From the 1977 Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper:-
Boy Scouts were alert.
Security forces yesterday praised the alertness of Bulawayo Boy Scouts who, on Saturday, found some apparently suspicious items when they were taking part at Hillside Dams in the annual Jamboree on the Air.
In a sheltered part of a kopje near the campsite the boys found a Zambian coin, a page of a Zambian newspaper and empty food tins. They immediately reported to their Scout Masters who contacted the police. A sweep of the area was carried out, but nothing further was found.
THe police believe that the finding was linked with a similar incident last year when investigations proved that the derbis was the result of a picnic being held by pupils of the now closed Whitestones School, several of whom came from Zambia. However, a Security forces spokesman said that the incident proved that Boy Scouts kept their eyes open, and that the authorities were delighted with their initative.
During the Jamboree which was attended by about 400 Scouts and Guides, contacts were made with many parts parts of the world, including Japan, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay and Britain. Communications were also held with a United States frigate at sea in the North Atlantic.