1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troop, Zimbabwe, 2004 Dec

December 2004 Troop Log
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Wandering Minstrel Chris 2010 Kevin Christopher 2010 Maleme River Whovi river 2010 Bushmen paintings matopos Bushmen paintings Labazimba cave
Butterfly cave Care Free Days 2010 Iron-age furnace - Matopos Boulder hopping Maleme Valley 100 mile hike 2010 Grain bins - matopos
Bulawayo scout sausage sizzel Moth Shrine - Matopos Scout Campfire - Gordon Park - 2010 Assegai competition winners 2010 Crossing Tuli River White rhino Matopos - 2010
St George's Chapel, 2010 Basic Wood Badge Course 2010 Christopher & Leon collapsible canoe Kevin Fitzpatrick & Martin Sanderson Fort Inugu plaque
On top of Mt Hansel 1st Pioneer Troops Trek cart 100th Anniversary Dinner dinner time Christopher Mackenzie Chief Scout Award ASL Leon Wuyts
S.L. James Irwin 100th Anniversary dinner Mangwe Mini Expedition Makombwe kopje Ox Wagon ride Martin Sandersons
Mangwe Pass memorial          
Zimbabwe-Scouting-Centenary-badge-2009 bulawayo-cookout-competition-2009 pizza-feast-bulawayo-2009 dillin-mcatier-and-brendan-mackenzie-2009 matopos-great-wall-of-china-dolerite-dyke bulawayo-scout-investiture-2009
log-sawing-contest-2009 norman-scott-golden-annaversary-2009 50th-annaversary-cake-Gordon-Park-2009 bushmen-paintings-matopos-cave-overhang scout-bivi-matopos-bulawayo-2009 baden-powell-fort-usher-camp-site-2009
mavavani-cave-paintings-matopos-2009 chimanimani-scout-hike-2009 chimanimani-scout-hike-bundi-falls-2009 chimanimani-scout-hike-binga-2009 chimanimani-scout-hike-final-dinner-2009 sunrise-knapman-field-gordon-park-zimbabwe-2009
bulawayo-scout-party-gp-2009 Norman-Scott-Bulawayo-50yrs-scouting Gordon-Park-Zimbabwe-Scout-Lunch-2009 Zimbabwe-Scouting-Centenary-badge    
August 2008          
matobo-matopos-world-heritage-site toghwana-dam-grain-bins-matopos mwisilume-dam-matobo-matopos-2008 laser-holes-matopos-matobo scout-assegai-competition-2008 scout-hike-matobo-matopos-2008
April 2008          
Mike George's Memorial Service Mrs & Mr de Swardt
April 2008
Striped Pipit nest parent scout camp 2008 Martin Sanderson While the sausages sizzle.....
Christopher and Declan Mount Siloswi looms high Cave paintings Matopos - Zimbabwe      
December 2007          
Sweets Again! Father Noel Scott receiving the Silver Eagle Overlooking the Tuli Valley. Presenting the food for judging Mike, Declan and Chris in front of Suassage Sizzel 2007
Matabele-scouts-matopos-cave-paintings-2007 The entire Troop gathers together at the end of the 2007 Sausage Sizzle. Matabele scouts at Bulawayo Taxidermy Enterprises 2007 Anyone for a swim? Digby’s Falls in flood 2007 The Lundi River in full flood - 2007  
Aug 2007          
Join In Jamboree 2007 1st Pioneer Scout Troop - 2007 The Investiture of Decklin FitzPatrick Atop Shumba Shaba Grain bin built by Clan of the Shone Tribe - 1850 International flags round Gordon Park Rock
Father Benno conducting Centenary Service          
BP-Day-Gordon-Park-2007 Bulawayo-scouts-sausage-sizzel-2007 Cedarberg-mountains-2007 Wolfberg-ridge-2007 Tafelberg-2007 Cedarberg-scout-patrol-Sneuberg-2007
sunset-cape-mountains-2007 gordon-park-challenge-penny-graham-2007 shooting-practice-mr-mrs-francis rafting-at-shumba-shaba-lodge dylan-and-peter-tipler-2007 scouts-hiking-in-the-matopos-hills-2007
witch-doctors-cave-shumba-shaba-matopos-2007 1st-pioneer-scout-troop-bulawayo-matopos-2007 calfs-matopos-zimbabwe-2007 Leon-Dale-Chris-at-Maholoholo-Cave-2007 Matopos-water-slide-2007 Dale-and-Brendan-swimming-Mashasha-Falls-2007
Lushowe-River-waterfalls-2007 Dale-Brendan-Norm-on-Torvi-matopos-zimbabwe-2007 Dale-having-1-of-his-365-suppers-in-2007      
Scout Cookout competition 2006 Scouts at Bulawayo Panto - 2006 Kopilo Cave - matopos Nkantola Battlefield site Assegai Competition - 2006 Winning Patrol - 2006
Our Assegai patrol Camping at Ififi Group photo on the mountain top The whole bunch of us at White Rhino Preparing the rock face Father Odilo Weeger plaque
Gordon Park Bulawayo Zimbabwe Father Benno and Father Kevin blessing the plaque Shaun investiture - 2006 Brendan investiture Dale investiture 2006 Leam investiture 2006
Dale, a monster called Brendan and Leon at the Chiming Rocks Drip, drip, drip 2006 Sausage Sizzle - 2006 Splish, splash. Last one in - 2006 There’s nothing like breakfast in bed - 2006  
Father Odilo - Gordon Park GP Crew investiture Rotary get together - Gordon Park Martin Scott Pete Shaun 2006
Mount Inungu - Matopos Colin Turner Pioneering Competition - 2006 Martin, Leon, Dylan, Pete  
Basalt-dyke-intrusion-batholyth-matopos Beehive-hut-bulawayo Birchenough-bridge-2006 border-post-peza-zimbabwe Cave-of-the-storks-matopos chimanimani-hike
Chimanimani-primeval-forest-zimbabwe Chims-bundi-falls Father-Odilo Manyuchi-dam-zimbabwe Matopos-old-railway-terminus Matopos-old-railway-terminus-1903
Mbalebale-cave-matopos-2006 Scout-hike-on-Gali-matopos Shaun-investiture      
Battle of Nkantola 2005 Centenary Park Train 2005 Bulawayo radio mast Ififi matopos 2005 Leon Wuyts 2005 Martin Sanderson 2005
Mashashasha Falls Matopos Mrs Zangel, Chayse 2005 Nanke Cave National Scout PL competition Zimbabwe 2005    
Assegai 2005 Edwin 2005 Madzi Hike 2005 Father Odilo 2005 Nanke cave 2005 Maholoholo cave paintings
Nanke cave Matopos Shumba Shava
Kopila cave Ghali hike 2005 Family scout camp Butterfly Collecting 5 scout chariot race 6 scouts own gprdon park 2005 herbst
BP church service Shumba Shava 2005 St Marys Cathedral Bulawayo Scouts reaffirming the Scout Promise    
Scouts Own - Dec 2004 Investing new Scout Cook Out Competition Matopo Cave 2004 Mwizilume dam Morning Glory Farm
Michigan Camporee Feedback Investiture Banana Grove Dec 2004 Bundi River Terry's Cave
Turret Towers Hadange Pass Dec 2004 Outward Bound School      
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