at the time, was primarily responsible for loading the bricks onto the truck and transporting them to the Park. After the Stables were completed, the kitchen/office/first-aid rooms were added to the Leask and a telephone link was made witht eh Rhodes Estate Wardens house on the edge of the Arboretum. The Estate Warden, Mr Eric Marshall, proved to be a firm friend of Scouting on the many years he served in the Matopos.
Also during this period the new "Rough Store" was completed, a brick building ? times the floor area of the old wooden store. Having no space to store equipment in the old building, the new one was simply built around it, demolition of the smaller store being left until the last possible moment.
The climax of Scouting at Gordon Park under Skipper Knapman's wardenship probably came in 1964 when the International Training the Team Course, run by John Thurman, was held in August of that year. It was a great success with about nine countries being represented. The only other truley international even held in the Park was the South African Moot Indaba held in 1953. After the TT Course, development at the Park began to slow down. The slow down was gradual as Skippers health began to deteriorate. In September 1967 George Gibson, then Assistant Warden, was married in the Chapel, the officiating Minister being the Rev. Leask, son of the pioneers, after whom the Training Store was named.

2008 With thanks to the Gibson family for donating the photos