8th Bulawayo (Hillside) Beavers (Zimbabwe)


8th Bulawayo (Hillside) Beavers   

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from http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/6to25/beaver/
Beaver Leaders:-

Sister Beavers:-
Kerry Van Aarde 2004
Elaine Hall 199?-02

Dianne Francis 2004
Michelle Hall 199?-02

http://fp.fairfieldonline.f9.co.uk/beaver_scouts.htm Meetings held:-   Friday afternoons from 4.15 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
                 at:-   Hillside Scout Hall.

We are a small colony of Beaver Scouts aged between 6 - 8 years who meet on a Friday afternoon and have fun making cards, decorating the Hall, going camping, learning how to make knots and a lot more exciting things.

Any queries, please call +263 9 473101 or e-mail: Kerry Van Aarde




Friday 14 May     Annual General Meeting at 5.15 p.m.
9 - 11 July     Camp at Gordon Park.
25 September     Cookout
6 November     Totem Pole

 The Beaver Promise
       The Beaver Motto
       The Beaver Law
I promise to love God
and help take care
of the World.
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing A beaver has fun,
works hard and helps
his family and friends.

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Matabeleland Beaver report for the year 2000



Michelle Hall
usa flag What follows are my details for the scout web page.... I will get everyone else in the family together and send you all those details to. I was the daughter of the scout master, well I guess I still am his daughter...... the older sister of one of the scouts.... think Shaun (my brother) was a PL. I know he was in Crew though and I was "Sister Beaver" in the Beaver Troop". Beavers were started by mom in 2000 and we left in 2002. Will get the right dates from mom. Well I (we) are in Roanoke (thats the city), Virginia (thats the state), and USA is the country. Yup we are surrounded by dumb rooi (sp) necks. Other Info: Well I am in the states now studying for my bachelors in business while I am a general manager of Zeus Juice Cafe. A smoothie chain which is starting in the states. So far i have regin and controll over two stores. It is good fun. I left Zims after getting my A's. We spent a lot of time in Gordon Park, Shuan did more work there than i did, my memories of GP are all of climbing up down under through, and over all the rocks around the place, riding on Emma (is she still running???) and the landy i forgot what that was called.
Ideas for the site:
How about pictures of main people from GP (eg Mrs Scott, Mr Cox, Mr Knapman people like them) Their life history and other facts about them. Thats all from me guys love ya. Shell-bell

Kerry Van Aarde
Zimb flag Mother Beaver 2004

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