17th Bulawayo (Heany) Scout Troop Matabeleland Zimbabwe

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...There were also rover crews in at least the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Byo and I'm sure they formed the first Gordon Park Crew - most ceased, probably in the 50's, but when the RAF set up the flying training depot at Heany during WW2 and up to circa 1954, a Rover crew was set up there (17th Byo, Heany) and many helped at GP. I knew many of the Rovers, especially "Minto" Nuttall who had a wonderful mustache!
- From Gordon Caw - 2nd Bulawayo (Raylton)

I believe... the main railway line to Salisbury used to go from Bulawayo Station, onward through 15th Ave into Suburbs, run along Park Road past the Museum, and on up to Brady Barracks along the Salisbury Road to Cement, etc. And Brady Barracks was originally an Airport - known as "Heany.. Junction"??

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