1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop, Zimbabwe

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Provincial Scout Commissioner 22/2/09 gifts from 12th Cork Scout Troop, Ireland Playtime in the dam near Imadzi Butterfly Cave Kevins investiture Family social camp 2009
Zhugwe hike/safari Rocks! Mmshashasha falls Shaun and Daniel Shashi river Arise Sir...
Ingulungundu in the Shashi river The 7 dwarfs - Mchela cave        
Mark Perry Sable Award The Perry family 2004 Colin Turner Memorial Pioneering Competition Troop hike May 2004 Witchdoctors cave - Shumbashaba Early Morning
Maleme River - Matopos Cedar Point Amusement Park Cheppewa Troop Aug 2004 Zimbabwe Scout Contingent Tubbing on the Rifle river Chef Joseph Rose
Joe Rose trading patches Czech & Zimbabweans        
Scouts in St Georges Chapel 2004 Mark & Joe with their Chief Scout Awards 2004 Troop Camp 2004 Resting on Safari in Ingluvane 2004
Barafu Camp - Kilimanjaro 2004 Start of 4 day Kilimanjaro hike 2004 Joe - snow capped Kilimanjaro 2004 Joe on Mt Kilimanjaro 2004
Entrance to Serengeti 2004 Oops!! Mini-Maleme Gordon Park 2004 4 Master Chefs 2004
Supper Time in Africa 2004 Lunch time - parents camp 2004    
2003 Trophy's Jonathan at Cookout 2003 Solar oven Cookout 2003 Cookout trophy 2003
Colin Turner Pioneering Shield 2003 Jonathan taking GP Service    
Mark & Joe Winning Assegia team civic badge discussion Miss Piggy
baby kudu Mangwe Pass 100years on. Silozwe & Norman
St George Chapel Gordon Park Chapel Moving Bees Scouts Own
Chimanimani Mts Eastern Highlands hike Toghwana Dam area Moving hut
Troop Hike Troop hike New Patrol Leader Sausage Sizzel!
Tea Time!   Father Odilo 2002 Troop
Bundu Bashing! Troop Photo Album Hutton Farewell Lunch Break
S.L. Colin Anderson Investing his son Colin Anderson being invested as Scout Leader Dec 95 by Mr Courdal (I think?) Troop Investiture round a Campfire Colin Anderson investing Robert 4-2-96
Colin Anderson investing Ryan Savin - 11-2-96 Colin Anderson investing Wesley Connel 4-2-96 1934 training camp  

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