at Gordon Park 21st Jota 21st ZE1JAM 22nd Jota QSL card
23rd Jota jota-2012 2015 2015 - Bulawayo 2015 Clean up Ancient documents
Jota 1976 Jota 1977 Jota 1978 Jota 1982 Jota 1982 1983 Join-In-Jamboree
19th Jota Hillside Bulawayo 20th Jota First Day Caver 21st Jota Bulawayo Jota 1978 Scout Stamp 25th Jota Scout envelope
Jota Jazz Matabeleland Jota sheet 1971 Jota info sheet
1977 Jota 1977 Jota Terrorist Scare
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