Boy Scout Association of Zimbabwe
Boy Scouts of Matabeleland

The Bulawayo Scout Shop

THE function of the Scout Shop is to serve the Movement with its requirements; supplying the best possible quality at the lowest possible prices. It ensures high quality to the best of its ability by careful selection of goods, and is able to maintain low prices by ensuring that the profit “mark-up” is as low as possible.

The Scout Shop is not a profit making concern, having an extremely low mark-up. designed to cover expenses and create a small reserve.

In Bulawayo, the Scout Shop opens once a week, on Wednesdays (now Fridays) from 4.30 p.m. — 6 p.m., and is situated on 8th Avenue Extension. All members of the Movement are welcome to come and see the many books and other items of stock that are carried.

Ack:- 1959 Pioneer Trail Magazine