11th Bulawayo (Riverside) Scout Troop in Matabeleland Zimbabwe

Group Scout Leaders:-

Hudson (Rocky) Felgate 196?-7?
Ron Richardson 198?-8?

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Queen Scout
J. Felgate
R.Felgate 1971

Sable Award
H.Garriock 1978

Scout Leaders:-


Troop Leader
Rob McGeoch 198?-8?
Andy Lawson 1985-8
John Gurney 198?-8?
Jimmy Felgate 198?-8?
Philip Hatfield 196?-6?
Bruce Charsley 196?-6?
Richard Hadfield 1985-7
Robert Felgate 1974
John Pridgeon 197?
Gary Charsley 1967

Chief Scout's
R.Felgate 1971
J.Pridgeon 197.
Colin Miles 1973
Colin Anderson 73

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This is purely an historic webpage recording past members.
Impala Patrol
   John Farmer
   Dave Davies
   Richard Millar
   Terry Robas
   Bradley Craven
   Guy Cunard
   Gavin Whyte
   Paul de Sousa
Kudu Patrol
   Nick Bowden
   Gary Charsley
   Rob Talbot
   Neil Dempsey
   Gary Rimmer
   Adrian Richardson
   Simon Richardson
   Shelton Rowley
   Ruth Chesney
Eland Patrol
   Colin Anderson
   Nigel Robas
   Dave Finch
   Hylton Garriock
   Wayne Cleminson
   Andrew Wishart
   Alan Dempster
Sable Patrol
   Julian Scales
   Colin Miles
   Gary Robas
   Simon Miller-Cranko
   Garry Richardson
   David Garriock
   Steve Ebben
   Andrew Murphy

       Gone home
Gone Home
   Wayne Cleminson
   Nick Coom
   Bradley Craven
   Andy McEwan
   Ron Richardson
   Gary Rimmer

Colin (I got an axe in my shin!) Anderson Appears in a Rumble article
uk flag Yup, I'm the one who choppered the leg, but no permanent damage done & I used to be SL Colin Anderson investing a new scout able to run like a rabbit, now too old - I never did get to have a go on that rope bridge we were building! Became Scout Leader of the revived 1st Pioneer Troop in 1996 and am now in Exeter(UK).

Nick Bowden
australian flag6-2-2018 update Well the surprise!!! How did you know I was here? Nick Bowden wedding I have attached all the very old photos I have of those days, but they are not very clear.
A little history. I left Rhodesia in 1974 and lived in England for a year. On my return I went to Salisbury Polytechnic and did a diploma in town planning. Then I eventually got called up. Served in Vicoria Falls(4 Ind. RAR), and then in the Rhodesian Intelligence Corps. Left Rhodesia in early 1980, before the elections. Lived in Johannesburg for 3 years (Contract engineering drafting) and met my first wife. Moved to Gonubie, where we got married and had two girls(One now lives in London.). Moved to Brisbane in 1995, as the schools in SA were a bit bad. I went to Uni and did a degree in IT. I have worked for the Queensland Police for 17 years. Left my first wife in 1999, and met my current wife in 2000. We got married in 2006. Picture attached. Live in a small suburb called Taigum, Brisbane, Australia, where we had a small house built 6 years ago.
Lets hear from you.
All the best.

Gary Charsley
Brit flag Hi, I was with the Troop from 1962 – 1968, Patrol Leader of Kudu Patrol, Scout Cord awarded in 1966, Patrol Leader of Winning Patrol Assegai Competition 1966 (or 7?) In that Patrol were Jimmy Felgate, Andy Lawson and Tony Hadfield (sadly from the Bulawayo Morning Mirror paper:-Condolences. Tony Hadfield. We will be celebrating the life of Tony (The Sewing Machine Man) on Saturday 12th November at 10am, at the Church Of Christ, Barham Green, cnr Kinmont Ave & Broadway.) The others I am not sure about but have an old photo somewhere with their names, and was Troop Leader 1967. I was schooled at Lochview Junior & Milton Senior, then joined Rhodesian National Parks and Wildlife as Ranger in 1970 and left in 1982 as Warden Rhodes Inyanga National Park (Was Senior Ranger Matopos Whitewaters Game Section from 1976 – 1978).

Moved to South Africa in 1982 and farmed with trout in the Eastern Highlands. Sold my 3 trout farms to USA company in 2002 and moved to UK in 2006 and then to Isle of Man in 2010 where I own a restaurant and deli which is managed by my French (chef) son-in-law. Married to Carol (nee Salmon) ex TTC Bulawayo and have 3 children and 8 grand-children.

My brother Bruce Charsley who was a Scout at 11th Riverside for many years and became Scout Leader and then Scout Master now lives in Australia. He is a pastor in the Baptist Church. Sadly some years back he had an accident whilst working with underprivileged children and broke his back and has been a paraplegic since that time. He is confined to a wheelchair but remains active in the church.

Finally, many may remember Mike George who used to drive the truck out to Gordon Park on a Friday evening from the Scout Shop in Lobengula Street and return again on a Sunday evening. I am sure many Scouts, like myself, will remember catching a ride out to GP on the truck and camping for the weekend. Mike and I became firm friends whilst I was Senior Ranger in charge of Whitewaters, the Game Section, of the Matopos and he used to ride out on an old Matchless 500 motorcycle to visit on most weekends. Mike had a legendary knowledge of the bushman paintings of the Matopos and we visited many splendid caves and paintings that were off the tourist map. Sadly Mike also passed away a few years back and his extensive knowledge of the Park were never recorded.
Gary Charsley

Ruth Chesney (nee Leonard-Johnson)
uk flag I wondered if I could join in?! I was a scout for a while with Gill Rimmer with the 11th group in about 1976 - My name was Ruth Leonard-Johnson - you may remember my dad Philip who was the vicar then....so many memories seeing those names!!
9 Oct 2009 Morag Rae and her mum and Fiona all live near eachother in South Africa and are very well. If you google in "Riverside Scout Hall" you will see what there is, names including of past residents of the area, put together by Morag Rae.... I almost immediately tried to find Gillian (nee Rimmer), to so sadly find that she died a few years ago of an aneurism, leaving two children, and I am in contact with her ex husband who says they are all doing well now. I did a lot with Gill and we were both Cub-Scout Leaders with the 11th Riverside Cubs.
And us - I married an Airforce guy 26 years ago and we are very happy in a cottage in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England. I trained as a teacher and we have 3 teenagers. In Scouts I remember the wild rough Scout games and fun crazy times. And the discos the Youth Club had in the thatched Guildhall - Abba and Rod Stewart etc. :)
My parents are very well and did a parachute jump to celebrate their 70th's - mad as ever... Simon my brother and wife live in Australia and sister Dee, two children in their 20's, in SA. Martin lives in Market Drayton, Shropshire near my folks. Isn't this great - all the past flooding back!

Wayne Cleminson Appears in a Rumble article Wayne Cleminson - Winning team Cookout 1979 Wayne, was one of the worlds bravest kids that I have ever known. Apart from copeing with all his kidney problems, he is the only person, who, on his first camp, when in the middle of the night we were being attacked by "Izzi-Daw-Daw", and all the new scouts were cowering round their Scout Leaders feet, Wayne quietly picked his axe up, and was quite prepared to head out into the bush by himself - to sort "Izzi-Daw-Daw" out and save everyone! I believe Wayne suffered a relapse and sadly passed away while studying to be a doctor at Witz University.
(I wish I had thought to offer him a kidney, but by carrying an Organ-Donor card - hopefully if anything happens to me, somemone like Wayne would benefit.)

Nick Coom Appears in a Rumble article - Sadly we had to bid farewell to Nick Coom on the 4th November 1977. He was killed while on active service. Nick was an active member of the 11th Riverside Scout Troop for some four or five years. He joined the Troop in 1969 and became a member of Kudu Patrol. In 1970 he was transfered to Impala Patrol where he became the Assistant Patrol Leader. In 1971 he was appointed to Kudu Patrol as Patrol Leader, a position he retained until July 1972, when he was appointed Quarter-Master and an Instructor. He retained these positions until 1973, when his chosen career took him out into the lands. Nick worked his way through various tests and achieved the Advanced Scout Standard Award. He was particularly active in all aspects of the Troop and led the 11th to victory in 1972 Rolling Stone Competition. He was especially interested in First Aid, being a member of the Red Cross Society, and it is to him that we owe our present first Aid box, which he made himself. He participated in several Selekwe Camps, where he always assisted willingly. Indeed, Nick was a good Scout and a great friend of the 11th Riverside. He will be missed, and to Mr and Mrs Coom and family we extend our heartfelt sympathies in your tragic loss. From 1977 Rumbles Magazine

Bradley Craven - Winning Team Cookout 1979 Bradley Craven Appears in a Rumble article Little Brad taught me an incredible lesson on being self-reliant. We were going on a Troop Survival hike, Bradley Craven with his family out at GP and while we were all strapping our heavy ruck-sacks onto our backs - we noticed that Bradley had left his at home. He said to us "If you're going on a survival hike - you dont have to take anything!". And sure enough - did he teach us a lot! He was right at home in the bush - at lunch time he picked up a stone, threw it & killed a bird & showed us all how to skin & cook it! He was incredible! Bradley sadly died while scupa- diving in Sonoia Cave in Nov 2001

Guy Cunard Appears in a Rumble article
australian flag9-10-05 update Our remote South Australian semi-desert lifestyle has now come to an end and we have moved on to greener pastures (literally). After three and a half years of copper mining and smelting and an interest in opal mining I am now in the business of aluminium smelting. We are now living in Newcastle NSW and enjoying the coastal lifestyle in a very pleasant part of Australia. It is a great place for the kids - plenty of outdoor opportunities for them - and Samantha is pleased to be out of the bush and back in civilisation!
from 2004 I am mining copper in the South Australian outback. I have been here for 20 months after departing SA in September 2001. I am now married to Samantha and have two little blonde girls (Chelsey 8yrs and Emma 3 yrs) who will no doubt give their old man grey hairs when they reach their teens. The children have done exceptionally well in fitting in to the new environment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the 11th Riverside website. It certainly brings back a flood of great memories and I have particularly enjoyed reading up on how friends from way back are doing now.

Dave Davies Appears in a Rumble article
australian flag 9-10-05 update Daves hike in Western Australia.
Click to enlarge:

Gosh it's years since someone mentioned Riverside Scouts - yes I'm am with Toshiba International - we moved to Perth Western Australia in June 1990 - and love it Dave Davies & his wife - great place to bring up kids - The Swindells are here Jeffery, Jerald and Julian. But I can't think of any other ex-scouts. I'll look through some old photos and see what I have - but unfortunately I was not a good record keeper in those days - taking photos got in the way of having fun which we all did in scouts.

Neil Dempsey Appears in a Rumble article
Australia flag 1/1/2017 Its always good to hear whats going on but also somewhat saddening to hear that our old Bulawayo seems to have suffered so much. I had always hoped that things would settle down and improve. Still want to bring my kids to see where I grew up but it will more than likely be a couple of years away. As for me I have enjoyed a career in Insurance and hope to do so for a few more years yet, even if its just to pay the bills. I am always in close contact with Rob Felgate who also lives in Sydney and I see him regularly. We often laugh about the good old days!
pre 1/1/2017 What an amazing tool the internet has been. If this email had been sent four weeks ago I may not have received it. In a strange twist of fate I was made redundant 9 months ago and ended up working with a management team who bought the assets of the same company that made me redundant. I am now back in my old office on the same floor managing the run-off. I will look at these websites in due course and may even have something to contribute in time. I have been in Sydney now for 12 years after spending 5 years in England. Looking forward to the world cup. Drop me a note when you get a chance.
Regards Neil

Alan Dempster uk flag16 Mar 2008 So nice to go down memory lane.. Good to read the Rumbles, I had forgotten most of the stuff we did when I was with the Troop from 1971 till '74, but do remember the 'izzidwadwa' well! alan & sandy dempster - 2008 After A levels I moved to Durban, went to uni and then to UK where I went into financial services. Got married and in '83 we went back to Durban. I had my own financial services business there and our 3 kids were born. Moved back Norwich - UK in '92 and went into financial services software. Did that for 16 years and now have moved back into self employed financial services. Children all grown up and now I’m a grandfather!

Paul De Sousa Appears in a Rumble article
moq flag Paul was Junior Mayor of Bulawayo, jetsets round the world while running KPMG, and is based in Mozambique.

Steve Ebben Appears in a Rumble article
SA flag I could not believe it when I saw your e-mail. It is funny, this last Christmas I took the family to see my Folks in Scottburgh, and My Dad & I were just talking about Bulawayo and everybody, really brought back memories. I was last in Bulawayo about 4 years ago, and as I came in from SA, the first thing I did was turn off and had a look at the old scout hall.
I joined Riverside as a cub in 1976, went on up into Scouts and was in Sable Patrol, before leaving as a scout for South Africa at the end of 1982.
When I got to South Africa I joined 1st St Helena Sea Scout troop in Welkom, and completed my scouting there, and eventually achieved my Springbok Scout Award. Believe me, scouting in South Africa was not the same as in Bulawayo. After that I remained there for a few years as an Assistant Scout Master.
After School I studied Industrial Engineering and have done an MCSE, and now work in the gold mining industry for AngloGold South Africa. Steve Ebbens family I am currently living on the Mine village between Orkney and Klerksdorp in the North West Province of South Africa. I am married to Joanne and have two children, Michael (12), and Sarah (9) {photo August 2003}. I still enjoy getting out and about and fortunately I married Joanne who enjoys camping, so we do as much as we can.
I rushed home at lunch time and found a few old photos which I'll attach. I must get back to work,
Cheers for now,
Steve Ebben

John Farmer
australia  flag 17-10-2010 I do read the antics of Norman out at Gordon Park, makes me envious of him. But then I think of having to go back into Bulawayo town and see all that is/isn't happening and I am pleased that I am where I am.
I was a member of 11th Riverside Scout Group way back in the good old days. The senior scouts that I remember were Bruce and Brian Charsley. The main thing that I remember is riding through the bush every Friday night to get there. I was junior school and they were at the end of senior school, so to keep up with them was tiring - and we didn't have any bicycle lights! I also remember doing the cooking test, I wrapped the dough around a piece of conduit and the fire was not the best - cannot remember eating any of it, but I got through the test. I also remember two camps to Gordon Park. I was never really interested in the scouting side of things, just the bush. So it was so good to return in December 1986 and spend a few weeks in my favourite place, Matopos as Mr G Park! A friend who now lives in SA has just been for a trip to Chobe then Wankie then Matopas. He is a surgeon in SA and has always been a marathon runner. When he lived Bulawayo he wanted to buy land near the Matopas and we used to go running through the bush around these farms that were for sale. I never knew how my heart withstood the pressure as I never did any training... and I don't know how we were never taken by the terrs.
I had a heart attack just after our last email, on 17 August 2008 to be exact. I had surgery and am ok now but they got rid of me from my government job of 25 years as they were scared that I was going to sue them. They sent me to their doctors to be assessed and they blamed the government for the stress they caused resulting in a heart attack. I am doing very well now. I work for myself to keep the $$$ coming in as I got nothing from the government to help me along until I retire at 65. I am an Electrical Contractor which I have been ever since arriving in Australia, but I am now using the qualification and repair electrically operated machines, mainly Espresso Coffee Machines. It is a real growth industry. Everybody wants to drink Espresso Coffee, even me but I am not allowed to!!!!
Our kids are doing well, Kev's wife is expecting their third boy in mid December, so lots of excitement amongst the other two boys who are 6 and 4 Years old.
I am on facebook. I was conned to get on it by an ex Rhodie but am a bit scared of using it when I hear all the stories about crooks taking peoples identity and bank details, not that I put my bank details on facebook. But yes, I am on there, don't ask me how to tell you how to contact me and I don't know how to contact you on it. I am a bit on the ancient side of things when it comes to this modern electronic stuff. Emailing, banking, google and a few other simple things as long as they work. If there is any sort of a problem then I have to get Kev or my granddaughter, Dee to help!
Well that should keep us going for another couple of years!!!!
Look forward to hearing your news.
Go carefully
John Farmer

Jim Felgate Appears in a Rumble article
Zim flagUpdate 3 March 2004:- Hi All, In case we have not communicated with everyone since arriving in Perth, herewith our Australian local e mail address. Kindest regards, Jim & Sarah Felgate.
Old news from 2003 We are still in Zimbo land though things are not very easy. Yes I recall the camp days at the Spotswoods farm - they have both passed on. Sarah & I are emigrating to Perth in Jan next year (2004). We delayed it as my youngest son - Lawrence - is at St Johns College writing Cambridge A Levels in Nov & the education there is still excellent. My eldest son - Nicholas who was a little chap when you last saw me - is 24 this year & currently is working on the ferries between France & Spain having qualified with a American Hotels & Motels diploma together with a City & Guilds Cheffing Diploma. He is only recently sort of off my hands!! Chris my middle son, is at Rhodes University 2nd year. He is a top junior triathlete & does very well on the SA cuircuit. He has participated in several World Championships & comes in the top 20 of the world's U23's. Lawrence is a junior Zim Swimmer & waterpolo player so our lads have pursued the sporting arena rather than Scouting. Chris did Cubs obtaining his Gold Arrow but triathlon took over. Nick did Scouts for a while but ended up going to Peterhouse so that precluded his activities there.
My folks are still going - my father being 79 this year. Rocky & Mrs Felgate
Click to enlarge:

They live in the UK in Churt a little village near Farnham. They seem to enjoy life & have a big circle of friends. They have been there for 25 years now! Rob married Fiona Jenkinson a local girl & after 15 yrs in the Uk they spent the last 8 in Australia in Sydney. They have 2 children. My 2 sisters are both married & live in the UK. Rob keeps comms periodically with John Pridgeon who is a Doctor in Botswana I think. I know the Swindells were in Perth as saw them at a cocktail do in March when I was over. You may remember Chris Murphy ex 8th Hillside - he is in Perth too. I bumped into Charles Gardner the other day an ex 14th Byo/3rd Air Scout - you may recall him from the trade fair days. Andy Lawson lives here in Harare though only see him periodically as our paths don't really cross. Most interesting picking up on where people are. So I've given you a potted version of the remaining Felgate Zimbo 11th. Best regards. Jim

Robert Felgate Appears in a Rumble article
australia  flag Hi What a blast from the past! I heard through Jim that this was going on, fascinating reading and good reminiscing. Jim leaves Zim on the 24th Jan 2004 for Perth. Yeah nothing changes and my stomach still rumbles - probably nerves! I must say, I am a bit out of touch with most folk, I keep in contact with John Pridgeon who is now back in South africa. I see a lot of Neil Dempsey, our paths cross regularly on business in the Insurance/Reinsurance field, mind I think he was at riverside when I was in the army or had left Zim which was 1977. I will put my "When We" hat on and dig around in some of my junk at home, as am sure I have some bits and pieces sculling around , which may help with your update of the website.
Many thanks for contacting me.
Regards Rob.

Dave Finch Appears in a Rumble article
SA flagHowzit hanging? I am still in SA with no thoughts of leaving. Things here at Toyota are taking off and we are fully into Export mode which will pay dividends I am sure. I still visit Zim / Zambia quite often, so fishing skills etc are still up to scratch. Last time I visited Gordon Park and saw Norman Scott who is still there and hasnt changed. Good memories thats for sure. You wont believe it but at the ripe old age of 30 I started canoeing and am fully into it. I have now completed 5 Duzi canoe marathons & 3 nonstop Duzis. I have to admit it is a fantastic sport & the rivers in Natal are the best plus it keeps me out the pubs. It is funny when you have a sport how it seems to govern your life a bit. Most of my planning takes place around all the canoe races. Well buddy must head. Keep in touch

David Garriock Appears in a Rumble article
SA flag Completed a Diesel Mechanic apprentiship with Barlows in Cape Town & promptly put the spanners away and now works for Dulux in Cape Town where he's married with 2 little kids.

Hylton Garriock Appears in a Rumble article
uk flagHylton Garriock Went into computers with Rhodesia Railways, then onto Babcock in J'burg, a year as a tour-guide in South West Africa before going back into computers with LBMS based in London.
Retired in 1997 to rebuild a cottage on the shores of Loch Ness.

Richard Hadfield Appears in a Rumble article
uk flag20/7/04 I started as a cub in 1965, David Anderson - Colin Anderson's dad - was CSL then. I had a quick look at the web site and have noticed a couple of things. Andrew Lawson was the last scout leader of the troop before it folded in about 1988. I was ASL for 2 years until 1987 when I moved to Harare to attend Bible College. Hudson Felgate was both GSL and SL at the same time for a number of years, but I am sure Jim would be able to update those details more accurately. I was then CSL with 8th Hillside for just over three years before moving to the UK, and today I'm off to the Essex International jamboree where I am taking a contingent of 7 boys from the troop I now lead.

Andrew McEwan - Sadly passed away on the 27th of January 2009. He was a really active little scout, always neatly turned out, raising standards in everything he participated in, from Troop Camps, Rolling Stone Competitions and patrol activities.
Our sincere sympathy to his wife Karen.

Colin Miles
uk flag16/11/16 Hello everyone
Well, it has indeed been a long time! And yes, it was Colin 'Axe in Shin' who recently got in contact with me, for which I'm very grateful. I have already visited him and his family in South-West England. We could have talked much longer than the time we had available about the 11th and the Matopos that's for sure. Next thing for me is to go back to Bulawayo and revisit the places we all have such good memories of, especially Gordon Park. I'll probably go with the other Colin sometime in the first half of next year, I haven't been back since the 1980s.
One of the first things we talked about was the 'axe hitting shin' incident, and a number of other people obviously remember it too. Nick Coom and I tried to do our best by applying rudimentary first aid, I trust we helped rather than hindered Colin's recovery! Thanks for first mentioning Nick in your email, John Pridgeon, he was a good friend to all of us.
Hudson Felgate looked after us very well, if I remember he and his wife Pat re-located to somewhere in the south of England. If anyone can provide information on their circumstances, please update. What have I been doing since those happy days at Riverside? University in London, the RAF as Hylton mentioned (1979 to 1995): Canberras for a while then Tornado Ground Attack aircraft, as a Nav/Weapon Systems Officer. Since then, primarily management in the United Kingdom defence industry, both private and public sectors. That's it, now part retired but not completely there yet.
Our two children a few years ago both staged through Byo and Matopos on Africa overland trips; they loved the area. Thanks to Colin I now subscribe to the Bulawayo Morning Mirror, so can appreciate more how things are there, together with Hylton's updates. Sad to see but we can help support the local economy, such as it is, by visiting, or even getting a winter retirement place like Hylton!
Kind Regards
Colin Miles

Richard Millar Appears in a Rumble article
uk flag 22/6/05 update Mol completed the Three Peaks Challenge (35.5km hike and climbed up and down 3206m (10518ft) in 24hrs!).
17/2/04 update:- I am back from my travels to Zim. Bulawayo was as green as I have ever seen it. I saw Pete and Terry Watson - their eldest son, Sean is 21 soon!!!! They have two more Jamie 19 and Barry 16.
Brief life summary :- Left Hamilton end '78; 4 years ('79 - '82) in the police 1.5 in BSAP and 2.5 in ZRP. 14 different stations including Beitbridge, Kezi, Melsetter and Vic Falls. ; '83 - '85 University of Natal PMB, did B. Agricultural Management; Richard & Gayle Millar Punting on the Cherwell in Oxford in true English style Aug 2004 '86 travelled UK, Europe, USA; '87 chicken farming in Natal; '88 - '99 poultry adviser for Meadow Feeds in PMB; Married Gayle in 7/88, instant family with 2 teenage daughters; '99 - '00 Gayle & I travelled around the world for a year. Tonga for the millennium; '00 - '01 back in PMB then in Malawi and Zambia poultry advising then to UK; then till now - several jobs. Based in Malvern Worcestershire for a year, now in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes working for a large chicken company as a poultry planner; It was then back to the job market.
Click to enlarge:

Funds were dwindling fast so as a stop gap measure I took on a job as a packer with a mail order company in Worcester. I worked afternoon/evenings, this left me the mornings free to job hunt; My official designation at Faccenda's is "Group Catching and Collection Coordinator" - rather a mouthful and quite a mind full too. I coordinate the catching of 2.1 million chickens a week from a range of 109 farms and delivery into 4 processing plants. It is early days yet and I am getting into it slowly and learning the intracies of the business.

Simon Miller Cranko Appears in a Rumble article
uk flagSimon was head-boy of Milton, has a diploma in Hotel Catering, was a world Tour-guide visiting Egypt, Switzerland, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. He holds the World record for climbing that monster mountain called Shumba-shaba!
Stretch Millercranko & kirsty He is now at Sainsburys (UK's biggest food store!) in the Planning dept of one of the big new distribution depots based at Waltham Abbey on the M25(between 12 and 1 oclock).

Andrew Murphy
uk flagI've just come across the 11th Riverside site. I was part of the troop in the early 80's along with Brad Craven, Grant Wallace etc. I was a member of Sable Patrol. To be honest I can't remember all that much about it. I'm now living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I qualified as a teacher in 1993 and am now working in an Integrated Primary School teaching P7.
It's great to see the names of friends I knew like Shelton and Matt Rowley. They lived just over the back from me in Lochview. One of the memories I have of the troop is camping at Lakeside when the patrol leaders tried too scare all the youngsters by chucking clods of earth at the tent. Roy Edmunds went out to 'see what was up' and ended up with a fishing hook in his foot. Also my beans got burnt on the stove because someone called a meeting while I was cooking them!

John Pridgeon
16/11/16 Hello my dear fellow Scouts
Thanks for this Jules / It has been a while…
Those were the days my friends
I think perhaps that this is a fitting time to remember, give thanks and praise the time spent with us by our 'other Dad', Hudson Felgate, who together with his wife Pat and family, made our childhood into a lot more than it otherwise would have been. I am sure I owe my love for the bush, birding, herpetology etc to the wonderful school holidays we all shared in the bush in general, and in Gordon Park in particular. We were good peeps and I am sure we still are, thanks to our schooling at the 11th A couple of days ago on, 11.11.2016, our fallen comrade Nick Coom would have turned 61– God speed Nicky, I am reminded intermittently of the fun I had with my one-time inseparable and very stubborn friend, by his sisters Rozanne and Thea
I hope you are all well and happy, and enjoying wherever it is you ended up after fleeing Rhodesia. My brother Geoff still lives there, and Julian, and they enjoy life in Bullies as much as one can. Sadly the life on offer there continues to depreciate with Zanu PF continuing its raping and pillaging of a country now on its knees. There is not much left now, but I still hold the memories dear. Here are some pics. I see they are on the net aswell. There is also a pic of us at that lovely little pool on the side of Rhodes grave, Robbie, together with a few Townsend girls we had less than honourable designs upon J.
I think I can remember every rock from the big one with the fig tree growing up the eastern side, to the rocks that made our fireplace – and then I can wander down to the main road past the dirty unkempt 8th hillside campsite was dirty, smelly and full of would-be Scouts…. Sorry I cannot resist pulling the piss of our only serious rivals in the Scouting world JJJ. I still recall losing the assegai by half a point to those dreadful people at the 8th by ½ a point after I failed to make it to my firelighting gig for 5 points, and I can STILL light as fire with my teeth, eyes closed, and hands behind my back. We would have put those nasty 8ths back in their box….That one hurt Jim, I am still apologising after 40 odd years!
I have been trying to place the campsite on Google Maps – maybe have marked the spot, but it has been a long time… If I close my eyes, I can stumble and climb up and over the track that leads one from the White Rhino rock paintings, past the leopard and baboons, turn left at the python and step right into the sacred campsite of the 11th Riverside Scout Group
Anyway, enough rambling on from me. Have a good day y’all
Dr John Pridgeon
General Practitioner M.B.,Ch.B. (UCT), D.A. (SA)
Website www.johnpridgeon.com
Shop 31, Kagiso Mall, Broadhurst Shopping Centre, Broadhurst, Gaborone.

Adrian Richardson Appears in a Rumble article
uk flag We are settled in Birmingham England, and have been here since September 2001. I am a manager of a convenience store and enjoying the work a lot. Adrian Richardsons website Regards Adrian, Bernie, Matthew and Nicholas P.S. Click here to see Adrians 11th Riverside Photo Gallery

Gary Richardson Rumble article
uk flag I moved back to Birmingham in early '98 where Simon is (he moved a few years earlier), Adrian has just moved back here, last week.(2001) Gary Richardsons family christmas greeting My dad passed away in June 2001 from cancer, my Mom has come back to the UK now as it would be too difficult for her back in Zim. Its been a hectic few months but hopefully things will start to sort themselves out now. Keep in touch Garry

Ron Richardson Appears in a Rumble article - You couldnt find a more reliable, helpful, friendly person in the entire world. Starting out as an 'interested father', Ron eventually gained his Wood-Badge & became Scout Leader. He provided that vital link between the Troop the rest of the world by attending endless Provincial, District and Troop meetings.

Simon Richardson uk flag 29/7/08 Hi, All my details are on my website at http://www.rhodieboy.com/ .
I came across some old pictures at my Moms and scanned them in the weekend I'm sure you will recognise a few of them, [picture SLR20411] was myself and Shane De lange when we were at the 3rd Air scouts others are from tree planting days and cook outs [picture SLR20109] is myself and Patrick Talbot King when I was with the 11th Cubs Hope they bring back some good memories and maybe jog a few other peoples memories.
A couple of other things; have you considered opening a group on Facebook to help raise awareness to the cubs & scouts and the website?
Best Regards
Simon Richardson

Gary Rimmer Appears in a Rumble article - Always had a smile on his face . Gary Rimmer on his Advanced Scout Standard Cycle ride - Mzilikazi memorial - would be the first in line to try anything new, after leaving Gifford he became a Refrigeration Engineer and when driving back from Gwelo one evening, crashed into the back of a stationary tip-truck.

Gary Robas Appears in a Rumble article
NZ flag It's been a while since I thought of 11th Riverside but often think of the scout camps in the Matopos (actually saw some pics of Maleme Dam a couple days ago - http://www.chirundu.com/places/matopos2000maleme01.htm and that did bring back memories. I haven't been back since 1983 but hear from friends every now and then, mostly from CBC school. Anyway, I've been in New Zealand 8 years, married a Kiwi lass and have a couple of kids. I work for myself from home, so I get to spend time with the family and don't have to travel in traffic (Auckland has a bit of a traffic problem). It's a very similar life here to Rhodesia, outdoors life, sports, beer, braai's (BBQ's here), biltong, sadza (lots of South Africans here), but alas no wild animals except at the zoo. Nigel and Terry are in Durban (SA), both well and working hard to keep the partying up. My folks are there too, and get visits from them. I get my folks out here for 6 months' stints every year or so to keep up with the gossip and do some babysitting. Thanks for the news and updates! I'll dig around for photos but lost most of them when moving to NZ. I'll ask my folks as well to see what they have.

Shelton Rowley Appears in a Rumble article
SA flag I remember correctly, you were with me at the 21st " Jamboree On The Air" that was held at CBC ( Christian Brothers College) in Bulawayo. My brother Matthew was also a scout. Seems so long ago. Do you remember the scout master Mr Sinclair, (a New Zealander) ?

Julian Scales Appears in a Rumble article
zim flag 16/11/2016 Colin, What a lovely surprise it was hearing from you. I have often wondered what happened to you since our last contact in the 70’s. I am living in Bulawayo with my businesses in Botswana mainly. Things are very tough in Byo nowadays thanks to our unbelievably shocking and corrupt government. The people though are amazingly patient and friendly despite the dreadful times they go live through day by day. I visited the Riverside Anglican Church on November 4th this month to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Nicky Coom’s passing. I took pictures and sent them to Rozanne and Thea Coom since they still (obviously) mourn Nic. Some are attached for your benefit and memory. Please tell me news of your family. My parents have both passed away (my mother 5+ years ago and my father in August this year. I assume Colin “axe in shin” was Anderson since that is the sort of thing he would have done knowing him !!
Should you come and revisit Byo then please make contact. My landline is +263 9 241209 and mobile +263 776592721 I see John Pridgeon a lot these days. He is based in Gaborone, happily remarried and thriving.
Kindest regards and best wishes
Julian Scales
1/1/20.. I was with the Troop from 1968 till 1973 or 4, finished "M" levels at CBC and , after 4 years, obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Natal, Durban. Since then I have worked in South Africa, England, Barbados, Botswana, Australia and back home to Zimbabwe. I hold various commercial flying licences and am trying to develop the natural gas resources in both Botswana and Zimbabwe. I married Angela more than 20 years ago and have a daughter - Stephanie who is studying financial management at Notre Dame, Fremantle and a younger son Simon - who was a cub with the 8th Hillside before being sent to Christchurch Grammar School in Perth, Australia. I have happy recent memories of camping with Simon at Gordon Park on various cub escapades in the Matopos and taking part in all the activities again.
The happy memories of scouting and experiences are still with me and I was thrilled to read some of the articles written by myself and other friends all those years ago.
I moved my family temporarily to Perth for educational reasons and look forward to returning home to Bulawayo where our skills are needed.
Julian Scales
Gas Corporation of Botswana
Tel : +267 3973386
Cell:+267 7216 8142

Rob Talbot Appears in a Gordon Park article
australian flagJust a short note to say hi, I left school in 1977, joined the RAF, left that when it turned Zim. Became a motor mechanic, ended up running Amtec in Gweru before coming over to Australia at the beginning of 2001. Rob Talbot and his family I am married with two kids, a boy and a girl. Currently starting a business with a freind in the motor trade. I have attached some photos of GP (taken in 2000), the well sinking and also the Christening of my daughter Stacey out a GP. A bit of other GP history for you is that Dad blasted the rocky outcrop from the camping area going to the Bowl and also did all the plumbing for the old showers etc. Both Dad and Moms ashes are scattered at the Chapel.

Andrew Wishart
uk flag I was looking on the internet and found this website; both I and my brother Alister were members of the 11th before leaving for Scotland in '84. I've been back to Bulawayo 4 times - and how it has changed! We stay in Thornton (Fife), and I work in the Security Leisure Industry and Alistair is in Air Conditioning.

Gavin Whyte Appears in a Rumble article
SA flag 16/11/2016 Good to hear from you after such a long time.
Dave Finch and I were invited to Neil Rix's (Old Miltonian) 50th birthday party that was held at Rowallan Park in the Matopos. This gave us the opportunity to show our family Gordon Park and we also managed a trip to the 11th Riverside Scout hall. It certainly brought back memories! My son Murray joined Scouts this year - 1st Hilton just outside Pietermaritzburg, and it is great to see the kids having outdoors fun again rather than sitting playing computer games or watching TV on a Saturday night.
All the best,
28/10/2009 It was great to read up on the site again - my current details are as follows: I now live in Ndola, Zambia and have been working in Zambia for the last 5 years. My current interests are bird watching, playing golf and fishing. I am still married to Sue and my two kids Sarah is 8 and Murray is 6. I am currently the Civil Manager for a mining company First Quantum Minerals and we are doing work in the DRC, Zambia and Mauritania for the group.
My best memory I have at scouts was driving away with your Datsun vanette whilst you were canoeing on lakeside with I think Dave Finch but the memory is fading. I also enjoyed camping at Gordon Park. I generally didn't change out of my clothes for the three days that we were camping there much to the horror of my mother! I also used to enjoy our camping trips at the park just before Essexvale (again the name escapes me).
What I also wanted to know is why Grant Wallace has not been included on the website. I'm sure the omission wasn't intentional. I only have his wife Vanessa's email address so hopefully he will contact you once she receives this email.
Cheers for now from sunny Zambia .
FQMO Mining Division,
Web site: www.first-quantum.com

6 yrs ago! 2003 Its good to hear from you after all these years. I am currently staying in Durban, RSA and have been here basically since leaving school. I worked for two years in Zambia for Barlows and I also spent a couple of years studying in Cape Town - I qualified as a civil engineer, and the decided to try accountancy as there seem to be better job prospects. That took another two years of full studying as well as 3 years articles (which almost killed me), and then I started working as an accountant. That's when I went up to Zambia with Barlows.
Gavin Whytes family I am hoping to move back to Zambia in the next few months as I am in the process of buy a warehouse with a friend of mine from Byo. My problem is I get bored and then move on for another challenge. It drives Sue dilly as all she wants is a house to settle down in, but I always seem to have itchy feet. I think part of it was the fact that I was forced to leave Zim and go to RSA after O levels. Not that I hold it against my folks, as they were only doing what they had to do, but it was tough at the time settling into another school at such a late stage. I have attached a photo of Sue (my wife)and our two children. Murray was only 4 days old when the photo was taken. He is about a month old and Sarah is 2 and 3 months. I think Neil Dempsey is between jobs (or was between jobs), hence his email address has changed.

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