Shining Example
The Chief Scout Commissioner for Rhodesia, S.D.O'Donnell, ICD, writes:

In this era, one of the shining examples of the permanency of principles is that of the Scouting Movement. The principles of Scouting have survived change mainly because they are outward looking and have nothing to do witht he selfishness of individual organisations or even countries.

The principle of having a duty to God and to ones country is basic to everyone and, after all, these two things are the whole basis of Scouting. They are the basis on which we as Scouts comit ourselves to think of others rather than our own selfish interests.

I envy all the Scouts who will ahve the opportunity of participating in EXPAT '72. I know that they will find the program and the challenges ahead of them one of the most stimulating experience during their whole scouting life.

I am sure that as a result of this testing period, they will achieve standards which they did not themselves believe were within their capacity. On the other side of the coin, I congratulate all those who have had anything at all to do with the planning and preparation and the conduct of EXPAT '72.

Ack: Supplement to the Bulawayo Sunday News 10th Sept 1972