fleur-tiny      11th Riverside (Bulawayo) Scout Troop - 1983 Riverside Rumbles Magazine, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 


11th Riverside (Bulawayo) Scout Troop
1983 Riverside Rumbles Magazine, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


This was a camp held to commemorate 75 years of scouting. It was an international camp with Guides and Scouts comming from all over the world. The camp was held in different places all over the country. Simon Miller-Cranko and myself were only able to attend the part of the camp held in Inyanga. There were many things to do at the camp, including canoeing, abseiling, pony-treking and hiking. Most evenings there was a campfire where many new skits and campfire ideas were learnt.

During the camp we were able to meet many new people from different countries and cultures. Among the countries represented were Canada, England, Finland, France, India, Israel, Kenya, Libya, N.Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Venezuela, Wales and Zimbabwe. The International Contingents were able to see Harare, Inyanga, Mutare, Great Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls. The Camp was most enjoyable and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

PL Impala Patrol


Part 1 - The 11th Challenge the 8th

During last term the 11th challenged the 8th Hillside to a Shoot-Out at Milton High School Shooting Range. It was very hot on the Saturday afternoon of the Competition.
The Shoot-Out was carried out by 2 people shooting at 2 different targets 10 meters away. The points were 10 for a bulls-eye, 8 for the circle just arround the Bulls-Eye, and 6, 4, 2.
The 11th won the Competition from the 8th and so won back the ROLLING STONE by a large amount of points.

Franz Jensen.
APL Eland Patrol

Part 2 - The 8th Re-Challenge the 11th

This Challenge was received about three weeks after we had won the Rolling Stone from the 8th at the Shoot-Out. It was to have the first 2 Scouts to the top of Shumba. Their two runners were Brett Fulton and Alan Savin. Our team was Brad Craven and myself.

The Sunday came and the teams were at the bottom of Shumba. It was 10 o'clock and already very hot. I reached the top in 8 min 10 sec (record time). Then came the next 3 all in a bunch... but Brad managed to pip the challengers at the post. This proves the 11th is best. Then the excuses came: "Oh, I had a big breakfast so couldn't run as fast as I wanted"; "Gee, that was a bad night I had last night"... and so they carried on...

Part 3 - What happens next?

There is another challenge on the horizon. This is to have 2 scouts ride a bicycle to Matopos Dam - where another group of Scouts will be building a raft. Once the Scout has passed a stave to the Scout on the raft he will paddle to the other side, then pass the stave to another Scout who will ride to Gordon Park.

Whether it will happen or not is another story - perhaps to be related in our next issue.

PL Eland Patrol


When I wanted to become a Scout I went with my friend. There are three tests that I had to learn before I was Invested. They were The Movement, The Law and Promise, and an Outdoor Activity. You will do these one by one. You can also take as much time as you want.



Gordon Park is a piece of land in the Matopos donated to Scouting by the national Parks Board for camps etc.

Every Troop has their own camp site, and leaving from the 8th Scout Hall every Sunday at 9 am, is transport out to the Park. We arrive there at about 9.30 and set about doing a project. When I first went out, there was a well in the process of completion. Then there was a Cub Hall to be built. This Hall has been made by the scouts who went out to the Park on Sundays. The bricks were moulded and the roof placed on a few months later. Pipes were then laid by the boys to take water from a new well to the canipsites' tanks (the tanks were also built by the scouts),

After a braai lunch the boys have the time to themselves. They can fix up their troop campsite, go abseiling, hiking, climbing, caving, or even (sometimes) horse riding.

If a Scout holds the Advanced Scout Standard and continues to go out to the Park for 6 months he may be asked to join the Gordon Park Crew who are the boys who staff the major camps and competitions.

There is an interdenominational church service held in the open-air Chapel on the 2nd Sunday of each month where a scout, his parents, and any friends of scouting are invited to attend. The service starts at 12 noon and is followed by an optional short communion service - after which your lunch may be braaied.

The Park is a really super place to go to have a really good break from school and the office, and it is a shame that only two chaps - Chris Lombard and Leslie Stone - are making an effort. Come on chaps: it is your own property in the Matopos. Ask Mum, Dad and brothers and sisters to come to the park on the 10th April for the day - or just stop in for lunch - to see what the Park is like.
Gordon Park Crew




This is the first of (I hope) many Riverside Rumble Magazines. There are 6 members of Eland Patrol: myself, Franz Jensen, Adrian Richardson, Gerald Loxton, Nigel Robie - and we welcome a new chap Ian Harmer. The work in the patrol is very slow, with everyone on the Link Badge.

The Patrol Leader Training Camp is coming up shortly, and I shall be there as a Staff member. Kevin McGeoch (Impala) is attending as a trainee.

We were sorry to say Goodbye to two good patrol members Steven Ebben and Wayne Trail who both went to South Africa. While I was "down there" on a Patrol Leaders course I managed to see Steven (who is living in Welkom) and I saw Wayne on Fish Hoek beach, They have not yet written.

Incidentally, did you hear about the three holes in the ground? No? Well, well, well !!! And the three apples? Ahh, two bad!!

PL Eland Patrol


Greetings fellow Earthings
Although our patrol is small, it is the best. There are only 4 members in the patrol; myself the PL, Kevin my APL, Chris, and our newest recruit Leslie. There has not been much progress over the past year, however Kevin is well on the way to getting his Scout Standard, He will also be going on a Patrol Leaders course in the holidays.

Well, I had better end off, partly because I can't think of anything else to say. Here's a joke: "What do you call an Irish electrician?" A bright spark!

PL Impala Patrol


About 5 of the 11th Troop went out to Gordon Park for the Heroes and Ancestors weekend. TWe had great fun as we were the only people there. Hylton organised our food which was terrific, big breakfast and our other meals were well organised too.

We went on two night climbs. One was up Shumba Shaba and the other up World's View. It was a great experience for me as it was my first night climb. The moon was shining and we lit a fire on top of Shumba Shaba. We also did a lot of cave exploring during the day. We made a "foofie slide" as well which was enjoyed by all if not a bit hair-raising at times. Only too soon was it time to say goodbye and come home.

I hope we can have another camp like that again sometime soon.

Chris Lombard
Impala Patrol


The Bulawayo District Swimming Gala for Cubs and Scouts was held on 12th February 1983 at C.B.C. School. For a change, we had some sunshine. The events this year were different from previous years. Apart from normal races and relays there were novelty races, like carrying a piece of paper without getting it wet. The other Groups provided stiff competition and we were just edged into second place by the 8th Hillside. The Cubs also came second in their group, The 8th Hillside also won the overall trophy.

Garry Richardson
PL Impala Patrol


Once the roll call had been taken and we had fallen out the evening's activities were announced. The week before, we were told to put a few things into a rucksack and bring it to Scouts. The first stage of the Night Hike was to go to a bridge on the Joburg road. While, we hiked there, we had to draw a picture of Chuck Wilcox.

The second part of the hike was to Killarney and back to the Scout Hall. On the way we had to make a woggle out of a piece of wood. This time we were joined by Hylton. From the bridge we cut into the bush and followed the river. We all had a turn in leading. For this reason, we made a few mistakes.

We stopped for about an hour about 50m from a dirt road. Here we whittled our woggles. Every time a car came along we ducked down so they wouldn't get suspicious. Luckily for us, the moon was almost full so we didn't have to use our torches as we worked.

When we arrived back we had a "banquet". Hylton brought chips, biscuits, sweets - you name it, we had it. The table tennis board was set up and we played at intervals because we took it in turns to ride bicycles through the neighbourhood.

I heard that it was Hylton's last night but didn't take much notice of this news as I did not consider it possible.

All in all, we had a great time. It must have been 2am when we went to sleep.

Kevin McGeoch
ALP Impala Patrol

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To Simon Miller-Cranko who attained his Chief Scout's Award at the end of last year, and to ASL Hylton Garriock who attained his Wood Badge, also in 1982.

We have left this space for the promised reports from our
Group Scout Master
Cub Leader
but unfortunately they have not arrived before the magazine has gone to bed.

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