7/20th Bulawayo (Famona) Scout Troop (Zimbabwe)

Group Scout Leaders:-

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Sable Award
Stuart Sanderson

Scout Leaders:-

Charles Dickinson (7th 1975?)
Cliff Payne 197?-198?
Ray Bulpit (CSL 20th Famona 1970?)
Jock Saunders (GSL 7/20th 1975?)
Chief Scout's

Ian Dickinson
Ian Saunders
Stewart Sanderson
Kenneth Dickinson
Brian Dickinson
Trevor Weaver

7th/20th bulawayo famona scout troop Chief Scouts
Back row:- Ian Saunders, Stewart Sanderson.
Front row:- Kenneth Dickinson, Brian Dickinson and Trevor Weaver.
(There was a miss print by the paper and got Brian and Ken's names mixed up.)

Newspaper cuttings: Click to enlarge:-
7th/20th bulawayo famona scout troop

This is purely an historic webpage;
Patrol 1
Barry Knight
Ian Saunders
Patrol 2
Mike Spencer
Ken Dickinson

  Gone home
Gone Home
Charles Dickinson I happened upon the website for the scouting mobs - I however was rather disappointed that under Gordon Park that there is no mention of my father Charles Dickinson as he was the commissioner for Matabeleland and played an active part during the 70ís in building it up.
He lead the 7th Troop at Christ the King and Famona, all my brother's Ian, Kenneth and Brian were part of the scouting movement for many years, as were Fintan Kelly, the Hore boys, Graham Gardiner, Mark Slaven, the Wilson boys, Mumberson and the list continues. Most of our Easters and Rhodes and Founders weekends were spent with the boys at Gordon Park - I was normally the only girl among the masses.
There is little mention of Ron Griffins - his trips with the guys to SA - Durban.
No mention of the 7th hiking trips and - cookouts.
Sadly my dad died in 1997 from brain cancer, and he always loved GP. All of us are married, some with children and some without. Please advise - I would like to add something about my dad and his contribution and love for scouting and for his scouts.
Gail Ball nee Dickinson.



Ken Dickinson (Email)
SA flag 2008-07-08Wow, does this site bring back good memories. Hi to all that I came in contact with. I started with the 7th and was with them when we linked up with the 20th. I have been in Howick Natal since '82, married with two kids. I still have my Dad's uniform when he was the D.C. and would like to get it to the museum that you have got in Gordon Park, any suggestions? I would like to hear from those that are interested in contacting me. Keep up the good work Norman and team.
6-08-2021It's with a heavy heart to inform you that we lost our brother Ken Dickinson yesterday in Pietermaritzburg a few days before his big 60th. He was a very special kind soul that will be sorely missed. RIP
(From Facebook Group "Boy Scouts and Girl Guides - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe" - Gail Ball)



Barry Knight (Email)
zimbabwe flag Barry is an accountant. Lives in Hillside, is the internet-link to all the Bulawayo Scouts, stays in contact with Gordon Park, was/is the Matabeleland Provincial Treasurer, commmutes round the world & so I guess that if you have any money queries - he's your man!

Ian Saunders (Email)
australia flag I originally joined the scouts as a cub in the 20th Famona cub pack (in 1970?). The pack leader at the time was Ray Bulpit. I carried on in the cubs and joined the 7th cub pack and went on to join the 7th Scout group when its meetings were in the Christ The King Church. Due to the lack of member in the 20th scout troup we combined the 2 groups and formed the 7th/20th Scout Troop (in 1975?). The scout masters at the time were my father Jock Saunders and Charles Dickinson.

My father and I left the 7th/20th group and went to try to re open the old 5th Bellevue group but due to the lack of numbers we eventually closed the hall and the remaining scouts joined the 7th/20th group. I was one of the members of the 7/20th group when 5 of us gained our Chiefs Scouts Award at the same time on Mon 24 Sept 1979 (this was the 1st time ever, that 5 member gained the award at once), if youre interested I can send you a picture of this.

I remember both Barry Knight and Mike Spencer very well and wish them both my best regards. I would also be very interested in contacting Norman Scott to say hello and see if he remembers this Old scout.

I am trying to find some pictures of Gordon Park by BP and the old memribilia that used to be there as there are some people in the USA scouts that would be interested in them. Thanks
Ian Saunders

Mike Spencer (Email)
Brit flag I was originally in the cubs at the 20th Famona from 1973. Later joined the 7th Hillside (Christ the King) troop. The 7th and 20th then merged to form the 7th/20th. I attended the Cuboree 74 in RUWA, Salisbury - still many fond memories of that.

After leaving Zimbabwe in 1982, I went to Durban University for 6 months, then trained at Van Zyl and Pritchard in Johannesburg, and worked there for two years. In 1985 came to London, England and been a freelance computer programmer ever since. Now married with 6, yes six children.....its the African way -they'll look after us in our old age !

I am also an assistant scout leader with the 4th Beckenham Scout group.......these kids are nowhere near as resourceful as I remember us being. My troop is sending two scouts to next years world jamboree. I see Barry Knight is down on the list from our troop....I remember him well.
Mike Spencer
7th / 20th Famona

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