Roof of Africa Expedition 2010/11
           1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop, Zimbabwe
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6th Dec 2010 - 7th Jan 2011
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Expedition members Kariba dam wall Ngulungundu in Lusaka Roadside Camp
Kilominjaro Ferry 1st Pioneer mariners Mtoni Marine private beach pineapples
Buda Spice Farm Buda Spice Farm The House of Wonders Sugar cane ginger lemon juice
East African Slave trading Stone Buildings Anglican Church Museum Gifts
Christophers 18th Birthday cake Christopher's 18th Birthday Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition Badge
Honey Badger Lodge Kilimanjaro 24km away Bulawayo scouts conquer Kilimanjaro View from Kilimanjaro
Byo scouts Certificate awarding Ngorogoro Crater Memorial for Grzimek
Gate of Serengeti Thousands of Wildebeest Leopard in tree Lake Vic sleeping arrangements
Campsite where we changed radiator Norm using pit saw Some of us eating breakfast at Peace of mind Norm before his Bus ride
Norm and co changing the soft tyre Stained glass in the Livinstonia church Questionable stair case Morning after the heavy rain in Livingstoinia
Manchewe Falls Latex collection in the plantation Kande Beach Fossil Wood
View of Kariba Chinhoyi Caves Paper House KweKwe Welcome Home!
Welcome Home      
Robert Louis Stevenson said "Its not the arriving; its the journey".
Anom. "Smart travellers enjoy the journey. Idiots can't wait to get there".

John FitzPatrick, Chris MacKenzie and Declan Fitzpatrick - who are not only taking photos and writing a diary on their holiday, but are also kindly emailing it to us all, from along the way.
Thanks to, to Mario who emailed Blog 5 and photos in from Chinhoyi Caves.

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