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Bev Herbst 5th bellevue that is where my dad started and then went on to be traveling commision for the scouts he also had his tie woods i have them with me in our time ervin watson was the scout leader and a fine gentleman was he my hubby his brother and my brothers were all from 5th bellevue i also had my wedding reception in 5th bellevue hall
Bev Herbst my brothers were part of the 5th bellevue way back in the day Ervin Watson was the scout leader and Mrs lloyd was the cub akela my dad Jock Bews then joined the movement and soon became traveling commissioner for the boy scouts


Sheila Eames Hello Bev Herbst, I remember all the Watsons, father (as GSL) and sons Errol and Bruce. I first joined the 5th as a willing parent on the committee, later became a helper, then when the Cub Leader Johnny Hird had to be away for long periods I put on uniform and became his assistant, and then the CSL. During my time there the Scouts closed for lack of a leader, leaving my Cubs nowhere to go. So I told HQ that I would re-open and run the Scouts as well, much to their shock and horror. But I did do that and it only took 2 or 3 weeks for a man to appear in uniform and take over! At this time I was also a uniformed assistant with the Guides next door but one, later opening the Ranger unit there. How did we do it all?

Bev Herbst thank you i was with 8th bellevue girl guides did my cub instructor badge with 14th north end my dad also started also as a helping parent now so proud of my one grand son he is now a cub scout

Sheila Eames We appear to have a lot in common, Bev Herbst. When we moved out of the Bellevue area we moved to Riverside. There I got involved with the Riverside Cubs (run by the Richardsons) before leaving and opening (by request) a Brownie and Guide Group in Riverside. We are so proud of one of our grand-daughters who was a cub, then a scout, then got the Chief Scout's Gold Award, and is now a trainee Cub leader. Her brother, went through it all as well but the Troop closed before he got the CSGA that he was working on, so he switched to Royal Marine Cadets and is blossoming there. We now live in UK.

Bev Herbst small world but i have to agree being a guide and working with the cubs an being in a family of scouting it built a lot of strengths in me made me into a person who is not afraid to move forward and try and try againl and never to give up