2009 Celebrates 100 Years of Scouting in Zimbabwe

- 1909 - - 2009 -

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In 1909 three boys, having aquired a copy of "SCOUTING FOR BOYS," decided to become scouts. These three boys were the start of the 1st BULAWAYO (PIONEER) BOY SCOUT GROUP.

Activities in 2009:-

  • February 20th - 22nd. BP Camp at Gordon Park.

  • February. The 1st Bulawayo Scout Troop is looking to build their Scout Den at Hillside Dams in this their hundredth year. They are looking for any wooden or iron hut or suitable materials that can be used to create this structure amongst the rocks at the "Dams". If you are clearing out and have something to offer it would be most gratefully received. Please contact Norman on or phone 09-242175.
    Extracted from Bulawayo Morning Mirror Newspaper.

  • March. As part of the centennial celebrations, the Province Of Matabeleland is planning amongst many other activities, to exhibit at this year's Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF). Individuals and institutions that have been associated with the Scouts Movement and have photographs, books, memoirs and other memorabilia and are willing to lend/give the same to the Matabeleland Scout Council for possible use at the exhibition, may contact Givens Hapadziwi (Vice-Chairman, Matabeleland Scout Council) or any of his colleagues as stated below.

    21 March I have been to Willsgrove and got quotes for Centenary Wall plates, Coffee mugs and Morning tea sets. They cost the same amount that you would have paid in US dollars in 1986 - a bargain! I will place an order next week and I should get them in four week's time - so place your orders now with N.Scott.
    100 Gordon Park Metal "Pins" for jackets/hats have been made & are available at £3 each.

  • April 7 Two hundred Centenary badged Willsgrove coffee mugs and five
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    morning tea sets have been made and are selling out fast.

    April 15-18. 1st Byo Troops 'One Hundredth Anniversary' Expedition. A number of special expeditions, camps and activities planned to celebrate 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop's One Hundredth birthday. So come aboard and join with us in our celebrations - Birthdays under an African sky can be very spectacular, different and fun. Click here to read the great write-up.

  • June. A Magazine celebrating a Century of Scouting in Zimbabwe.
    In 2009 the 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop will have been operating for One Hundred years. Former members are invited to write a brief article for the Pioneer Trail Magazine of their experiences in the Troop & send it into:-
    The Editor

  • December. The 1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Troop will have an expedition up into the Eastern Highlands.

  • Sure, there will be many hurdles to overcome, some of our scout halls will be refurbished, and much of our equipment is no longer serviceable and will need replacing, but we must do all we can to celebrate our one hundredth anniversary in grand style.

Scouting started over a century ago, and today there are 28 million Scouts worldwide, in 216 countries and territories. In 2007, Scouting celebrated its Centenary, and thousands of activities by millions of Scouts helped change the world for good.

Celebrating One Hundred Years of Scouting 1909 - 2009

2009 Centenary Badge with thanks to Barry Duplock

2009 Centenary Badge with thanks to Barry Duplock

Zimbabwe badge

For more information, contact:-
Donald Ndebele, Chairman - Matabelelend Scout Council 011212292
Bekezela Ndebele - Provincial Scout Commissioner 011635217

2007 Jamboree banner

The Scout Association of Zimbabwe: www.zimscouts.co.zw (when no powerfailures)
    The Matabeleland Scout website: http://matabele.altervista.org
                             2009 Activities: http://matabele.altervista.org/zimbabwe/2009