Matabeleland Provincial Notice Board

Provincial Headquarters
The Knapman-Stephens Hall
8th Avenue Extension
Betwn Lobengula St & Basch St
Facebook @MatabelelandScoutsAssosciation
Matabeleland Organization Chart - 2005 P.O. Box 929
Telephone +263 9 62788

Provincial Commissioner:-                    Mr. Harry Ncube 22-2-2015
Ass. Provincial Commissioner:-             Mduduzi Mpofu 22-2-2015
APSC Training:-             Fortune Sibanda 2018-

District Commissioner Bulawayo North:-  Francis Zvigo
District Commissioner Bulawayo West:-   Basil Moyo
District Commissioner Bulawayo South:- Gilbert Dube
District Commissioner Bulawayo East:-    Vacant
District Commissioner Luveve:-                N T C Mpofu

Training Commissioners:-                      Trust Ngwenya (2017- )
Assistant Training Commissioners:-       Rosemary Moody

Scout Programmes:-                              Ishumael Matewa
Office guy:-                                             Ephraim Sibanda -2017-
General:-                                                Richard Shilling

Gordon Park Camp Commissioner:-

President Matabeleland Scout Council:-       Justice Fergus Blackie 2001-
Chairman Matabele Scout Council:-       George Crockett 2001-

Provincial Secretary (Honorary):-       Aurielle Wilcox 2001-
                                               Priscillah Tuso 2018-
Provincial Treasurer:-       Graham Ralphs 2001-
Scout Shop Manager:-       Mrs Marian Moloney 2001-
Messenger/Scout Shop Assistant:-       Timothy Moyo 2001-
Gordon Park caretaker:-       Adam Moyo 1965-
Scouter Manager for Trade Fair:-
      Ruth Hatfield 19..-1977-19..
      Mike George 2001?-2
      Donald Ndebele 2002-
Assistant Scouter Manager for Trade Fair:-       Jean Garrett 2001-

Zimbabwe National HQ Organization Chart

For further Role/Job Descriptions see:- Scout Fact Sheets.

Past Commissioners

There was a firelite magazine with all these details in - but I cant find it...
Matabeleland Provincial scout badge
Provincial Commissioners:-
   Mr. Gerry E. Stephens, M.B.E. 1957-1967
   Mr Les L. Stratford 1969
   Dave S. Fyfe 1972-19..
   Les Strattford 19..-1972
   Chuck Wilcox 1976 -1990
   Ntokozo Ncube 200..-2007
   Bekezela Ndebele 22-2-2009-20(14?)

Assistant Provincial Commissioners:-
   Gordon Caw APC (Scouts) 19?? - 1976
   Mike George APC (Cubs) 19??

Dave Fyfe (an ex 2nd Byo Rover) followed Les and then Chuck Wilcox, circa 1976 District Commissioners:-
   Mr. Gerry E. Stephens, M.B.E. 19??
   Arthur Edwards (Bulawayo South) 1959
   Dave Edgar (Bulawayo North 1961)
   Philip ??? (Bulawayo West 19??)
   Chuck Wilcox 1973 -1976
   Bill Sewell 1977-1978
   Charles Dickinson 1979-19..
   M.M.Eames 1981-19..

Training Team Commissioners:-
   Hank Blowers 19.. - 1999
Assistant Training Commissioners:-
22 Feb 09 - Bekezela Ndebele
22/2/09 Congratulations Mr. Bekezela Ndebele - the new Provincial Scout Commissioner for Matabeleland.
Provincial Scout Commissioner

APC (Scouts) and Mike George as APC(Cubs). Assistant Commissioners:-
   Jack Carlisle A.P.S.C.19..-1977
   Ron Griffin A.P.S.C.1977-19..
   Rosemary Moody (Assistant Provincial Scout Commissioner adult Leader Training) 2001
   Nelson Sakala (Scouts) 2001
   Vusa Maphosa (Cubs) 2001
   Richard Shilling (General) 2001
   John Gurney (International) 2001
   Bekezela Ndebele (Public Relations, Firelite Magazine Editor) 2001

Travelling Commissioner:-
   Stephen Sibanda 1977-19..
   Robert Ndlovu -2017

Cub Commissioners:-
   Dave Anderson
   Niaomi Connolly 19..-19..
   Rosemary Moody

Gordon Park
Camp Warden
   Mr. C.M.K.Robertson 1936-1939
   Skipper Knapman 1939-
   Mike George 19..-1977
Assistant Camp Warden:-
   George Gibson
   Jack Carsile
   Hylton Garriock

Chief Scout:-
  Dr Stephen Chandiwana 2002-4?
  John Landau 19..-19..
  Stan D. O'Donnell 1965?-197? (definitely 1979)
  Sir Humphrey Gibbs (1959-64?)
Chief Commissioner:-
  Mr Nelson Sakala 2004?
  Mr. Christopher L. Mbanga 2003?
Executive Commissioner:-
  Mr. Brian Foya 2004
Headquarters Commissioner for Matabeleland:-
Colonel R. Gordon, D.S.O., O.B.E. 1936
Public Relations Commissioner (Matabeleland):-
H. Bloch 1959
International Commissioner:-
C.A.Martin 1979 (19..-19..)

D,C,C, & Camp Waden 'Skipper' Knapman
D.C. 'Kanga' O'Donnell
D.C. 'Chief' Gibbs
A.D.C. 'Panther' Edwards
A.P.C. 'Bok' Martin

Assis. Prov. Commis. Les L.Stratford

Assis. Prov. Scout Commis. Gordon R. Caw
Assis. Dist. Commis. D.G.Anderson

The following leaders gained their Cub Scout Wood Badge:-
Mrs J.Ralphs - 8th Hillside 1983
Mrs M.Jones - 8th Hillside 1983


Silver Eagle - Edward Hall (SL 8th Hillside) 2001
Medal of Merit is for services to Scouting for a period of not less than 10years
Medal of Merit - Mrs Mavis Sakala (Lay supporter) 2001
Medal of Merit - Mrs Ndlelenhle Thodlana (SL 15th Milton Junior) 2001
Medal of Merit - Agnes Busakwe 2002
Medal of Merit - Elaine Hall 2002
Silver Eagle - Adam Moyo 2002
Father Noel Scott, who has been taking monthly inter-denominational services at Gordon Park for many years, was awarded the Silver Eagle at the October 2007 service. The Silver Eagle, the second highest National Scouting award, is presented for dedicated service to Scouting over a prolonged period. Our thanks and congratulations to Father Noel.

22-2-2007 Mr. George Crockett and John FitzPatrick were each awarded the Silver Eagle at the BP service held out at Gordon Park.

During the Baden-Powell Day service on the Sunday 20th February 2005, five long serving members of Scouting here in Matabeleland Province, each were awarded Zimbabwe’s highest Scouting award, The Golden Lion. This award is given to those adults who have given, “Services of the most exceptional character over many years”. The congratulations are extended to:-
Mrs Rosemary Moody
Mrs Aurielle Wilcox
Mr Richard Shilling
Mr Mike George
and Rev. Fr. Odilo Weeger.
You are an inspiration to us all.

Skipper Jack Knapman was awarded the Medal of Merit in 1929 and the Silver Wolf in 1936.

From the 1959 "Pioneer Trail" book at D:\Altervista-org-website\matabele/books/scouting-in-bulawayo/scouting-in-bulawayo.html The organisation of a Scout province will be most easily understood by means of the diagram shown hereunder.

                 Provincial Commissioner
Assist. Prov.       Assist. Prov.       Assist. Prov.
Commissioner     Commissioner      Commissioner
    (Scouts)            (Cubs)        (Public Relations)
           |                  |                   |
                 District Commissioner
           Assistant District Commissioner
               Group Scout Master    District Cub Master
    Scout Master                  Cub Master
           |                                  |
     Assistant                        Assistant
     Scout Master                 Cub Master
Court of Honour
      Chairman of the
    Matabeleland Scout
Secretary       Treasurer

     Chairman of the
--- Local Association
Secretary       Treasurer

--- Chairman of the
     Group Committee
Secretary       Treasurer

The Provincial Scout Council
This is composed of all Commissioners in the Province and its Local Associations which, moreover, are represented in the Council by their Secretaries and two delegates each, one of whom should be a Scouter, the other a lay-man. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Council are lay persons elected to these offices. A president and Vice-Presidents may also be elected.

The Council is the governing body of the Province. In Matabeleland, one of its major responsibilities is the development and maintenance of the training and camping ground at Gordon Park in the Matopos.

Local Associations
Matabeleland is divided into three Local Associations designated "Bulawayo North", "Bulawayo South" and "Gwanda and District" Local Associations.

The Local Association has three classes of members:—
(a) Ex officio: The (lay) Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Provincial Commissioner and his assistants. All Commissioners and Scouters in the District. In accordance with local practice, one lay member each nominated by every Group belonging to the Local Association.
(b) Such persons are elected or co-opted by the Local Association.
(c) Associates, i.e. persons interested in the Movement who acquire associate membership on application and payment of a fee of not less than 5/- for the calendar year. Are you a member? If not, we should like to enrol you.

The principal functions of the Local Association are the Registration of Groups. appointment of Scouters, supervision of Groups (in particular finance) with the least possible interference with their independence and initiative, and the organistion of District events.

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