8th Hillside Scout Troop - 1983

Back row: Hilton Ralphs, Peter Tipler,1? ,Alun Carter (21/5/05 en route to NZ, resident country No 5), 3?, Martin Rickwood (21/5/05 now in London), Dave Cookyarbrough,6?, Graham Williams
Standing: Rob Blundell, Luke Moloney, Mark Ralphs, 7?,8?,9?, Andrew Arrowsmith, b?, Wayne Jolly
Seated: Donald Heath, Havelock McNielage, Peter Hartley, Norman Scott, Craig Yeatman, Clinton Jones, Andy Blundell
Front: Gordon Wood, Michael Enslin (21/5/05 today holds the record of most active duty flight hours for a mig), Colin Campbell, MJ Minshal, g?,h?,Stuart "Ozzy" Crichton
Recognize anyone? Do let me know...