Gordon Park Centenary 2009 - Matopos - Zimbabwe
Matopos Mumbling Magazine can be found at:- http://matabele.altervista.org/zimbabwe/2009/Matopos-Mumbles-1.htm

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Zimbabwe Scouting Centenary 1909-2009 Zimbabwe Scout Centenary Gate Opening Ceremony Centenary Camp Opening Opening-Cenemony 0n GP Rock Unveiling-of-2009-scout-plaque
Ken Nortje & Rosemary Moody Senator David Coltart Minister of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture HQ-outdoor-kitchen-diningroom HQ-catering-team Dr-David-and Mrs-Coltart
Lunch Lunch Camping-in-the-Bowl Scout-Camping Matopos Hills Scouts camping in the Bowl Byo-Scouts
Start of Hike to Fort-Usher Martin Sanderson gramaphone base Space-Invaders Space-Invaders - Zimbabwe way! Art and craft base Art-and-Craft
Re-entry base Queueing at Weightlessness Base Re-entry base Firemans pole base Escape Hatch base Go-carting base
Cooking-Space-Food-base Flight-Food-and-Pancake-bases Spiders Trap - Duty-Hut Spiders-web base Jumping-Jupiter-Base John-FitzPatrick & Bravo-KF-Mukaro
Galaxy-Crawl Mud-wrestling Mud-wrestling-base Roasting Matopoensus Sausiagensus 100ft long Matopoensus Sausiagensus Slaying & cooking of Matopoensus Sausiagensus
Hike-to-White-Rhino-Cave John-FitzPatrick scout campfire Scout-campfire-skit Campfire-Skit RTS-Primary-School-Group  
Organisers outdoor office Chores-on-a-scout-camp Spare-time Scouts-preparing-lunch Scouts-preparing-lunch Centenary-Camp Service-Team
Gordon-Park-Tuck-Shop Penny-cools-in-the-gas-fridge Scout-Cooking-GP-Matopos Scout-Cooking Scout-Troop-cooking Watch the burning pan!
Monkey time Monkeying around St-Georges Chapel Gordon Park Chapel overflowing Under the Trees Paradeing the flags
Father-Martin-Schupp Intern-denomination Scout service GP-Chapel-Program-2009 Derrek John FitzParick-Silver Elephant Award Martin Sanderson - Silver Elephant Award Ntokozo Ncube Long-Service Award
Flags-down-parade Closing-Ceremony GP-Parade-ground Centenary-Camp-Service-Team 1st-Pioneer-Group-100th-Annaverasy Zimbabwe-Scout-Centenary-1909-2009
Birthday-cake! Cub-Skit Planting Indaba-tree Planting-Indaba-Tree-2009 Thankyou for organising the camp Zimbabwe Scouts 100th annaversary
Bulawayo-Scouts-relaxing-round-the-fire 1st-Pioneer-scouts-relaxing-round-the-fire 1st-pioneer-scout-commemorative-badges Zimbabwe Scout Centenary badges Scout-camping-food fresh Organic food
GP Rock memorials Skipper-Knapman-Training-Ground Baden-powell-plaque-Matopos-GP GP-Scouting plaque 2000 BP's Centenary in the Matopos Chain-saw-without-an-engine
Circular-Drive-looking-NE-at-Shumba Gordon-Park-looking-east-towards-Shumba Gordon-Park-looking-south-east-sphinx Gordon-Park-looking-south Mtjeillie-valley-from-Gordon-Park-Rock Gordon-Park-Rock
sunrise-in-the-matopos sunrise-in-the-matopos-shumba-sham moonset-over-the-Mtjeillie-valley aloe-growing-on-granite-rock Morning-has-broken-looking-west-from-shumba Morning-has-broken-looking-west-over-mtjellie
West-Matopos-from-top-of-Shumbashaba time-to-return-back-down-for-breakfast winter-ontop-of-shumba-shaba winter-flowers-on-shumbashaba heading-back-down-from-shumba-shaba Sunset-Mtjeilelie-valley
Sunset-mtjellelie-valley climbing-kopjies-12-Aug-09 Paper-tree      
Centenary Gateway Start of hike Service in St Georges Chapel St Georges Chapel Lowering of flags Closing Ceremony
Annaversary Cake Skipper Knapman Training Ground The Gordon Park Plaque BPs Footprint Gramaphone playing BPs Speach Centenary Photo
100years of Zimbabwe Scouting Outside GP Headquarters Scouting in Matopos Ken Nortje Scouting Plaques 100 years of Zimbabwe Scouting

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