2009 Celebrates 100 Years of Scouting in Zimbabwe

fleu-de-lys made of stones at the base of GP rock Celebrating One Hundred Years of Scouting 1909 - 2009
- 1909 - - 2009 -
Matopos Mumblings
Special Newsletter for Centenary Camp at Gordon Park, Matopos
Saturday 8 August 2009 | ISSUE 1
  • From the Provincial Commissioner

    Welcome, samukele, titambire, On behalf of Matabeleland Province, the pride of Scouting let me extend a warm welcome to all our visitors from the length and breath of this country. It is my sincere hope that you will indeed find your stay worthwhile here in the Matopos, a place where Lord Baden Powell described as:

    “In the midst of this wild country, with its baboon and leopards and its vision of past battles fought amid these kopjies I was suddenly faced with a sign board “Gordon Park. Training Ground of the Boy Scouts Association”. Here! The Wildest among many jungles I have seen in different parts of the world was a truly lovely Backwoods Camping Ground.”


    In welcoming you I wish to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and commitment of many individuals who have gone out of their way to prepare the facilities so that our stay can be comfortable as ever. In particular I wish to express my appreciation to Norman Scott, the Camp Commissioner our camp host, who has worked tirelessly to prepare this camping ground. A big thanks also goes to the 1st Pioneer who together with other Scouts within the Province gave up many weekends.

    Finally remember Scouting is fun and if its not fun then its not Scouting. An opportunity has been created for you to have fun, grab it and experience the beauty of Scouting.

    B Ndebele (Provincial Scout Commissioner)

  • Scouts Centenary Theme Song

    Celebration !
    100 years in Scouting (NDEYEDU)
    Scouting movement (NGEYETHU)
    Scouting movement (NGEYETHU)
    Nkosi sikeleli Scouting Movement
    Scouting Celebrations of Centenary
    10 20 30 50 60 70 80 90 100 ! ! !
    Celebrations 100 years Scouting
    Celebrations 100 years Scouting
    Come Together!
    Come together Come Together
    Camp together
    Camp together
    Hundred years of Scouting
    Hundred years of Scouting
    Centenary 100 years of Scouting
    BRAVO! ! !

    Compiled by
    (Bravo) K F Mukaro

    Some of the members of the Service Team

    Some of the members of the Service Team

    Some of the members of the Service Team

    Time to sit down and relax after the long and tiresome day. The Service Team got here late Tuesday for this Big Gathering.

The notice board:
  • 1. Opening parade 11:00 Saturday 08 August 2009
  • 2 Centenary Service St Georges Chapel 12:00 noon Sunday 09 August 2009
  • 3 Closing Parade 15:00 Tuesday 11 August 2009
  • Water Watch All Scouts are advised to use water sparingly as water is pumped directly here in Gordon Park.
  • All Bases are manned by trained Leaders and no one shall use a closed base.
  • Hikers for the Fort Usher Hike are expected to be ready by 2pm.
  • Every one is invited at the braaing of the 100 foot long sausage at Skipper Knapman Training Ground.
  • Gordon Park is a litter free zone.



Is the Pump House also Celebrating 100 years?
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Early arrivals….Robert Tradegold Group got here on Thursday afternoon before anyone else

  • From the Editor

    For story submissions or contributions you can contact the News Room or the editor Crispen Ndlovu.

Matopos Mumblings
Special Newsletter for Centenary Camp at Gordon Park, Matopos
Sunday 9 August 2009 | ISSUE 2
  • Centenary Camp officially opened

    The 2009 Zimbabwe Centenary Camp has been officially opened by the Minister of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture, Senator David Coltart yesterday at a colourful Scouting ceremony. The proceedings kick started with the sound of a kudu horn blown by Christopher of the 1st Pioneer. The Minister was then introduced by the Acting Chief Scout Commissioner Ignitius Kajengo. The moment that left Scouts hearts leaping with joy was when the Minister revealed that he was a Cub Scout at 8th Hillside. He then urged the Scouts to value the heroes holidays as this is a national event. He was then taken for a tour of Gordon Park by Norman Scott and journalists before proceeding for lunch at the Headquarters area.

    ABOVE from left to right:- Ignitious Kajengo, Mrs Coltart, Dr David Coltart, Bekezela Ndebele and Norman Scott.

  • More still coming in...

    Scouts from the length and breath of this country are still coming in despite that we have took off. Scouts from Midlands arrived early this morning after having to travel for more than 16 hours and despite the fact that they missed the Opening Ceremony that was graced by the Honourable Senator David Coltart.

    First to arrive in camp is RTS Group lead by the ambitious young Liberty Makonese from Matabeleland, then the Manicaland contingent followed by Mashonaland who also traveled for the better part of the day. The latest to arrive on Friday was Midlands with Commissioner Fundo leading the contingent. They had a hard time having to deal with a broken down bus all the way and the angry Park Rangers at the gate. 31st Sikhulile then arrived on Friday at around 0700hrs. We are reliably informed that the popular Midlands Commissioner, Mr Zulu is in Camp.

    The Provincial Commissioner of Matabeleland Mr Bekezela Ndebele came in late Friday in the company of uMntakamama, Ntokozo Ncube. Other important personalities to note are Di Roberts, Provincial Scout Commissioner Mashonaland, Mr Nelson Sakala, Vice President Scouts of Zimbabwe and Gogo Mrs Rosemary Moody, Training arrived late on Thursday with the News crew.

    We now have approximately 400 people in Camp, tents and campsites are established and the programme is underway.

  • Hikers leave for Fort Usher

    Two sets of hikers left Gordon Park late yesterday with hike leaders Mduduzi Nyathi, Mandela, Brian and Vusa. These hike leaders underwent an intensive course with the experienced


    and the senior member of the Rovers, Edmore Mhazo. The Fort Usher hike covers a distance of around 26 km all in all. We wish them all the best hoping that they will make it back in time for the Centenary Service.

    Meeting the oldest.. Mrs Rosemarry Moody (background) Mr Ken Nortje meeting the Minister

    All Scouts are advised to master the Centenary Camp Theme song that was on yesterdays issue for tomorrows camp fire.

    “YOU KNOW WHAT David, even if you are the Minister now you are still my Cub and I know you will still Do Your Best for Scouting” Norman Scott with Senator David Coltart yesterday.

Matopos Mumblings
Special Newsletter for Centenary Camp at Gordon Park, Matopos
Monday 10 August 2009 | ISSUE 3
  • Scouts Honoured at the Centenary Service

    The open air St Georges Chapel was filled to overflowing with people sitting up on rocks and under the trees for the special service. The service included Bible readings and hymns and was conducted by Father Martin Schupp, of St Mary’s Cathedral Bulawayo. At the service deserving Scouts were also honoured for their contributions to the Scout Movement.

    Lay Supporters Martin Francis Sanderson, Hylton Garriock and Derrek John FitzParick each received the highest honour for long and dedicated service by being awarded the Silver Elephant for their continuous dedication and commitment to Scouting for many years. This is the highest order of recognition in Matabeleland.


    Ephraim Sibanda of the 15th Bulawayo (Milton Junior School) joined the worldwide Gilwell Troop for Adult Leaders when he was presented with his scarf and Wood Badge. Currently he is the Assistant Provincial Scout Commissioner (Travelling).

    Mr. Ntokozo Ncube, the former Provincial Scout Commissioner of Matabeleland, was awarded a long service medal for his 15 years of service and was also presented with a memento by the Matabeleland Scout Council for his contribution and service to the movement. Currently he is an inactive member of Scouting in Zimbabwe due to personal commitments but visits the Province regularly for special events.

  • Hikers return from the Fort Usher Hike

    The two groups of hikers that left Gordon Park on Saturday have returned to camp after travelling for about 35 km. The first group to arrive was the one led by Mduduzi and Mandela. They arrived back in camp today at about 15:00. The group did not encounter many challenges as they reached Fort Usher at around 18:30. The minor problems they had was to help the younger Scouts to carry their rucksacks.

    Scout-hikers from Fort-Usher-2009
    For many Scouts this was their first overnight hike and they enjoyed being out in the Matopos and hiking the areas visited by Lord Baden Powell.

    The second group arrived at about 16:00 and they also did not experience any problems except a minor miscalculation near Nkantoli Battlefield. This meant they missed a turn and had a small deviation before getting back on course.

    Unfortunately none of the hikers made their way back in time for the Centenary Service. They sacrificed a lot as they also missed the capture, slaying and cooking of the 100ft long Ma t o p o e n s u s Sausiagensus. This was a special treat for everyone else who was in camp.

    Another set of hikers is expected to leave tomorrow for the Fort Usher hike.

    Hikers are also going on walks to Shumba Shaba to see the view of Gordon Park and the Mtsheleli Valley and to see the cave paintings at White Rhino Cave. On the path to White Rhino Cave one group found droppings and evidence of where a leopard had eaten a dassie and small buck.

  • Activity Bases compete for attention

    Scouting is unique and is augmented by the way we do our activities. When everyone left their homes they did not expect this kind of fun especially those that are coming here for the first time and we say to them this is Gordon Park where dreams are turned to endeavours.


    Bases opened on Saturday and included Jumping Jupiter, Reentry - which has recorded the highest turn out so far, Galaxy Crawl, Space Walk, Art and Craft and Weightlessness. We caught up with Prisca, one of the participants and had this to say: “all my life I have never seen something like it.”

    All active Scouts need food this has been provided at the Flight Food and Pancake bases which have been very popular too.


    As for the Cubs, Jumping Jupiter has made their stay here at Gordon Park unforgettable. Hikes cannot be left unmentioned as two hikes have been done now. The first one was after the Opening Ceremony to Fort Usher and the second one to the White Rhino Caves.

    A special base was listening to the voice of Lord Baden Powell on his 80th birthday.

    Additional activity bases such as The Umbilical Cord, Escape Hatch and Invaders will be opened on Monday. Other bases still to be opened include Space Navigation and Spider’s Trap.

  • 1st Pioneer Group—Also 100 years young!


    Today the 1st Pioneer Group provided a treat for everyone when they cut their 100 year anniversary cake. The Group is the oldest in Zimbabwe and was registered in 1909 as the 1st Matabeleland. All the Scouts from the other Provinces were given a piece of specially made cake as part of the Birthday celebration of the oldest Scout Group in Zimbabwe.

    The Scout Leader, Norman Scott, has been a Scout himself for more than 50 years. He started his Scouting at the 8th Hillside Group in 1957. He succeeded the likes of Skipper Knapman, Gerry Barry, Clive Espline and Jim Craig and took over the 1st Pioneer Group from 1994 to the present day.

  • Mutare Boys Dominate the Campfire

    When you are moving around camp you are sure to hear the song of the moment “To whom does it belong to” The song came from yesterday’s campfire in a presentation done by the Mutare boys from Manicaland Province. The Manicaland Provincial Scout Commissioner ran short of words because of the exciting and ecstatic group song. It went so well that everyone at the campfire joined in.

    Midlands also set a record after giving the longest performance so far. They also sang a song and each member of their group made a contribution. After the campfire we spoke with Ian, Blessing and Tatenda from the Midlands who said that this was a normal performance..

    The Scouts from Bubi were not left out when they left the crowd begging for more with their Imbube traditional dance led by uMabonda. These Scouts are coming in for their first time.

    We urge everybody to take campfires seriously and prepare their presentations well beforehand.

Matopos Mumblings
Special Newsletter for Centenary Camp at Gordon Park, Matopos
Tuesday 11 August 2009 | ISSUE 4
  • Closing Campfire

    Of all the campfires of the Centenary Camp, last night's was the best as we saw it being presented the old traditional way. The campfire leader Mduduzi Mpofu, has a proven track record of conducting the most energetic campfires in the recent history of Gordon Park. The campfire opened with an action song “If you are happy and you know it” this was followed by the 8th Hillside Cub Pack with their songs which brought back good memories to older senior Scouts. John-Fitzpatrick-2009
    The longest presentation record holders, Midlands, presented a short and sharp skit about dirty socks. The Zimbabwe Scouting Centenary Theme Song was performed by John FitzPatrick and Bravo KF Mukaro with everyone joining in. The Manicaland Provincial Commissioner, PC Chimbarara, as he is popularly known, then led an action song.

    The oldest Group in Zimbabwe, the 1st Pioneer Group, performed a short skit about trained horses. The climax of the campfire was reached when William of Mashonaland performed a traditional mbira song, Chemtengure. The performance added to the fun and festivities as everyone joined in singing and dancing. campfire-skits
    The campfire was closed by RTS Primary School Group with a skit. Followed by a lamentation which was sent to the Lord with Bravo’s performance of the song Kumbaya My Lord before Edward closed with a word of prayer.

  • Hikers Face an Angry Rhino

    A set of hikers returned back to camp on Monday having been to Fort Usher on Sunday soon after the return of the first two groups of hikers who had done the same route. These hikers knew what they were going to go through from the information they had received from the earlier groups.

    The hike leaders, Eric and Colin, were the first to leave but were stuck in the dark soon after the Moth Shrine. They took a wrong turn and then had to consult Edmore using their cellular phones.

    After receiving instructions they then proceeded and again soon at Nyumbane School they came across a rhino. The rhino became enraged and chased them. This caused the hiking group to split up only to meet again at Rotary Peak. The group arrived at Fort Usher at 01:30 in the morning.

  • Mrs Roberts Bites the Mud!

    The Mashonaland Provincial Commissioner, Mrs Di Roberts, was knocked out yesterday during a mud wrestling fight. mud-wrestling

    The base is one of the most popular with the Scouts and Cubs and only opened yesterday after lunch. Mrs Roberts inspired many senior Scouts who later joined in after her. This included the Rovers and Midlands Provincial Commissioner, Mr Zulu.

    The Cubs were treated to the great sight of their leaders rolling in the mud and wrestling with each other and other leaders. They also had the opportunity to test their mud wrestling skills against their leaders.

  • Activity Bases Continue to be Popular

    activity-bases The activity bases continued to keep everyone in camp busy. In particular, the Escape Hatch and Re-entry bases. Space invaders saw a number of accidents as the carts rolled down the hill in front of the Leask.

    Foffie-slide-2009 activity-bases
    The Pancakes and Flight Food bases also kept busy with many trying their cooking skills and enjoying the pancakes and jam. Camp chores including peeling potatoes and cooking meals for contingents of up to 30 people also kept everyone busy and occupied.


  • And So It All Comes to a Happy End.

    Ken-Nortje-closing-ceremony-2009 planting-indaba-tree-2009

    The official closing ceremony of the Zimbabwe Centenary Scout Camp was held today on the Skipper Knapman Training Ground. The proceedings started with the Scouts sitting forming the words Zimbabwe Scouts 100 on the parade ground. Everyone then gathered at the campfire circle where the Cubs performed a special skit led by Ms Rosemary Moody. Which included a reading by Mr Ken Nortje of the final message from Lord Baden Powell. The final parade formed and a tree planting ceremony took place. All the Provinces were represented in the planting of the Indaba Tree or Papia capensis. A presentation of a prize to the best artist was followed by a presentation of a small token of appreciation to Mr Norman Scott for all he has done for the Centenary Camp. The flags were lowered and the parade finally closed.


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  • Websites:-
    The Scout Association of Zimbabwe: www.zimscouts.co.zw (when no powerfailures)
        The Matabeleland Scout website: http://matabele.altervista.org
                                 2009 Activities: http://matabele.altervista.org/zimbabwe/2009