1980-07-30 Top Scout Award Won By City Youth
Seventeen year old Stuart Sanderson (above) of the 7th/20th Famona Scout troop has won the Zimbabwe Scouting movements highest honour, the Sable Award. Stuart, a pupil at Gifford High School, has been scouting for about 9 years, and became eligible for the award after he attained a bronze medallion for life saving, organized a 80km hiking expedition and passed a number of proficiency tests. When he turns 18 he will submit an application to be a scout Leader. Mr Charles Dickinson, the District Scouting Commissioner siad yesterday that to achieve the award was "a long, hard haul". "It takes a tremendous lot of work. A Scout is tested on his drive, initative, obedience, respect and character," he said. The award will be made by the Provincial Scout Commissioner Mr Chuck Wilcox at the Famona Hall tomorrow night.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper