Riverside Rumbles Scout Magazine - December 1979

Vol. 2. No 2. December 1979


Group Scout Leaders Report
As another year draws to a close, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would like to welcome to the Group Mrs Kristoffer as A.C.S.L. and Mr Kristoffer as A.S.L. and also congratulate Mr J. Richardson and Mrs Richardson on attaining their Wood Badges.
The Scouts and Cubs have taken part in all the District activities and have done very well, the Cubs in particular by winning the Rowallen Pennant. The open evening was very well attended & a great time was had by all.
Yours in Scouting,
R. Richardson G.S.L.

Cub Scout Leaders Report
The Cubs have entered all the competitions this year with a lot of enthusiasm, and have got a lot of fun out of it. We entered the annual soccer day, Cook Out - where we showed the rest of the packs how to cook, the Rowellan Pennant - the biggest competition for Cubs & this year the theme was Robin Hood. Here the Cubs were tested on everything that they should know and I would like to say well done to them for coming first. Cub Fun Day was on the theme of different countries and we had a wonderful time representing America through the ages. I would like to welcome my new assistant Mrs Kristoffer. Cubs Christmas party will be held on 15th Dec and will be the last activity for the year. A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all,
from Kaa Chil Raksha & Skip

The Rowellan Pennant
The Rowellan Pennant took place on the 6th October on the Jamboree field at 14.00. The theme was Robin Hood and his merry gang and after all doing the Grand Howl we were sent off to the first of the 8 bases we had to go to. During the afternoon we had to answer Questions from the Target, cross rope bridges, shoot cardboard soldiers with our bow's, etc. At the end we were presented with the Shield, did the Grand howl & went home.
Kevin Mc Geoch

Scout Master's Report

This is my first opportunity to communicate in the RUMBLES. My first impressions of the 11th Riverside are great. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated Scouts and Cub Scouts. The boys attack all their projects with bags of enthusiasm and initiative. Judging by our Open Night the Mums and Dads are just as good. The camp held over 7/9 Dec was fun. The boys participated in canoeing and a tracking course. Merry Christmas,
Yours in Scouting

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)

We only found out about this years Jota a week before it started, but we decided to go ahead and join in the fun. Our Scout Leaders did the packing, my dad the transporting and Hylton the catering. Our camp started on the Saturday and ended on the Sunday. It was held at C.B.C. & although it rained we had chariot races, soccer, scavenger hunts, radio lectures campfires and films, listening to the radio, swimming etc. Grant (PL) myself(APL) Garry, David, Stuart, Alister, Roy, Simon and Rocky all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next Years camp.
Wayne Cleminson

Which King of France wore the biggest shoes?
:The one with the biggest feet!
What do you get if you cross the Atlantic in a leaky boat?
:Half way!
What do misers do in cold weather?
:Sit around a candle.
What do misers do in very cold weather?
:Light it!

Advanced Scout Standard Hike
My partner was Grant Wallace and instead of hiking we decided to cycle treble the distance. After leaving my house we went to Government House the museum and camped overnight at the caravan park. Hylton Garriock took us to a first Aid lecture that night. The next day we went to a trig beacon, trampled through the bush to a dam, a quarry and back home. We took notes and did projects through out the hike.
Garry Richardson

Open Evening
On the 9th Nov the 11th Riverside held its annual open evening. The evening took the form of a cheese and wine party, but started off with a Scout and Cub Ceremony where two Scouts were invested, and David Finch was presented with the Nick Coom Memorial Trophy for being the most improved Scout. Hylton Garriock, Grant Wallace, Neil Dempsie and an invited guest from the 8th Hillside Mr Scott gave us a talk on the National Scout Gathering they attended in Switzerland in July. The Provincial Scout Commissioner & District Scout Commissioner were also present. A fantastic cheese and wine party followed and the evening was ended off with a sing song conducted by Mr Felgate.
Alister Wishart

Winnin' Eland Report
Once again the year draws to a close, and although the patrol is small we have come out heads every time! (What rugged pixies!) Alister is a new member and is very keen. Stuart attends regularly & whose progress is constant (ly slow). Simon Miller-Cranko is progressing well through his Advanced but has a terribly forgetful memory. Daren Smith, the patrol's brain box manages to score a hit and miss on the register, but is conserving his energy for next year. To end the report, how about a sick joke; Why did the ship wrecked sailor grab a bar of soap? : so he could wash himself ashore!
And this is Grant Wallace signing off for another term.....

Cook Out '79
This was held at the Jamborally site Hillside dams. We entered a couple of teams but only two in my section. There was myself Roy and Simon MC. & in the other team was Wayne, David and Darren Smith. We had to cook onion soup, punkin fritters, Kebabs, and fudge. Although our fudge was the best tasting it did not set! When the prizes were handed out I was surprised to hear that we had come third, and won a 7 single record each. The other team came second and were given T-shirts.
Garry Richardson

Impala Imprints
Niel Dempsie has just been to the World Jamboree and from what we hear had a lot of fun. I congratulate David Finch for making so much progress in getting his Scout Standard and on getting the Nick Coom Trophy. Guy Cunard is chugging along and should change gear soon. Sean and Brian do not seem to be doing much, infact nothing! Come on! And last of all I have just got my Scout Standard, well done me! Wayn Cleminson

Rowellan Pennant
This is the Cubs main competition of the year and David Finch, Simon Miller-Cranko and myself had great fun in building a rope bridge across Upper Hillside dam with another troop. After setting it up in the morning we played on it and watched the Cubs cross it during the afternoon. After dismantling it we watched an archery display by the Cubs before returning home.
Gary Richardson

Kudu Report
I This year has been very successful with three blokes gaining their scout Standard. Garry and Roy have both been a great help. Brendin is trying hard & Franz has been a steady worker passing two tests this year! Roy is excellent when he is here. Our patrol has plenty of talent & is 'Definitely' going to win the gala which will be held this weekend. Now for a joke; What is old and wrinkled and belongs to Grandpa? :Grandma!
Yours truly,
Messier Gavin Whyte Esq.

Go karting is a fun sport. There are five gokart classes ranging from 100cc to 250cc. The juniors race in 100cc karts and are up to the age of l6yrs. The engines have no gears & can get up to 70 - 80 m.p.h. On the other end of the scale are the big boys - class 5, & they are from 200-25Occ. They have special tyres & are 2" off the ground with front and back breaks. For any information concerning dates & times contact:
Franz Jansen

Advanced Scout Standard Hike
On the 21st Oct, Guy Cunard, Simon Bisset & I arrived at Mr Felgates house and were told that we had to cycle to 17 places, sleep at the Caravan Park, do a couple of projects and write a log. During the next 2 days we passed Lochview School, the radio relay tower, a quarry beacon, Greenfield school, Government House, Umgusa River, Woodville and finally back to Simon's house for a swim.
Simon Miller-Cranko

If you notice this notice, you will notice,
that this notice, is not worth noticing!

1979 National Scout Gathering - Switzerland (Part 1)
Although the 1979 World Jamboree that was to have been held in Iran was cancelled, 5 Mini-Jamboree's (National Gatherings) are being held through out the world during the year. As Scout Jamborees are held only once every four years, the Rhodesian Scouts decided to go ahead & attend the national gathering that was held in Switzerland, after having a pre-jamboree tour of Greece & Israel.

We left Bulawayo airport on Saturday 7th July at 06.15am in a viscount heading for Salisbury. We were to spend the rest of the morning sorting out passports, travel allowances, etc, and had a few lectures and films before being billeted out to Scout family's for the rest of Rhodes & Founders weekend. On Tuesday afternoon at 1pm, 64 excited Scouts from all over Rhodesia gathered at Salisbury airport, and after a fantastic farewell flew to Johannesburg where the two Troops split up to travel on different airlines to Athens. The Troop I was in arrived in Athens early the following morning & had the experience of going through Athens in a bus during a rush hour, & found out that all cars have only 2 speeds, Stop or Faster!

However during our week long stay in Athens & Greece, we travelled on the underground, walked through a flea market, toured Athens by day and night, visited the Acropolis, sailed round the Greek islands, swam in the Mediterranean Sea & went to Delphi - the centre of the world! Finally after sampling all the Greek food that we could lay our paws on, we were bundled off to the airport to catch a TWA plane to Israel. (cont. in next edition)
H. Garriock

Scouting when I was a boy: by Errol Cleminson
Scouting in the mid '50s was in many ways the same as it is today. Our aims, objectives, our uniforms, tests & badges were similar & the phenomenon of the Izi Daw Daw was well known to us. Infact one gets out of Scouting very much of what one puts into it & I am pleased to see boy's getting as much out of it today as I did as a boy. There are however some differences. On the positive side, Scouts are more outward looking, & international communications have improved. On the negative side, Scouts have lost much due to the war.

Though much use was made of Gordon Park, many Troops had their own private camping grounds. Hikes through the whole Matopos National Park were common as were such activities as tree felling, tree surgery & the study of wild life. Rover Scouts were well supported & did much to help the Troop & improve facilities. Today these young man are taken by the army. I was a member of the 3rd Bulawayo (Air Scouts) which was a flourishing Troop, with 2 outstanding Scout Leaders; Bob Talbot & Doug Berry. Bob has since passed away but Doug is still in Bulawayo. I am sure that there are many Scouts in this country who will remember what these two did for the 3rd Byo. Our Troop was more camping orientated than average & we were lucky to have our own truck & an excellent Rover patrol. One episode I remember was when we built a bridge in the matopos & Doug Berry tested it by driving his car over it much to the anxiety of the Troop! The bridge took it very well.

Scouting has adapted and survived the changes in the country, and one hopes that in the future, Scouts will be able to enjoy the advantages we had then and you have now. If they don't then I am still confident that they in turn will adapt to the circumstances that prevail.

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