10th Bulawayo (Waterford) Scout Troop (Zimbabwe)

Group Scout Leaders:-

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Queen Scout
Mike Exelby 196?
John Hargrove ?

Scout Leaders:-

John Gurney 197?-197?
Mr Auld 1962-68
Mr Hean 1962-68
Mr Groen 1962-68

10th Waterford Bulawayo scout group

Dove Patrol
  Don Nash
Patrol 2
  Robin Hobson



Don Nash
SA flag

12/9/07 I was with the 10th Bulawayo (Waterford) Scout Troop from 1961 till 1968. The patrol which I was in, with my best mates, won the Assegaai competition 5 years in a row! Our scouters were Messres Auld, Hean, and Groen.
Some of the team were Don and Pete Hean, Ron and Mike Exelby (queen scout), Norman Hills, Rod Cook, Bill Cowlard, Angus Henderson, Glyn Boulter, John Auld to name but a few.
We spent every Easter at Gordon Park - somehow managed to keep the "Issydhawha tree" away from the junior scouts, seeing herds of roan antelope metres away from us in the vlei, falling down GP rock(!), climbing Shumba Shaba, Jamboree to LM and much more.
I'm now married with 4 kids and getting involved with the Pinelands Troop in Cape Town.

Robin Hobson
uk flag

7/6/09 I was with the Waterford Scout Troop for two years around 1963 - 1964, only because my parents moved from a farm near Essexvale (now Esigodini) to a Rhodes Matopos farm that backed on to the Matopos Hotel not far from Gordons Park. I remember with nostalgia my short time in the scouts, the Friday night meetings in the hall and the camping trips to Gordons Park! I remember Don Nash and all the scouts he has mentioned (Norman Hills & Angus Henderson were good friends of mine) as well as John Hargrove (also a Queen Scout, I think) & James Webb, another good friend.
I wonder if any of them would remember the foofie slide we built across the little dam near our campsite and the first 'guinea pig' who got stuck half way and had to be rescued by the smallest and lightest member of the troop who shimmied out with a rope to pull him back (I can't remember any names!) We relocated the slide to another safer area and gave Mr Groen, our SL, the honour of testing it. He had no sooner left the safety of the jump off rock than the rope broke and he disappeared into a wag-'n-bietjie bush!
Lover of All Birds, feathered or not!

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