3rd Bulawayo Air Scouts (Zimbabwe)

Group Scout Leaders:-

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air scout badge
Scout Leaders:-


Cub Scout Leaders:-

Jack Allen 1965-70
Bob Mirtle 1967-1977
Mike Simpson 197?
Barry Midgley 198?-8?

Mr Kennerley 1982-84?
Tim Chance 198?-8?
Adrian Richardson 198?-8?

Rosemary Moody 196?-
The Provost outside the scout hall
The Provost outside the scout hall

Left to right: Bob Mirtle, Stephen (bogs) Bryer, Martin Henriksen and Air Force liason officer Willie Jervois outside the Scout Hall
With thanks to Martin Henriksen for sending the photo in.

Troop camp to Durban : 1972
3rd Bulawayo air scout camp in Durban 1972
Back row left to right: J.Mirtle, Clive Whittaker, Steve Bryer(boggs), M.Henderson, S.L. Bob Mirtle, B.Mirtle, A.Anderson, C.Joos, R.Fab, C.Vandervergan, Mrs Mirtle
Middle Row: Anderson, S.Cody, D.Fab, Rodger Jervois, Mark Perryman, Niel, B.Mirtle, D.Kniting
Front Row: P.Redins, Richard Mason, A.Mirtle, C.Codey, S.Haden, B.Lambert
(As you know - no one has a first name in Zim. We left for Durban the day Elvis died).

With thanks to Clive Whittaker for sending the photo in.

3rd World Rover Scout Moot - Crieff Scotland 1939
With thanks to Martin Henriksen for sending the photo in.

3rd Bulawayo air scouts at cookout competition 1980
3rd Bulawayo Air Scouts, Zimbabwe
(Right to left) Simon Richardson and Shane De lange having their meal judged at the Annual Scout Cookout Competition 1980?

If you recognise anyone/details/places in this photo, please email their names in - thanks.

Acknowledgements:- With thanks to Simon Richardson for scanning & sending the photos in.

Canberra Patrol
Graham Bird (Patrol Leader)
Pete Chadwick 1970's
Clive Whittaker
Hunter Patrol
Chico Little (Patrol Leader)
Wayne M. Kennerley

Vampire Patrol
Martin Henriksen (Patrol Leader)

3rd bulawayo air scouts troop



Graham Bird
2008-03-07 11 years of scouting with the 3rd ASG - I survive on the Building Blocks to this day. I was in Canberra Patrol and have fond memories as a Gordon Park Staff member with Skipper Knapman.
Best Wishes to all - ever involved.
Graham Bird (Patrol Leader)

Wayne Kennerley
SA flag I was a member of the 3rd Byo Air Scouts c1982-84. I don't recall the names of anyone who was there with me, but I will ask my Dad who was assistant Scout Master around the same time. I recall that I left for South Africa just before the Provost aircraft was traded in for a Links Trainer. I still have my Rhod Airforce Roundal badge but does anyone have a shoulder title and Matabeleland Province badge?
Wayne M. Kennerley

Martin Henriksen
SA flag I was with 3rd byo air scouts from 1972 through to 1976. We had a lot of support from the Mirtles and the Air Force. The photo of the Provost (above) was taken one Friday night at the scout hall in 1975 I think. The Prov our exciting new acquisition, to be swapped to South Africa for a Link trainer eventually. I saw the Link in the old UAC hanger in Byo late last year. Its still there, The provost was restored to flying condition in S.A.
I did join the Air Force as a radio tech and spent 6 years there, the last 3 years on 7 sqn. as chopper tech with Allouette and Bell 205 and 412's. Am still in Zim based in Harare, but have worked outside the country for many years.
I was patrol leader for Vampire and then Hunter patrol. The former causing a bit of alarm from a visiting dignitary not familiar with aircraft names!
My father Anton Henriksen was a Rover Scout and went to the world jamboree in Scotland just prior to the outbreak of the war. He had a Kaross jacket and Zebra band hat that was much admired in the north. His photo was on The Chronicle front page just before his departure, cutting a fine figure striding down the train platform. The plaque shown which he managed to bring back to Bulawayo after being strafed while at sea on the way home.
Martin Henriksen

Chico Francisco Little
China flag May 13, 2011 I was with the 3rd Air Scouts from 1965 till 1970, won the Air Scout of the Year award in 1969 or 1970. Our scoutmaster was Jack Allen and 2 other scouts I remember were John Hayler and Jeremy Morgan. I also remember Graham Bird who has an entry here. Good memories of times in the glider and also at Gordon Park (Shumbashaba) and our scout hall near Hartsfield Rugby Club. I still have the Hunter sign from the patrol room door somewhere. The lessons learned have been very useful in life and I still try to always 'be prepared'! Hope the 3rd are still going strong and best wishes to all from Beijing, China.

Bob Mirtle
Canada flag www.3DFlags.com 1/4/09 I was the Scout Master of the 3rd Bulawayo (Air Scout) Group from 1967-1977. I am now living in Nova Scotia, Canada, and it would be great to hear from any scouts who were with me during this time.

Clive Whittaker
USA flag I was with the 3rd Bulawayo Air scouts from 1971 to 1979. It was fantastic. Bob Mirtle was our scout leader. The attached bad photo was a trip to Durban that we took in 1972 & I now live in Florida USA.

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